Prefixes HW/Progress Reports/Reading Counts Next Week

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! This week is a shortened week and we have a lot to get through. Prefixes worksheet was due last Friday (FRONT AND BACK) and many students did not turn it in. Get these to me ASAP. I plan to hand them back this Friday–any worksheets turned in later than that will have points taken off for being late.

In other news, Progress Reports are being sent home this week. Some student grades may not truly reflect progress due to absences and missing assignments. Please keep this in mind. We still have much more work that will be done in class–I believe all of my students have the potential to be successful in reading this year! Reading Counts Quiz #2 is coming up next week on Monday so be ready for it and finish your book!

I have attached the prefixes worksheet (front and back):

Prefixes Reinforcement 1-3-2iwk9ny

Prefixes Extension 1-3-wfm3gn

Reading Probe Corrections due Thurs

Good afternoon,

Today I handed back the reading on Robert Walden Cassotto. This was the first reading probe. Students have the opportunity to make corrections on it and gain 1/2 point back for each missed question. I went over in class how to make corrections. It is the student’s responsibility to hold on to this paper…I need ALL of these back even if they don’t do the corrections. THIS IS DUE THURSDAY OF THIS WEEK. I have attached the powerpoint we reviewed today in class.

Reading Probe Corrections-1sdc8o6

Unit 1 Vocab Quiz this Friday

Good afternoon! Today all classes worked on Unit 1 Vocab and we went over cartoons. My plan is for the quiz to be this Friday, but that could be subject to change depending on how the week goes. It is only 10 words–we will do this every other week.

AC: My AC classes should have written the terms, definitions, and memory phrase in their notebook! Here are the cartoons should you need to look back: AC Unit 1 Vocab Cartoons-Blog-2o6eqxx

On-Level: My on-level classes should have received a chart I made and printed for them (only for this time!). All terms should be filled in with definitions and memory phrases. Here are the cartoons: Blog-OL Vocab Unit 1 Cartoons_1-10-20804kz

Students have no excuse for not having the terms and being prepared for their quiz! Here is a link to my quizlet as well:



Reading Counts Next Week


Literal Analysis-2a2dz3d

Inferential Analysis-13hpyqx

Good Afternoon! Today we worked on questions for the short story, “The Dinner Party.” If students did not complete their questions, they should finish it this weekend and bring it on Monday.

In other news, I have reserved the laptops for next Wednesday and Thursday. Kudos to those who have finished their Reading Counts quiz. For those who have not, they will be taking it on Wednesday or Thursday. This must be completed by FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure there is a quiz for the book and to take the quiz by this time. If not, they will receive a zero. For the first one, students may read any lexile, but for the other ones, books must be within lexile range (Based on Reading Inventory).

SYLLABUS: With schedule changes, I have new students. I tried to get the syllabus to all of these students. It is linked in my prior post. Please get these signed and back to me.

Have a great weekend and remember to READ, READ, READ!

Ms. Bowden


Hello students and parents! It was a great first day back to school. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you this year. 🙂 Today all reading classes went to the media center for orientation. Students had the opportunity to check out books. Students should be reading every night–AC classes I expect at least 30 minutes and my other reading classes I expect at least 20 minutes. On Monday we will be taking the Reading Inventory in the computer lab.

One resource we may be using is Biblionasium once I get it set up. I would also like students to use Office 365 for assignments, such as an electronic reading log to save from printing so much paper. To login, go to and click on Parents, then Office 365 sign-in.

Username: [email protected]
Password: Same one used to login to school computer

Students and Parents: I have attached the syllabus for both reading and AC reading. I will be sending a printed copy home this Friday. Both students and parents should sign this and return it to me no later than Wednesday August 8th.

Parents: Thank you to those of you that sent in supplies with your students! I have plenty of tissues & hand sanitizer, but I am still in need of more paper towels and clorox wipes. If you would like to donate these items to my classroom, I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂

Ms. Bowden



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