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Please use the link below to go to the Algebra II Blog where you can find copies of unit plans for each unit, worksheets, syllabus, etc.  I will post notes from class here.

Student Syllabus

Algebra II Fall Student Syllabus 2017 without SLO-1bwgb

Notes from in class review for final exam Monday Dec 18th

notes from review for final-276gprr

Answers to Review sheets for final exam

alg 2 review-1ikhnrp

final exam review 2 new-2mxd2b8

final rvw ad alg-27f1a6s

Dec 6th -Dec 14th Statistics Unit

Unit Plan GSE Algebra II Unit 6 Unit Plan-108orzh

Wed Dec 6th Measures of Central Tendency:  Mean, Median, Mode, IQR, Q1, Q3, box and whisker plots        Notes/classwork worksheet:   alg 2 day 1 stats notes-1ojihvp

Homework:   alg 2 day 1 stats hwk blank-2ewlfhv   and key to homework  alg 2 day 1 stats hwk key-1f58fw3

Thurs Dec 7th Variance, Standard Deviation, outliers.

Blank Notes: alg 2 day 2 stats notes blank-1lw5yc7        Notes from in class class notes from Thurs Dec 7th Standard Deviation Variance and Outliers-xf2n3z         Homework:

Friday Dec 8th  Sampling   alg 2 day 3 stats notes and hwkblank-uyhpn6  and key alg 2 day 3 stats notes and hwk key-1bxvpgg    SNOW DAY

Monday Dec 11th  alg 2 day 5 marg of error-142rf0e SNOW DAY

Tuesday Dec 12th  Notes from class:  alg 2 key margin of err and confid int-1nigpdf

alg 2 day 4 confid int-zupr1i  and   alg 2 day 5 marg of error-1430pbb


Nov 27th – Dec 5th   Back half of Unit 6   Logarithm and Exponential Fcts

Unit plan:  Unit 5 exponential log plan Part B-29wxcd2

Nov 27th and Nov 28th Log Applications

notes:  log apps notes-tlukem  and key key log apps notes-2fwf7ra

homework:  log apps homework-12aaue5 and key key log apps homework-223g34g

Nov 29th  Graphing exponentials    class Notes:  notes from Wednesday Nov 29th graphing exponentials-2byu6ht

worksheet for notes:  alg 2 ch 8 graph exp gra 6 prob-1uagaz9

and homework:  alg 2 log exp gr hwk 20 prob-1ppzo41 with key:  (contains tonights and tomorrow nights homework answers:  alg 2 key gr hwk 20 prob-1v5zbx7

Nov 30th  Graphing logs

notes:   alg 2 log notes gra 6 prob-2gs0hcd

and homework:     Same worksheets as yesterday’s alg 2 log exp gr hwk 20 prob-1ppzo41

Dec 1st    Inverses:  Graphing and finding algebraically (revisited)

Notes from class:  notes worksheet:  alg 2 inv graph and alg-2mbn0wp

and copy of worked out notes:  notes from Dec 1st Friday on inverse functions-16yqso1

Homework worksheet:  #1-21 odd exclude #13.  Inverses of Logarithms-2mpamke

Dec 4th  Review for quiz tomorrow.  Worksheet Quiz Review Logs Exps Extra Topics Ans Key-2hx7y8v

Quiz Tuesday!

Unit 6:  Logarithm and Exponential Fcts Nov 9th – Nov 17th


Unit plan:    Unit 5 exponential log plan-2eo5wq1

Thurs Nov 9th Evaluating logs and relationship between logarithms and exponentials.

class notes worksheet:  alg 2 logs day 1 notes-2cjvicb and homework Non Calc Evaluating Logs hwk day 1-2k0q8a5

class notes:  alg 2 notes on logs and exponentials day 1-2fiq2jh

Fri Nov 10th Properties of logarithms:  class notes worksheet for Fri and Mon  alg 2 logs day 2 and 3 notes-1eeo6s0 and homework alg 2 logs hwk day 2-158cs9w

class notes:  notes from Friday Nov 10th using the properties of logs-1r3wkqc

Mon Nov 13th Quiz first half of class:  evaluating logs and properties of logs

Class notes worksheet–see Fri post above.  Homework worksheet:  alg 2 logs hwk day 3-r6ok46

