Among the Hidden

Hello! Welcome back–I hope everyone had a restful spring break. We began reading Among the Hidden this week and students finished answering questions for Chapters 1-5 today. There will be a vocab quiz this Friday on words from Ch.1-5. Students have already practiced these and completed a crossword. Here is an attached study guide students will get in class tomorrow.

Vocab Words ATH-12feyjw

Unit 4 Test Friday

Hello! Unit 4 Test is on Friday. Students were given a study guide in class yesterday and had some time to work on it. I will be checking them tomorrow and we will review. I have attached a study guide and a copy with the answers to it.

Here it is: Unit 4 Test Study Guide-1kb9oak

Unit 4 Study Guide Answer Key-26xt0o9

I’m also attaching the context clues worksheet I handed back yesterday (Reading Passage called “What Stinks?”). Students can make corrections for half the points back. (THIS MEANS WRITING A ONE SENTENCE EXPLANATION FOR EACH QUESTION THEY GOT INCORRECT!) They must be turned in by Monday at the latest.

Context Clues: ContextCluesAnchorChartsandPrintablesFREE-yqqyij

Last Week’s Work (attached)

Hello! After the Unit Test last week, students worked on Multiple Meaning Words and Idioms (fun expressions such as “It’s raining cats and dogs!”)

We also went over figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification, etc.)

I have finished grading the idioms sheet (counted as a warm-up) and it is in the gradebook. Please check synergy. Here are the two sides: Mult Meaning Words-13s8suz


I am still working on grading the figurative language worksheet. Students also had the oppotunity to write their own poem. This will be a formative grade (worth 45%).

Here it is: Fig Lang-28gmefd


Mood and “The Lottery”

Good afternoon! An update on what students have been learning this week:

We have reviewed mood and completed a warm-up on it, which you can download here: mood side 1-1ohmmzu

mood side 2-15smrem

We have also finished reading “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. This is a great short story to use when discussing mood. Students need to have their questions finished by the end of class tomorrow. They worked on them today and I will give them time tomorrow. Here is the story and the questions: TheLotteryShortStoryandToneMoodForeshadowIronyQuestions-1uey0ze

I wish I had time to show this short film in class, but we may not get to it. If you would like to view the film from 1969, here it is

Welcome Back–Updates!

I hope everyone had a restful winter break. We’ve gotten through the first week back and I want to share this presentation I gave students on the first day back: GradesExpectations-257r9yw

Important Announcements:
-Reading Counts is now 15% of student’s grade and Warm-ups are 10%. Formative is still 45% and Summative is 30%
-Report Cards were handed out today. Those on the A/B honor roll need to return order forms by January 22nd if they would like a catered lunch (subway or Chikfila).

This week students learned about Author’s Purpose and used the acronym P.I.E. (Persuade, Inform, Entertain). Today they were given a quiz on it.

ALL CLASS PERIODS: Here are the assignments we did this week–
Narrative Non-Fiction: narrative non 1-1swnpmp

narrative non 2-29nqrx2

Author’s Purpose Worksheet: Author’s Purpose-2bbcs5j

Author’s Purpose Activity: authors-purpose-worksheet-1rhyoyf

AC Periods 1st & 3rd: Finish Dead Sea article questions Dead Sea Questions-ynzmx5

Dead Sea Article: The Dead Sea

Unit 3 Non-Fiction

Today we began on Unit 3, which is about Non-fiction. We did a general overview of the types of Non-Fiction texts and will begin reading one tomorrow. Overall, students did well on the Unit 2 Test. I added extra points to every test because there was one question I decided to throw out. Please check Synergy for grades. Also, remember that next Tuesday is the last Reading Counts for this quarter!!!

Here are the types of non-fiction worksheet: IdentifyingNonfiction-uobt2n