Honors Economics Week of 1/23/17

MON-Quiz on money and the circular flow model

Notes on demand, the law of demand, demand curves, and determinants of demand

Video clip on demand for designer jeans in the 80s

Worksheet practicing plotting demand curves, analyzing shifts

TUE-Quiz on demand

Notes on supply, the law of supply, supply curves, and determinants of supply

Video clip on oil supplies

Worksheet practicing plotting supply curves, analyzing shifts

WED-Quiz on supply

Equilibrium simulation

Notes on equilibrium of supply and demand, effect of supply/demand shifts on equilibrium

Video clip on baseball player salaries as related to supply/demand/equilibrium

Worksheet practicing plotting equilibrium, analyzing shifts

THUR-Tipping Point quiz #1:  intro and Chapter 1; you can use hand-written notes

Notes on price ceilings and price floors

Video clips on price gouging laws and price controls on prescription drugs

FRI-Quiz on equilibrium

Notes on elasticity of demand

Practice problems computing elasticity of demand

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