December is here!

December is here and that means that we are getting ever so close to the end of quarter 2. All work must be completed by December 18th and grades will be finalized by the 20th. This means that there will be short work sessions over the course of the next two and half weeks to make up any missing assignments. I will do my best to get grades into the gradebook during this week so students can see their grade and any missing assignments.

We will still have homework assignments on Tuesday and Thursday evenings until December 18th. We are currently previewing each of the 10 math standards for GAA 2.0 for grade levels 6 and 7. We will introduce each of these until the end of this quarter. We then will focus on the GAA 2.0 standards for ELA for grade levels 6 and 7. If you ever would like to see these standards and exactly what they entail, please just let me know and I can send you the link and/or a hard copy of each of the targets.


Panther Basketball Club

December Meeting Dates
• 12/4/18 – Mr. Lytle’s classroom (Room 118)
• 12/6/18 – Gym for normal meeting/practice
• 12/11/18 – Mr. Lytle’s classroom (Room 118)
• 12/13/18 – Mr. Lytle’s classroom (Room 118)
• 12/18/18 – Gym for normal meeting/practice
o Last meeting of 2018
o See you in 2019!!!

When we are meeting in Mr. Lytle’s classroom, we will be watching basketball games, basketball movies and learning new skills. I will provide some light snacks, but members are welcome to bring snacks and drinks to share. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Room 118 & Panther Basketball Club Announcements (PBC)

Hello all!

This week we will start a writing unit focused around failure, success and overcoming adversity. This will also tie into readings for the week.

Please make sure that you are sending the permission forms back as soon as possible for the upcoming Field Day field trip that we are attending on 11/13. This field trip is completely free and we only need the permission slips returned so make sure they get back before Friday.

Each and every evening your student should be showing you their daily journal. Within this journal they complete their daily math, vocabulary and sentence writing activities but I also place a note each day with a rating scale related to your student’s academic effort and behavior. If you have any questions, you can always contact me via email or the Remind app.


Panther Basketball Club Announcements

** We will not have a PBC meeting on Thursday, November 1st, so that students can attend the Atlanta Hawks basketball game to support our fellow students singing the national anthem. They have extended the deadline to purchase those tickets to November 1st and I will be in attendance, so buy those tickets if you would like your student to attend. You can use the following link to purchase the tickets at the special $23 discount rate that includes $10 in concessions.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

** Due to a Professional Learning day on Tuesday, November 6th for Teachers, students will not have school on that date. PBC will not meet on that date (11/6/18), but we will meet on Thursday, November 8th (4:30 – 5:30 pm).

Panther Basketball Club Announcment

Panther Basketball Club Announcement

Due to the early release schedule tomorrow (Thursday, October 11th) and early release schedule during the week of conferences (October 15 – October 19), Panther Basketball Club will be not be held. Meetings will resume on Tuesday, October 23rd as usual (4:30 – 5:30). Additionally, we will not have a PBC meeting on Thursday, November 1st, so that students can attend the Atlanta Hawks basketball game to support our fellow students singing the national anthem. They have extended the deadline to purchase those tickets to November 1st and I will be in attendance, so buy those tickets if you would like your student to attend. You can use the following link to purchase the tickets at the special $23 discount rate that includes $10 in concessions.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Last week of Q1, here we come!

We are at the end of quarter one of the 2018-2019 school year. Students will have time this week to complete old assignments so that they can still earn credit prior to final grades. Student led conferences will be held next week (October 15 – October 19th). You should have received an invitation from SignUpGenius this week to sign up for a conference time slot. If you did not receive this invitation, please contact Mr. Lytle immediately!


Tuesday night is Hispanic Heritage night beginning at 6 pm.

Students will have a reading comprehension homework assignment related to Africa (7th grade) or a Latin American country (6th grade) on Tuesday evening.

Students will have a math homework assignment on Thursday evening. We are continuing to focus on multi-step real-world word problems, and the homework will be related to this skill.


The Panther Basketball Club (PBC)

After a successful first week of the Panther Basketball Club, we have decided that our numbers work well enough that ALL club members can attend BOTH nights (Tuesday and Thursday) if able. I know that students are in other clubs that meet on one of those days and if students ever have academics that need to be focused upon, they obviously should focus on that before attending PBC.

*** The Panther Basketball Club will not meet  on Thursday, November 1st. Members from the PBC are encouraged to attend the Atlanta Hawks basketball game that evening. The Floyd Chorus will be performing the National Anthem and we will be there to not only support our fellow students, but to enjoy a professional basketball game. Please contact Mr. Lytle if you have any questions.

Winter is coming… Well actually just the end of the first quarter is coming!

Hello everyone!

We are only two weeks away from the end of the first quarter of the 2018 – 2019 school year! That being said, students are working extremely hard to complete end of the quarter work tasks while also completing goal related tasks to increase the data collection. Remember that we are now on a four quarter system, so students will be receiving their grade reports AND IEP progress reports during this time. Both of these reports will be given during conferences which will occur the week of October 15th – October 19th.