Tues Nov 14th  Solving exponential equations.  Class notes worksheet:   alg 2 logs notes day 4-1b4d5j3

and homework worksheet alg 2 logs hwk day 4-23ffxk1 

Notes from Tues Nov 14th:  notes from Tues nov 14th solving expon equations-1h0pzg7

Wed Nov 15th  More practice solving exponential and log equations.  Activity worksheet: alg 2 logs class activ day 5-1e5xxwz

Homework:     solv log and exp eqn 48 prob-1cnrf0h  and key  solutions to solving logs and exps 48 prob-11wlict

Thurs Nov 16th   Review for test on logarithms and exponentials through solving

In class review worksheet with partner:  Review Exponentials and logarithms-1b7fujw   and answer

key:  key rvw logs and exp-2lodxn3

alg 2 log rvw wkst-1w9h266 and key alg 2 key log rvw wkst-1o0wu2n

Fri Nov 17th  Test on logarithms and exponentials through solving

Unit 5B Absolute Value and Piecewise Functions Nov 2nd-6th

Thurs Nov 2nd Absolute Value Graphing and simplifying alg 2 graph abs val-281whmq

and key alg 2 key graph abs val-17i1opp

Notes from class:  absolute value-rdh0xu

Friday Nov 3rd Piecewise Functions Graphing and Simplifying notes page   alg 2 piecewise hwk-12969aw and

homework   alg 2 piecewise-1zf7m0

Notes from class:  notes piecewise functions day 1-21zbm27

Monday November 6th Review alg 2 pw rat exp and abs val rvw-1ysaqje


 Unit 5 Radical Functions Oct 18th-Wednesday Nov 1st

Unit Plan and Worksheets

Unit 5 Radical Functions Unit Plan Fall2017-24pavyg

Friday Oct 27th Simplifying with rational exponents worksheet    rewriting Radicals and Rational Exponents-1qu7le7 with key rewrite rat exp key-23y78ws  ,  another worksheet on simplifying with rational exponents with answer key at the end:  worksheet evaluate nth roots and rational exponents and answer key-24kv4o6

Monday Oct 30th   Solving equations with rational exponents  solve eq w rat exp-13uwtqw

and answer key:  key solving eq with rat exp-1dx35o3

Tuesday Oct 31st Review for Radical Functions Test   Review sheet rvw rad fcts and rat exp test-1o971tm

and key rvw key rad fcts and rat exp test-1lqe6ib

Another review for more practice  Rev-of-Solving-Radical-Rational-Eqns-1uai7af-1r64pxh     and key  Rev-of-Solving-Radical-Rational-Eqns-Key-1jeaw3b-2ljggfw

Wed Nov 1st   Unit Test on Radical Functions

Thur Oct 19th Graphing square root functions and cube root functions;  notes odds with homework evens from  rad fct rad fct guided notes-1v1tulk   and homework:  rad fct graphing-1s0ov55

and  notes on graphing square root and cube root functions-2gngssf


Fri Oct 20th more  graphs from warmup graphs worksheet  rad fct graphing-1s0ov6z

Monday Oct 23rd  Solving radical equations.   In class we worked the odds.  For homework, finish the evens.   Worksheet:  rad fct solving eq-1vmn4j7

Tuesday Oct 24th  Warmup:    Warm Up Day 4 Radical Functions-126d1d7      and Key:  warm up day 4 key-251ryme   and Solving radical inequalities worksheet for notes:   Solving Radical Inequalities classwork notes-28wl9pw   and Key:  solving rad ineq key notes-2fcnpwk

and the homework worksheet:  rad fct solving ineq-z4igbh


Wed Oct 25th  Review for quiz tomorrow over radical functions:  Graphing, solving equations and solving inequalities.   Review for Quiz 1 Radical Functions-2afa5x0

and answer key:  key rvw quiz 1 radical fcts-12597f9

Thursday Oct 26th  Quiz on Radical Functions.   After quiz, Begin rewrite rational exponents  worksheet:  rewriting Radicals and Rational Exponents-1qtwack

and key:  rewrite rat exp key-23xxgdt



Unit 5 Notes

Notes from Monday Oct 30th  notes on solving equations with rational exponents-ylwv6j

Notes from Thursday and Friday Oct 19th and 20th

notes on graphing square root and cube root functions-2gngssf 

notes solving equations with rational exponents Friday Oct 27-20wbexn

Notes from Monday Oct 23rd:  Solving radical equations  solving radical equations notes-29aisap

Notes from Tuesday Oct 24th Solving radical inequalities notes on solving radical inequalities-1o7l24h

