AP Microeconomics Week of 5/13/19

One week to go.  Let’s finish the drill.  My recommendations to prepare for the exam outside of class in addition to what we do in class this week:

  1. Watch the Clifford video below for a good overview of micro.  It’s about 30 minutes.

2. Go to the College Board site for microecon.  There are year’s worth of FRQs for you to practice and the rubrics are there for you to score them.  Pick some and work them and score your answers.  Make note of weak areas for further study and help you need from me. https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-microeconomics/exam

3.  From the same site as in number 2, scroll down until you see the AP Microeconomics exam from 2012.  I would print out the multiple choice questions (pages 20-35) and the answer key (page 52).  I would set aside a 70 minute uninterrupted block of time to work those 60 questions and then check your answers.  Make note of any concepts where you need help.

4.  Finally, at the top of this blog click on AP Microeconomics videos for all of Clifford’s videos on individual concepts.  Watch the ones where you need help.

MON-Government final

TUE-Review for the AP Micro exam

WED-AP Macro exam at 12 PM for those taking

Review for the AP Micro exam

THUR-Review for the AP Micro exam

FRI-AP Micro exam

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