Honors Economics Week of 8/22/16

MON-Go over equilibrium and elasticity quizzes

Go over circular flow diagram

Notes on money and its uses

TUE-Quiz on money and the circular flow

Graphic organizer comparing the 3 types of business organizations

Video clip on the start of Apple Computer

Differentiate the 3 types of mergers and use government guidelines to determine which mergers would be allowed and which wouldn’t

WED-Tipping Point quiz Chapter 2

Quiz on business organizations

Notes on the market structures:  perfect (pure) competition, monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition

THUR-Continue notes on the market structures

Graphic organizer comparing the market structures

Video clip on Microsoft in the 90s:  was it a monopoly?

FRI-Quiz on market structures

Receive unit 2 problem set

Unit 2 problem set due on Monday

Unit 2 vocab due on Tuesday

Unit 2 test on Tuesday

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