AP Microeconomics Week of 5/8/17

Key things to do to prep for Micro exam on Friday

  • Watch the PowerPoint on here about Microeconomics formulas
  • Work the multiple choice you’re given in class Monday before Friday
  • Work the FRQs you were given last Friday and check on the blog
  • Watch Clifford videos on YouTube:  Micro Everything You Need to Know or unit summary videos for more detail or more specific videos you need on each topic
  • http://www.acdcecon.com/frq-topics Go to this site and work all the FRQs you want and check yourself with the solutions

Key things to do to prep for Macro exam on Wednesday

  • Work the multiple choice I gave you last week
  • Refer to the AP Macroeconomics Resources tab at the top of this page to go to videos and practice FRQs

MON-1/2 period each group; go over multiple choice practice test from last week

Get another practice multiple choice test to do on your own

TUE-Micro review

Practice Micro FRQs

WED-AP Macroeconomics Exam 12 PM

Practice Micro multiple choice and FRQs and micro review in class

THUR-Complete micro review

FRI-AP Microeconomics Exam 8AM

Honors Government Week of 5/8/17

MON-Test #3 on Legislative and Executive Branches

Unit #3 vocabulary due

TUE-Notes on political parties and voting

Mini-DBQ on should voting be mandatory

WED-Notes on interest groups and lobbying

THUR-Notes on the media and polling

Review up to date polling data on politics

FRI-Test #4

Unit 4 vocabulary due

Cartoon #5 due