Honors Economics Week of 1/30/17

***Bring books to class Tue and Wed

MON-Quiz on equilibrium, price ceilings, price floors

Notes on elasticity of demand

Calculate elasticity and classify the answers

TUE-Quiz on elasticity of demand

Graphic organizer on business organizations:  sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation

Video clip on the beginning of Apple Computer

WED-Quiz on business organizations

Tipping Point quiz Chapter 2

Notes on business organizations:  perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, monopoly

Graphic organizer on market structures

Video clip on Microsoft in the 90s and antitrust laws

THUR-Continue notes on market structures

Video clips on oligopoly

Article reading about the 4 market structures

FRI-John Stossel goes to Washington video with questions

Work on Unit #2 problem sets due on Monday

Unit #2 test Tuesday

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