AP Microeconomics Week of 7/29/19

While you can always find our unit plans under the AP Microeconomics Documents tab at the top of the blog, our unit 1 plan is below.  It is a comprehensive guide to what we’ll be learning and all the assignments that we’ll be doing in the unit.


THUR-We’ll have 45 min. of AP Economics and AP Government on the first day; start with the teacher on your schedule

We’ll cover the syllabus, introduce the course, and set expectations

Econ trivia activity

FRI-We will do 45 min. of AP Economics and AP Government again on Friday; this is how we do Fridays on a normal 5 day week; Next Mon-Thur we will start our full classes

Lecture on the basics of economics, factors of production, marginal benefit and cost, and the circular flow model

Circular flow model worksheet and applications


Honors Economics Week of 7/29/19

This first unit we will be working in the fundamentals unit.  Follow the link below to the standards.  You can preview what we’ll be learning and can also practice going over what we learn in class using them as a guide.


THUR-Go over syllabus, introduce class

Notes over introductory economic concepts:  scarcity, factors of production, motivations for entrepreneurs, opportunity cost, rational decision making, marginal benefit and marginal cost, incentives, specialization, and voluntary exchange

Video clips to emphasize basic economic concepts

FRI-Quiz over introductory economic concepts from Wednesday

Notes on economic goals and economic systems

Video clips and charts/graphs/maps on economic freedom by country