Unit 4B Graphing  Rational Functions Wed Oct 11th to Tuesday Oct 17th

New Unit Plan!   Unit-4B-Rational-Functions-Unit-Plan-2017-2hhxhi9

Wed Oct 11th  Begin Graphing Rational Functions:  Finding intercepts and asymptotes.  Here is the worksheet we will be working from:  graphing rational functions-26zught

Thurs Oct 12th  graphing rational chart-1z9yyxj  Notes:  notes from Thursday Oct 12th-1ifa4lx

and Fri Oct 13th More graphing more graphing-1rl7bdz  and answers to last night’s homework and today’s notes:  Notes from Friday Oct 13th-118qqry   and answers to friday’s homework:  answers to friday’s homework-1z8kt8q

Classwork Review (key at end of document)  Graphing Rational Functions classwork-1owpag9

Homework Review Key  Graphing-Rationals-Review-KEY-1hlohdd-22e3ymt

Tuesday Oct 17th Test graphing rational functions

Monday Oct 16th  Review for test tomorrow on graphing rational functions


Unit 4 Notes from class

Unit 4A Rational Functions Unit Plan 2016-230z661

Notes graphing rational functions:

Wednesday Oct 11th:  finding asymptotes and holes in the graph notes from wed oct 11th finding asymptotes and holes-1hdp3yr

Thursday Oct 12th: Finding Asymptotes and holes  notes from Thursday Oct 12th-1if85px


Solutions to review for quiz 2 unit 4 solving rational equations and inequalities mult divide add subtract-2fyadnl

Notes from Tuesday Oct 3rd solving rational inequalities-1svse4c

notes from Monday Oct 2nd solving rational equalities-19farea

Notes from Thursday Sept 21 review for quiz Friday-rlapxx

notes on adding rat exp with unlike denom Wed sept 20th-1qn2vfm

notes on adding subtracting rat exp with like denom tuesday sept 19th-2fte678

notes from Monday Sept 18th multiplying and dividing rational expressions-26pw43h

Unit 4 Worksheets rational functions

Worksheets for Monday Oct 2nd

rat eqns begin-18jv2vo

rat eqns wkst notes odds hwk evens-s0cqgp

Worksheets for Tuesday Oct 3rd

rat ineq wkst notes-16h4jp0


Worksheets for Wed Oct 4th  Review for tomorrow’s quiz

rvw unit 4 quiz 2-1rzz6s4


Worksheets from first part of unit:

rational fcts mult-29o3qin

rat fcts like denom-so0hzw

rat fcts unlike denom-sk48d9

rat frcts rvw homewk-2nnpkuu

Review for quiz 1 simplifying, multiplying, dividing, adding rational expressions with both like and unlike denominators-vmvccx


Unit 3 Solutions to Review for test



Review for test Fri Sept 15th Unit 3 Review-1p6r1o3  and Solutions to review:

Unit1BtestreviewKEY-20uq3pp[1]-2764r7y and 1C.6-Unit-1C-Test-Review-2-Answer-Key-2hkszg5[1]-wdiyip

Solutions to writing polynomials given zeros

writing polynomials given roots solutions to worksheet-1arwzul

Notes Unit 3

Notes from class Wed Sept 6th finding rational roots (mind your ps and qs)-qnv03t

notes from class Friday Sept 1st-13fdchz

notes from class thurs aug 31 on polynomial long division and synthetic division-tng8us

 class notes from Tuesday Aug 29th-1k5rtnx

notes on higher order factoring aug 28th Monday-1t3wi87

Unit Plan (Daily Schedule) and Worksheets Unit 3 Aug 28 – Sept 15

Alg 2 Unit 3 plan-276iceg

Worksheets for Aug 28th  Factoring Higher Degree Poly’s Notes-1fi83on

Factoring Higher Degree Poly’s HW-20kybeu

Worksheets for Aug 29th   Solving HD Poly’s Notes-2cou29w

Solving HD Poly’s HW-204gqeh 


Aug 30  QUIZ

Worksheets for Aug 31  Long & Synthetic Division Notes and HW-2cs5jsz

Worksheets for Fri Sept  1st notes given ones factor zero find rest-1cuy8ja

and homework given one factor find rest-s4r2fj

Worksheets for Tues Sept 5th review review higher degree factoring and solving, dividing and given one root find others-2e5hn2o

