For the second year, the state of Georgia is offering a Civic Engagement Diploma Seal that will be affixed to students’ high school diplomas if they fulfill the program requirements in coursework, community service, knowledge of American Government, and civic engagement activities.  The seal is awarded at the time of graduation and some of the activities will be completed senior year.  However, some requirements can be met and logged during any of the four years of high school.

In short, (you can read the student application below), the requirements are:

  1. Pass the required Social Studies classes to graduate.  These are World History, US History, and Government/Economics.  If you graduate, you’ll meet this requirement.  You don’t have to submit any paperwork about this.
  2. Pass the American Government/Civics Basic Skills Test.  This will be given in your Government class senior year and your teacher will submit a list of those passing to Mr. Thompson which he’ll keep track of.  If for some reason you don’t have Government your senior year or you need to retake the test to pass it, let Mr. Thompson know and we’ll set that up for you.
  3.  Apply your Social Studies knowledge through a combination of community service/extracurricular activities AND civic engagement activities.  This requirement has a Part A and a Part B.  (If you are enlisted in the US Military prior to graduation it satisfies Part A and Part B of this requirement.)  Part A requires 35 hours of service/elective coursework/approved extracurricular activities.  See the application below for approved activities that can be counted for part A.  You will then need to log them on the Recording Log below.  For Part B, you will need to complete 15 hours of civic engagement activities.    Again, see the application below for approved activities that can be counted for part B.  You will also log your Part B activities on the Recording Log below.  This will be submitted when you complete the process your senior year so keep track of what you do throughout high school.
  4. Complete a Capstone Portfolio Presentation on the knowledge gained through all of your coursework and activities done while earning the seal.  See the rubric below for expectations.

While subject to change, here is a tentative timeline for the Civic Engagement Seal at Harrison High School.

  • All 9-12 students can review the requirements of the student application below at any time.
  • All 9-12 students can participate in and log their activities in community service/coursework/extracurricular activities AND civic engagement activities at any point in high school.  Keep up with this as you go so you can submit it when asked.
  • For seniors graduating in May of 2020, you must declare your intention to seek the seal by March 20, 2020.  You will do this by e-mailing Mr. Thompson at the e-mail address below or by stopping by room 206 and telling him in person.
  • Seniors will take the Government/Civics Basic Skills Test in their Govt/Econ class this semester.  If you had govt/econ last semester see Mr. Thompson in 206 and he will arrange a time for you to take the test.  Those who do not pass with a 70 on the first attempt can re-take it.  You must arrange a re-take with Mr. Thompson and pass it by March 27, 2020.
  • For seniors graduating in May of 2020, your Hours Recording Log must be submitted to Mr. Thompson by the end of school on March 27, 2020.  This includes both Part 3A and Part 3B.
  • For seniors, once it’s been verified that you’ve passed the Government test and met the community service/coursework/extracurricular activities AND civic engagement activities requirements, you will be provided information about the Capstone Portfolio Presentation.  More details will follow but our plan is to conduct these presentations between March 27th and April 3rd of 2020.  Upon successful completion of the presentation, you will have met the requirements for the seal.
  • Harrison will submit its list of names of students who have met the requirements for the seal to the Cobb County Central Office on April 13, 2020.
  • 9th-11th graders:  If you are interested in pursuing the seal, you should start/continue participating in the approved activities on the student application that count towards the required hours on Parts 3A and 3B.  You should also log your hours on the recording log below and keep track of them.  You will complete the rest of the process during your senior year.

Please direct all questions about this program to Social Studies Department Leader Robert Thompson at .

Civic Engagement Diploma Seal PURPOSE & PROCESS

Cobb Civic Engagement Diploma Seal STUDENT APPLICATION

Civic Engagement Seal Hours Recording Log

Civic Engagement Capstone Presentation Rubric