  • Students and staff have Fall Break next week, so there will be no school during the week of Sept. 24th to Sept. 28th.
  • There will be a PTSA dance this coming Friday (9/21) during school 2:45 – 4:10 pm. Tickets are $7 and will be sold on Tuesday (9/18), Wednesday (9/19), and Thursday (9/20). Students must turn in the green permission form to first buy this ticket.
  • Homework will be coming home on Tuesday (9/19) and Thursday (9/21).


Panther Basketball Club

Parent meetings are occurring this week. These meetings are mandatory. During these meetings we will fill out crucial paperwork and it will be necessary to complete all of this paperwork and have it turned in by Friday, September 22nd. The first official meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 2nd at 4:30 pm. Contact Mr. Lytle, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. Ross, or Ms. Raiford if you have any questions.


Grade progress reports coming soon…

August has come and gone quicker than ever! This means that grade progress reports are coming home this week. Be on the lookout for a manila folder with several dates listed on the front. When you have viewed your student’s 4 1/2 week progress report, please sign by the date 8/29 and return with your student. In Mr. Lytle’s class when your student returns their folder the next day there is always some sort of incentive (i.e., panther paws, classroom bucks, little treats or prizes), so make sure you get that back to school as soon as possible. If you have not already signed up for my Remind 101 class, please do so. I would like to be able to send out announcements for upcoming events electronically using this app/website but I do need 100% buy-in from parents.


Reminder: Monday, August 27th is the date to turn in all fundraiser items. The fundraiser sheet should be completed accurately for each item purchased and money should have been collected at the time of the sale. The money will be collected on Monday ONLY so please send those in with your student and we will help take care of anything else.


There will be a reading homework assignment on Tuesday evening and a math homework assignment on Thursday evening so be on the lookout for those. If you are not checking your student’s journal every evening then you might miss out on some valuable information. First, there is always a rating scale in relation to the behavior and academic participation for the day. Secondly, the homework is always listed and third I provide you with a quick glimpse of our day. Please make sure you are looking at that each and every evening.


One more week of August and then we are on to September, which means cooler weather, football and increased academic rigor. We will no longer be reviewing old concepts but will now move forward with new content. The content may be more difficult for your student but part of my job is to challenge each and every student. If they are not coming home a little bit tired, especially mentally, then I am not working them hard enough. I look forward to another productive week!


Mr. Lytle


Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

A new beginning, the 2018 – 2019 school year is here!

Remind Sign up-s2n2xn

Hello parents/guardians,

June and July flew by and the 2018 – 2019 school year is here! I am excited and happy to begin my fourth year at Floyd Middle School. I am joined by the wonderful Mrs. Greta Coulter in my classroom and she will help support students throughout the day. The emphasis of my classroom is always based around reading and writing instruction. Reading and writing are such critical skills that will be integrated in every single science, social studies, and even math lesson throughout the year. I am planning on implementing a reading program called SIPPS that focuses on some of the primary reading skills such as; phonological awareness, phonics, and sight words, but does so in a manner that is more age appropriate than other reading programs. This should increase confidence in our readers while also boosting their fluency and comprehension skills. Lastly, all parents/guardians should have received my introductory letter during the first week of school as well as instructions on how to sign up for the communication system, Remind 101. Remind is a program that allows parents and teachers to communicate without sharing personal cell phone numbers. I am attaching the instructions within this post, so please sign up so that any future announcements will be received quickly and efficiently. Please also use Remind if you need to contact me or email me at I look forward to a great year!


Brandon Lytle

Floyd Middle School

Room 118

Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year to everyone!

It will be good to get back into the swing of things starting Thursday, January 4th, 2018. We are finished with all GAA and now is the time to really work hard on reading and writing skills. We will continue to focus on Science and Social Studies through reading and writing but with additional time we will have the ability to go into further depth with each of the topics and even complete several experiments throughout quarter 3 and 4. Report cards and IEP progress reports will be coming home very soon. Below you will find the link for Floyd Panther Newsletter. I hope everyone is staying as warm as possible and I look forward to seeing all students on Thursday!


Brandon Lytle


f Press 2nd Qtr 17-18.pdf

Halfway finished with Q2

Hello parents, families and guardians,

Please be aware that students will not have school during the week of 11/20 – 11/24 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. We are continuing to work through the Georgia Alternate Assessments. After the break, we will have about 3 1/2 weeks of school before the end of Q2! Time is flying by so it is very important that students focus harder than ever before.


Students should be bringing homework home on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

The END (of 1st quarter) is near….

Hello parents and guardians,

We are getting very close to the end of the first quarter of the 2017-2018 school year. You should be expecting grade reports coming home in October as well as IEP progress reports. Conference week is also quickly approaching so please look for that information in your student’s communication notebooks.

Each and every night students should be showing you their communication notebook. I know that the note home is typically very similar but there is often at least one piece of information that is new and relevant to the next school day or week. This communication notebook also has each student’s morning work which includes the math, writing and vocabulary work that we complete on a daily basis.


No school next week (September 25 – September 29) due to Fall Break


Have a safe and enjoyable break! I hope you will use this extra time with your student to practice reading, math and all of the wonderful skills that are needed for the rest of the school year!



Brandon Lytle