AP Microeconomics Week of 11/12/18

Here’s the Unit 3 plan for what we’re learning in this unit, textbook readings, etc.¬†AP ECON UNIT 3 PLAN

MON-1/2 day econ/govt

Draw side-by-side graphs of perfect competition in long-run equilibrium and analyze changes to the market and firm in the short-run and long run

TUE-1/2 day econ/govt

Practice FRQs on perfect competition on whiteboards

Reading comparing the 4 market structures

WED-Quiz on perfect competition in the short-run and long-run

Notes on monopoly characteristics

Compare monopoly demand to perfect competition demand

THUR-Calculate monopoly revenue (TR, MR, AR) and graph

Graph monopolies with a profit, breaking even, with a loss, and with a loss and shutdown

FRI-Monopoly quiz on revenue, cost, and profit measures

Notes and graphs on monopoly regulation

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