Honors Economics Week of 11/27/17

Reminder:  EOC for economics will be Wed Dec. 6th and Thur Dec. 7th (we’ll take 1/2 each day)

This counts 20% of your final grade in the class

You will receive 2 required assignments in class this week that you will do on USA Test Prep to prepare for the EOC

There are also plenty of other review materials on the blog to get ready:  look under the Georgia Standards for Economics and EOC Test Resources tab at the top of the blog; I will also be available before school if you need extra help


MON-Review absolute and comparative advantage quizzes

Complete notes and practice problems on exchange rates

Video clip on the Euro

Notes on trade deficits, surpluses and trade barriers and trade organizations

Video clip on NAFTA

Receive unit 4 problem sets in class-due Wednesday

TUE-Quiz on exchange rates trade barriers and trade organizations

Complete notes and practice problems on trade deficits, surpluses and trade barriers and trade organizations

Begin personal finance notes if time

WED-Test #4 on international economics

Unit 4 problem sets are due at start of class-grade in class

Notes on personal finance

THUR-Unit #3 Touchstone quiz on macroeconomics for review

Naked Economics Chapter 12 reading quiz

Complete notes on personal finance

FRI-Unit #4 Touchstone quiz on international economics for review

Unit #5 personal finance test next Monday Dec. 4th

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