Born Worker Quiz Friday

Good morning! Yesterday we continued reading the short story, “Born Worker” by Gary Soto. Students have been completing reading questions as we have listened to audio of the text. On Friday, students will take a quiz on the story. It will include recall questions about the story and questions about characterization. It shouldn’t be too difficult as we’ve discussed and answered questions while reading, BUT if students were absent and missed days we read, PLEASE LOOK OVER THE TEXT! (And answer the questions).

Here is a copy of the text: Born Worker

Here is a link to audio recording: audio

On-level (2nd, 4th, 5th) need to finish writing vocab sentences for the vocab in the story and ALL classes worked on guided reading questions.

Attached here: Born Worker Worksheet-2-4-1ksl85d

Inferences and Characterization

We worked on Inferences earlier this week. I have attached the worksheet that was due yesterday.

Periods 1 and 3 did Inferences 3 worksheet
Periods 2, 4, and 5 did Inferences 1 worksheet



When making an inference, know that there is a logical guess based on the evidence. Support your inferences with text evidence!

We’ve been working on characterization yesterday and today. I’ve also attached the worksheet we did today that needed to be completed:


Remember the difference between direct and indirect characterization!

Direct: The writer makes direct statements about a character’s personality and tells what the character is like.
For example: Ms. Bowden is a friendly and helpful teacher. She has brown hair and blue eyes.

Indirect: the writer reveals information about a character and his personality through:
-The character’s Speech
-The character’s Thoughts
-The character’s Actions
-How other characters React or Respond to them: what they say or think about them



Unit 1 Test on Mon, RL due

Reading logs are due on Monday and students will be taking their Unit 1 Test. Study guides were sent home on Thursday, but I have attached a copy here. We took a practice test today–it is attached. I have also attached the passages that will be on the test, if you would like to look over them ahead of time.

Reading Counts QUIZ 3 was DUE TODAY. Scores will be put in. Any missing work is due Monday–after that it will remain as a zero in the gradebook. Late work will no longer be acceptable. Points will be deducted and then there will be a final deadline where I will no longer accept it. Students need to keep up with their work. I check everything that is turned into the box for each period. That is where assignments should be placed.

For the READING LOGS, I will deduct 5 points for every day it is late! GET YOUR WORK TURNED IN!!!

Unit 1 Test Study Guide-2liyj8j

Unit 1 Practice Test-z8k1p9

Test Passages-1cyrdm8

The Three Little Pigs & POV

Today we watched the original Three Little Pigs and The True Story. I have posted the True Story one. Reflection sheets need to be completed and turned in by tomorrow. It will be a grade. Complete sentences with EVIDENCE to support please!

I have attached both sides of worksheet:

POV Easy-22eoxpg

Prefixes HW/Progress Reports/Reading Counts Next Week

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! This week is a shortened week and we have a lot to get through. Prefixes worksheet was due last Friday (FRONT AND BACK) and many students did not turn it in. Get these to me ASAP. I plan to hand them back this Friday–any worksheets turned in later than that will have points taken off for being late.

In other news, Progress Reports are being sent home this week. Some student grades may not truly reflect progress due to absences and missing assignments. Please keep this in mind. We still have much more work that will be done in class–I believe all of my students have the potential to be successful in reading this year! Reading Counts Quiz #2 is coming up next week on Monday so be ready for it and finish your book!

I have attached the prefixes worksheet (front and back):

Prefixes Reinforcement 1-3-2iwk9ny

Prefixes Extension 1-3-wfm3gn

Reading Probe Corrections due Thurs

Good afternoon,

Today I handed back the reading on Robert Walden Cassotto. This was the first reading probe. Students have the opportunity to make corrections on it and gain 1/2 point back for each missed question. I went over in class how to make corrections. It is the student’s responsibility to hold on to this paper…I need ALL of these back even if they don’t do the corrections. THIS IS DUE THURSDAY OF THIS WEEK. I have attached the powerpoint we reviewed today in class.

Reading Probe Corrections-1sdc8o6