October 22

Learning in Room 205 Week of October 23rd

Math:  The students will continue to work with area, and learn to use the formula length  x  width

(l x w).  Math homework is this Monday, October 23rd.

Reading:  The students will study main idea in informational texts

Writing:  The students will start creating paragraphs for their informational paper. Students also need to go on the internet at home, and research their animal, if they have done so already.  The students are not allowed to do their writing at home.  They should to bring their information into school. I will be conferencing with them several times a week.  They can also check out books from their local library.

Language Arts:  Students will continue working with verbs.

Science:  The next two weeks, the students will be studying weathering and erosion

Social Studies:  Students will be starting to learn about explorers; starting with  Christopher Columbus

Specials This Week: Monday-Art   Tuesday- PE  Wednesday- Music   Thursday- STEM   Friday- PE


October 22

Thank you for attending your child’s conference ! I am so proud of all their accomplishments this past quarter. It is hard to believe that we are starting week three of  the 2nd quarter this week!

I am working on completing or copying any follow-up information that you requested. I will also be sending home a bunch of graded work in your child’s Friday folder.  Please remember to sign your child’s  folder after you have taken and reviewed all papers.  Comments are welcomed!

If you have not filled out the parent survey  for conferences, please remember to complete the form by clicking on the following link:


Thank you for your support!

October 22

A Big Thank You!

Career Day was wonderful! Our class enjoyed listening to our  Dads,  speak about their professions.  We really appreciate Mr. Ragsdale, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Waller for  coming into our classroom to share their wonderful careers with us!

October 22

Mark Your Calendars -Veteran’s Day Celebration- Nov. 2nd

Veteran’s Day Celebration: We are gearing up for our annual Veteran’s Day Celebration.  Our fabulous 2nd Graders will entertain us with song, dance and spoken word as we honor those who have served our country.  All are welcome to attend our celebration November 2nd at 6:30 in the Teasley Gym. We would love to recognize moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors and family friends who have served in any branch of the military at our program.  If you know of anyone who would be a great honoree, please have them to sign up using the Google Link below.  We are hoping for a great turn out.  It will be an honor to see and shake hands of all who have served.

Deadline for honorees is November 1st.

Thank you so much for spreading the word about our program and we hope that you will join us.


October 22

Red Ribbon Week Monday, October 23rd-Friday, October 27th

Monday- “Red Ribbon Day” – Wear a red standard attire shirt

Tuesday- “Use Your Head to Make -Positive Choices” Hat Day

Wednesday– “Be a Good Sport” Wear your favorite team shirt

Thursday– “Put Your Best Foot Forward” Wear mismatched or crazy socks

Friday- “Heroes Make Healthy Choices” Wear a superhero shirt or cape. This is also a dress down day.

October 19

Important News from the Media Center

Cobb Digital Library Home Access Update:

The Cobb Digital Library login has changed! The login credentials are now the same as your child’s Office 365 login.

www.mackinvia.com AND O365:
Username: [email protected]
Password: Computer / Network password


The Biblionasium/Destiny login credentials have NOT changed. Students will still use their student number and computer / network password to access these databases.

October 15

Learning in Room 205 the Week of October 16th

This week is early release, due to parent teacher conferences.   All students will be dismissed at 12:30.Please email me at [email protected]  if you need to change your conference time for any reason. DO NOT USE SIGN-UP GENIUS THIS WEEK. Thank you for your support!

Please remember all dismissal/ transportation changes need to be made in writing. 


Reading:  On Monday, students will learn informational text features (table of contents, captions, headings, bold words, etc.)

Writing:  On Tuesday, students will  start research for informational writing piece in the computer lab.   On Monday, they will choose their animal.   If they wish, they may research their animal at home on the internet, and check-out a book(s) at local library. If they bring the book into school.  Remember they need to have their name on a post-it.

Math: Area (using arrays to help find the area of figures)


Monday: Spanish    Tuesday: PE     Wednesday: Music    Thursday: STEM   Friday: PE (Career Day)

October 15

BOOK FAIR-October 16th-20th

The Book Fair opens this Monday morning. Parents and students may shop TOGETHER in the mornings beginning at 7:15 am. Students may shop by themselves beginning at 8:00 am during the school day. Parents and students may shop after conferences in the afternoons as well.