Honors Economics Week of 1/28/19

MON-Complete notes on equilibrium

Practice graphing supply and demand and interpreting the impact of shifts of supply and demand

Analyze the impact of price ceilings and price floors on the market

TUE-No school

WED-Quiz on equilibrium, price ceilings, and price floors

Notes on elasticity of demand

Calculate elasticity of demand for products and classify the answers

THUR-Quiz on elasticity of demand

Graphic organizer comparing the business organizations

Video clip on the beginning of Apple Computer

Receive Unit 2 problem sets-due next Mon Feb. 4th

FRI-Quiz on business organizations

Graphic organizer on the 4 market structures

Video clip on Microsoft’s market power in the 90s and government’s use of anti-trust laws against it



*Unit 2 problem sets due on Monday

*Touchstone quiz on Unit 2 on Tuesday

*Test on Unit 2 on Wednesday

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