AP Microeconomics Last Week

  1. AP Micro test is Wednesday at 4 PM.  Hopefully AP Testing has gone smoothly so far.  Make sure you refer to e-mails from College Board and you’re all set to go on Wednesday.  Have scratch paper and a simple 4 function calculator ready.  I will share this e-mail with you as it sounds like some students have had issues submitting their responses so read through it so you’re prepared.  ap exam info
  2. Zoom meeting Tuesday at 11 AM.  We’ll go over some of the practice assignments you’ve been working on.  Zoom codes will be sent through the Remind.  You can still join.  Scroll down and find the join codes.
  3. If you didn’t attend the Zoom review sessions the PowerPoints from those are on the blog for each of the 5 units that will be tested.  Go back through these.
  4. Practice working FRQs.  Starting with the ones I provided last week with solutions on the blog should expose you to a majority of the content.  You can also go into AP Classroom and find a number of practice questions.  College Board also provides these as practice:  https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap-2020exam-sample-questions-microeconomics.pdf  After that, go to this link and you can work as many previous FRQs as you like and check your work with the rubrics.      https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-microeconomics/exam
  5. Unit 6 will not be covered on the exam.  This was the one we started after our last test before we left the building.  It includes things like externalities, income inequality, public and private goods.  If you see these on FRQs you’re practicing don’t worry about them.  Remember also the micro test doesn’t include macro or personal finance stuff that we learned in the YouTube videos I made.
  6. If you are taking the AP Macro exam, refer to the tab at the top of the blog called AP Macroeconomics Resources.

Practice FRQs and solutions

Pracitce FRQs to prepare for AP Micro exam 2020 units 1-5

Sit down and work out the questions above and then check your answers.

Answers to practice FRQs.

  1. Absolute/Comparative Advantage

2. Elasticity and Utility


3. Marginal Benefit, Consumer Surplus, Utility Maximizing

number 3


4. Perfect Competition


5. Monopoly draw it


6. Monopoly from Graph

correction on part a 4-there is not 1 price; there are multiple prices because of price discrimination

number 6

7.  Monopolistic Competition

number 7

8. Oligopoly Game Theory

number 8

9. Factor Market from Chart


10. Factor Market draw it

number 10

AP Econ this Week–Please Read

AP Micro test is in 10 days:  May 20th at 4 PM.

We will have a Zoom meeting on Tuesday at 11 AM to review Unit 5, the last unit for the AP test.  Codes will be sent through Remind.  You can still join, scroll down the blog to find it.  While it’s best to attend these sessions to hear the review, participate, and answer questions, I post all the PowerPoints from the sessions on the blog for you to come back to later.  I also encourage you to practice FRQs as the AP test will be 2 FRQs.  I have made a set of practice FRQs for you and they are on the blog.  AP Classroom also has practice for you as I see some of you have found it and started doing it.

There have been plenty of opportunities to raise your grade during digital learning.  Your grade as of Monday morning should be up to date with everything we’ve done so far.  You have until the end of the day Tuesday, May 12th, to submit the assignments mentioned below.  Again, they are optional and cannot hurt your grade but do give you the chance to raise it.  After that, you get what you get.

  1. If you want to take the last AP Microeconomics test it is open in AP Classroom.  Use notes, online textbook, handouts, YouTube, etc., just not each other.  Have it done by the end of the day Tuesday.  It goes in the test category and won’t hurt your grade, only can help it.  It can also replace your lowest test grade if it’s lower than what you make on this test.
  2. If you are trying to raise your average in the reading quiz category, there is a Naked Economics quiz on the blog.  Type your answers and e-mail them to me.  Use the book if you want.
  3. In preparation for the AP exam, complete the 3 assignments on here:  the graphing assignment, the practice FRQs, and the calculating stuff practice packet.  If you are trying to raise your homework average, take a picture of your work on these and email them to me for a completion grade by the end of the day Tuesday.

Later this week I will post the solutions to the 3 assignments mentioned in #3 above for you to check your work.

Last AP Econ Test posted

Log into AP Classroom and find AP Micro Last Test.

This is an optional last test.  It must be completed by 11:59 PM on Tuesday May 12th.

Remember this counts in your test category if it does not lower your average in the class.  It can also replace your lowest test grade if it is higher.  So it can count as 2 tests.  Use notes, handouts, problem sets, online textbook, Mr. Clifford on YouTube, etc.  Just don’t use each other.


Senior grades will be cut off on Tuesday May 12th.  No work will be accepted after this.  If you are planning to complete any more assignments, they need to be in by 11:59 PM on May 12th.  I will try to have everything up to date in the grade book by Monday morning and will try to have all assignments posted so you’ll have 2 days left.  Thank you.

Government Final Activity

If you wish to complete a final activity that will count in the final exam category of government, complete the assignment below by the end of the day Monday 5/11/20.  It cannot hurt your grade.

Go to www.usatestprep.com

Log in

Hover over practice, SLO, and scroll down to government/civics.

Go down to Creating the Constitution and click domain test.

Select Robert Thompson as the teacher and load test.

It is 20 questions and you can retry missed questions.