AP Macroeconomics Resources

AP Macroeconomics Exam:  Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 4 PM.

If you are taking the AP Macro exam, see the course description and breakdown below to focus your preparation.  Note that Unit 6 will not be included on this year’s AP Macro exam.  I would also suggest taking the steps below to prepare.




Check the bottom of the last link above for sample questions.

Step 1:  Watch videos to reinforce the content.

You can start with a basic overview video below.  Clifford also has many more specific macro topic videos on his YouTube channel.


(You might want to look into buying his ultimate review packet from his website.  It is a great review and he also has practice exams.)


Step 2:  Use your online textbook to read up on macro topics.

Step 3:  Review the key graphs of macroeconomics in this packet.  Key Macroeconomic Graphs 20

Step 4:  Work FRQs to be able to draw/interpret/analyze the key graphs and concepts


The number 1 question from each year usually covers the most topics (AD/AS/LRAS, full employment, inflationary gap, recessionary gap, Phillips Curve, money market, loanable funds market, etc.  This year you don’t have to worry about the foreign exchange market.) Do as many of those as you can.  The #2 and #3 questions usually focus in more specifically on a topic.  Pick a few of each below on the specific topics:

Absolute and comparative advantage:  2008 #3, 2004 #3, 2003 #3, 2003 form B #3

Banking, money supply, Federal Reserve:  2001 #3, 2011 #3, 2006 form B #2, 2004 #3, 2009 #3, 2007 #2, 2012 #2, 2016 #2

Money market and loanable funds markets:  2014 #2, 2010 form B #2, 2006 #2, 2005 form B #3, 2005 #2


Finally, Khan Academy has resources on AP Macroeconomics.



Good luck.  You’ll get out of it what you put into it.