Register for AP Exams

Register for your AP Exams here.  This must be done by February 28th.  All students should sign up for the AP Microeconomics Exam.  If you are willing, I also encourage you to sign up for the AP Macroeconomics exam.  About 1/2 of the AP Microeconomics students took the macro exam last year and we had 22 students pass that exam with 11 4s and a 5.  While we aren’t taking the full AP Macroeconomics class, you will learn a good bit of that material 2nd semester to prep for the EOC and if you take the AP Econ/Govt Hoya Block you will be more prepared.  If you’ll just do a little work on your own outside of class like watching the videos on my blog and working practice tests I’ll give you, you’ll be prepared.  While you should check your prospective colleges’ AP policies and it’s up to you whether you want to take both tests, taking and passing both exams can put you in a good position.

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