AP Econ this Week–Please Read

AP Micro test is in 10 days:  May 20th at 4 PM.

We will have a Zoom meeting on Tuesday at 11 AM to review Unit 5, the last unit for the AP test.  Codes will be sent through Remind.  You can still join, scroll down the blog to find it.  While it’s best to attend these sessions to hear the review, participate, and answer questions, I post all the PowerPoints from the sessions on the blog for you to come back to later.  I also encourage you to practice FRQs as the AP test will be 2 FRQs.  I have made a set of practice FRQs for you and they are on the blog.  AP Classroom also has practice for you as I see some of you have found it and started doing it.

There have been plenty of opportunities to raise your grade during digital learning.  Your grade as of Monday morning should be up to date with everything we’ve done so far.  You have until the end of the day Tuesday, May 12th, to submit the assignments mentioned below.  Again, they are optional and cannot hurt your grade but do give you the chance to raise it.  After that, you get what you get.

  1. If you want to take the last AP Microeconomics test it is open in AP Classroom.  Use notes, online textbook, handouts, YouTube, etc., just not each other.  Have it done by the end of the day Tuesday.  It goes in the test category and won’t hurt your grade, only can help it.  It can also replace your lowest test grade if it’s lower than what you make on this test.
  2. If you are trying to raise your average in the reading quiz category, there is a Naked Economics quiz on the blog.  Type your answers and e-mail them to me.  Use the book if you want.
  3. In preparation for the AP exam, complete the 3 assignments on here:  the graphing assignment, the practice FRQs, and the calculating stuff practice packet.  If you are trying to raise your homework average, take a picture of your work on these and email them to me for a completion grade by the end of the day Tuesday.

Later this week I will post the solutions to the 3 assignments mentioned in #3 above for you to check your work.

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