Worksheets for Wed Sept 6th  wed notes-q9v131  and  homework find ps and qs day-172vslw

Worksheets for Thur Sept 7th  notes:   2nd Quiz review in class thurs-2ayflqq   thurs hwk find all zeros-2l34d1x

Solutions to worksheet getting ready for quiz

solutions to review for quiz Friday Sept 8th-vymcdl

Quiz Fri Sept 8th after quiz– practice multiplying imaginary, complex and irrational numbers mult poly-1443njd

and key Multiplying Binomials Key-2ll7cxu

Worksheets for Wednesday Sept 13th  Writing polynomial Writing Polynomials given roots-24coyk7  in class we will work odds.  For homework, students will work evens.

Review for test Thurs Sept 14th Unit 3 Review-1p6r1o3  and Solutions to review:

Unit1BtestreviewKEY-20uq3pp[1]-2764r7y and 1C.6-Unit-1C-Test-Review-2-Answer-Key-2hkszg5[1]-wdiyip

Solutions to writing polynomials given zeros

writing polynomials given roots solutions to worksheet-1arwzul

Fri Sept 15th Unit test



Solutions to review sheet and review activity for unit 2

answers to review for unit 2 test-2f9so4u

Notes Unit 2

notes on inverses wed aug 23-1ifea3q

notes on pascals triangle expanding binomials tuesday aug 22nd-1ki7r27

notes on pascals triangle expanding binomials and function operations and compositions Tuesday Aug 22nd-1wyo6iz

notes on intervals inc and dec, interval notation, domain and range-1w7d8mo

notes polynomials day 1 degree and extrema-1y6jlnt

Unit 2 power points

1B.2-Inc-Dec-Extrema-1f38qoj alg 2-y9bmst

1B.3-End-Behavior-Extrema-Sketching-103pmak alg 2-12bl0bq

1B-1-Domain-Range-Int alg 2-27w9413

Unit 2 worksheets

homework for tuesday aug 22  Worksheet:  binom thm fct comp-1vy6c6r

alg 2 Add-Subtract-Multiply-Polynomials-12jn9pn-1fp6cjp

alg 2 Add-Subtract-Multiply-Polynomials-Notes-2kwmfxv-tejcrb

alg 2 Factoring-Higher-DEgree-Polys-Key-xgcyuh-12fuum8

alg 2 homework Cubes-and-Grouping-169lx8p-1zd9iyt

alg 2 name and add 1A.1-Polynomial-Characteristics-qs4189-qktv3o

alg 2 Notes-on-Characterisitcs-of-Functions-blank-1paar33-1kzklvr

Binomial Exp and Pascal Notes-sa9kip

Binomial Extra Prac-2173ykz

7 4 Inverse HW-138a17v

alg 2 Unit-2-Functions-Review-1s8ulec-10gqdl1

alg 2 Unit-2-Functions-Review-Key-yxl030-sa21jw

alg 2 Unit-2-Polynomial-OperationsKey -Kuta-Review-KEY-qjahh8-2lzgdp3

alg 2 Unit-2-Polynomial-Operations-Kuta-Review-28u58bf-28foyte

notes on factoring higher degree polynomials alg 2-2mmtgc9

Unit 1 Review Sheet and Answer Key

alg 2 unit 1 review-1p9acgp

alg 2 unit 1 key to review-1pxylz3

Notes from Class:

Notes from Wed Aug 9 Quadratic formula

alg 2 quadratic formula notes aug 9-2ejg4w0

notes from Tues Aug 8 Completing the square

alg 2 compl sq notes aug 8-295swnb

notes from Monday Aug 7 Solving quadratic inequalities

notes solving quadratic inequalities-297cd6m

notes and answers to homework from friday aug 4th and answers to review sheet for quiz

alg 2 solving by factoring notes fri aug 4-2i68f8f

Alg 2 review for unit 1 quiz solutions-2bcg0uy

factoring notes 8/3

alg 2 factoring notes aug 3rd-29mokjy

Notes from square root method 8/2

alg 2 notes square root method-1ek7pm1

Notes from 8/1 multiplying and dividing complex numbers:

Alg 2 notes through multiplying dividing and absolute value of complex numbers Tues Aug 1-29mcuyc

Notes from 7/31/17 Powers of i and adding/subtracting imaginary numbers:

notes on powers of i and adding complex numbers-s1pdu6

Algebra II Standards

Standards for Algebra II-ygzcga