AP Microeconomics Week of 2/12/18

This week you are doing your government simulation.  Come get me if you need a filibuster.  You will have econ for 1/2 the period on Mon, Tue, Thur, and Fri.  We’ll tell you what’s happening for each day.

MON-Review least-cost and profit-maximizing rule practice from Friday

Notes on unions

TUE-Quiz on least-cost and profit-maximizing rule; we’ll start in our normal Tue classroom for the quiz then move to the big room

Notes on wage differentials

Get unit 4 problem sets

WED-All government I believe

THUR-Notes on economic rent

Practice multiple choice

FRI-Practice FRQ

Unit 4 test will be the week we come back, perhaps Tuesday after a 1/2 day on Monday

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