Econ on a Tuesday

Economic Fundamentals Kahoot! Challenge:  0631461

PPC Kahoot! Challenge:  0886187


Ah a blast from the past.  Things we learned back in August.  It was warm.  A magical football season was beginning.  People got in trouble for not running into each other enough.  We all gathered in the middle of the classroom for the wheat auction to learn supply and demand.  We gathered in the PAC to listen to the monopolist Herff Jones.  Toilet paper filled the shelves and the only worry about hand sanitizer was that the kids might lick it off their hands.  We yearned for a bristle from the Stossel mustache.  It was quiet throughout the land.

Econ on a Monday

Complete the two Kahoot! challenges on absolute and comparative advantage before they expire.  See the Friday entry for the codes.  Great participation on the macro one.  Keep it up on these two.  I know the situation is not ideal but we’re going to keep plugging along.  We’ll keep reviewing AP material and also cover some international and personal finance material this week.  Hang in there and we’re going to get ready to bring it home on the AP exam.

More to come during the day Monday.

Government on a Monday 3/30/20

I appreciate you continuing to work on your assignments.  While we didn’t plan to learn government online, we’ll make the best of it and we are doing a number of the same assignments that we would have done in class and will add some new ones later this week and in the coming weeks.  Keep track of assignments and submit anything that is requested.  We are keeping track.  Hang in there.

Today to continue our study of the US Constitution which you should be familiar with through the scavenger hunt, read through the following scenarios and decide if the action is authorized or not.  For Monday complete scenarios 2-9 (yes, I know there’s not a number one).  We’ll do the remaining ones for Tuesday. You may work with a partner and submit one sheet per partnership through e-mail.

This is the PowerPoint the scenarios are listed on.


This is your sheet to fill in or type in your answers.

authorized or not fill in sheet


Econ on a Thursday

Make sure to look at the College Board update on our exam.  It will test units 1-5.  Good news.  We’ve finished all those units before we left school.  We had started working on unit 6 but they are not going to test unit 6 this year.  Income inequality is a big topic from that unit and is important to understand so watch the 2 videos below.  Real YouTube videos, not 1998 Thompson-made junk.  For AP Micro we’ll be reviewing and enhancing what we’ve learned this year through Khan Academy and other practice (more to come in the coming days).  We don’t know what’s going to happen with the 20% county test yet so I’ll keep teaching that material like the macro packet we just finished, some more international, and personal finance.  While those three sets of notes won’t be on the AP Micro exam (except for comparative advantage in the international part) we’ll keep learning the county stuff until they say that test is off.  Good progress on the Kahoot Challenge.  Make sure you do it.  Are you going to let Brandon win?