November 17

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope everyone has a restful week!  

If you have not finished your Living Bio Poster keep in mind that it is due Wednesday, Nov. 29th.

Presentations will be on Friday, Dec. 1st.  Our time (Rountree and Brandon) is 10 -11 that day in the Learning Commons.  Parents are welcome to attend and take part!

November 6

Important Dates to Remember

Tuesday 11/7 – Students off for Election Day

Friday 11/10 – Science Test / Spelling Test / STEM

Friday 11/10 – Relay for Life Hat Day $1 donation

Tuesday 11/14 – 2nd and 5th Grade Feast Day

Mrs. Brandon’s Time – 11:20 – 12

Mrs. Rountree’s Time – 12 – 12:40

Wednesday 11/15 – 1st and 3rd Grade Feast Day – we have sack lunches

Thursday 11/16 – K and 4th Grade Feast Day – we have sack lunches

Friday 11/17 – Field Trip!!!  Progress Reports

Monday 11/20 – Friday 11/24 – Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday 11/29 – Living Bio Posters Due

Friday 12/1 – Living Bio Museum Day




October 26

Living Bio Museum

For the next two weeks we will be working on an informational writing piece in school.  I am sending a Poster Project home with the kids next week that accompanies this writing.  The students will pick a famous historical figure to research.  To culminate the project, we will have a Living Bio Museum Day on Friday, December 1st.  

Everything is explained in the directions I am sending home.  I have also added a page on the right of the blog titled “Living Bio” that contains pictures of previous year’s posters.  Hope it helps!

Tomorrow, 10/27, I am sending home a choice sheet for the kids to use to pick which historical figures they are most interested in.  When I receive these back, I will assign your child’s person to research and send home the poster directions. Their choices are due by next Weds. 11/1.   ALL of the research/writing will be completed at school.  The poster part is to be completed AT HOME!


11/1 – choice of person to research due

11/29 – completed poster due

12/1 – Museum Day (Parents will be invited!  Times to be determined later)


October 23

News 10/23


If you haven’t turned in your Field Trip Permission…. PLEASE DO SO ASAP. We need to go ahead and order our 5th grade shirts.

Conference Week Note:

We had a wonderful time speaking with each of your last week at conferences! Thank you so much for putting such great value into your child’s education and taking time to meet with us.

Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 25th (Wed.) – STEM LAB

Oct. 3oth (Mon.) – STEM LAB

Nov. 4th (Sat.) – Frey Day on a Saturday  …. Sign up to help spruce up our school grounds.

The fourth annual Frey Day on a Saturday clean-up day will be November 4th from 8:00-11:30 A.M. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. We hope to have an abundance of volunteers to help beautify our school campus. Please click the link below to sign-up. Thank you for AIMing HIGH!



Please make sure to sign your child’s agenda EACH night and the FLAMES card each weekend. There are many students not getting them signed and they are losing letters on their card due to responsibility. They should be coming to you… (wink, wink)

Also, we are already starting to put grades in for QTR 2…. Please be sure to monitor as there are already zeroes being entered for missing assignments. With 47 students, it is challenging to make sure all students are turning in their work. We try our best with reminders and even additional copies, but your help is needed. If your child is absent, they need to make sure to come to us for work missed. Thanks for your support on this as we get them ready for what’s to come next year in  middle school.


What are we learning?

Math – We are in the middle of our decimal unit. This week we will be practicing multiplying and dividing by powers of 10 along with adding/subtracting decimals.  We will be back on our normal schedule with meeting in math groups, working on independent skills, and our Taco Truck Problem Based Learning project.  Be on the look out on Seesaw for updates from your child on this.

Science – This week starts a new science unit on Chemical & Physical Changes. There will be many hands-on labs, notebooking, and writing in this unit. With each lab, students will be required to write a CER (Claim, Evidence, & Reasoning) summary. Much of what we do will be documented on Seesaw.







October 3

News 10/2

Friday 10/5 – Fall Festival!!!

Thursday 10/12 – Early Release Day

Monday 10/16 – Friday 10/20 – Conference Week and Early Dismissal

Reading – We are beginning a new novel, Esperanza Rising . We will typically read a chapter each day and discuss key passages in class. Students will revisit, analyze, and discuss many key passages from the text to enforce our Learning Targets.

In the next two weeks, our Learning Targets are:

  • I can define historical fiction.
  • I can describe the geographical and historical settings of Esperanza Rising.
  • I can discuss answers to questions with my triad and provide evidence to explain my ideas.
  • I can answer questions about the main character, Esperanza, based on evidence from the text.

Our new read aloud text is a historical fiction text about the Civil War called Behind Rebel Lines by Seymour Reit.  It chronicles the true life stories of Emma Edmonds.


Spelling – Our new list focuses on the prefixes un- and dis-.  Our unit test will be on Friday, 10/13.

Writing – We are working to publish our choice piece of narrative writing.  We will focus on developing the heart of the story and incorporating engaging hooks/leads and ending with strong conclusions.

Math– We are beginning our unit on Decimals. This week and next week, we will work on place value, comparing, and ordering decimals. This will be followed in the coming weeks with adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing decimals. You should start to see more skills being spiraled on the homework as we add more standards in class.  FYI….. I will show how to multiply decimals using visual models, but we also do standard algorithm of it just like we did in school growing up. We only divide decimals using visual models and very easy numbers for those….ex)  2.4 divided by 4

****QUIZ ALERT****  Continue to help your child practice standard algorithm of division & multiplication (the way we were taught in school) as I will be periodically quizzing them on that to check for progress. I introduced traditional division before break….. Wooohooo! I know you’ll love that!

Social Studies – We’ve just ended the Civil War and Reconstruction era and are moving on to our Government/Civics unit. We will not have a formal test over the Civil War. Our new unit begins with civic rights/responsibilities of US citizens, due process of law, and the amendment process of the Constitution. Because this is a very “heavy” unit, students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities to bring it to life. Government tends to be the unit students struggle the most with. There will be a test over this unit and a study guide will come home. ***A text will go out when the date of the test is exactly. It’ll probably be during conference week. Students will be sharing on Seesaw during this unit, so I encourage you to be connected if you aren’t already. I may be taking them as an informal assessment.

September 18

News 9/17


**Please keep in mind that Fall Break is coming up. We really do teach all the way through Friday. (It’s not like when we were all kids. LOL!) Any work missed will need to be made up.

  • IOWA TESTING continues Monday-Tuesday with make up testing Wednesday.
  • Normal Schedule Wednesday – Friday
  • Ident-A-Kid Pics are Wednesday (forms went home)
  • Friday is Relay For Life PINK OUT for $1
  • FALL BREAK 25th – 29th 

What are we learning?

ELA – We are finishing Wonder with student book talks. In writing students will work to finish their first narrative rough drafts.


Math – Students will continue Algebra standards with Reading and Writing Expressions. We will review both solving with Order of Operations and Reading/Writing Expressions and I will give a quick check at the end of the week. If you are ever curious about what we are doing in math, ask your child for their math journal. Another great place is Seesaw as students should post at least once a week if we are running a normal schedule.

**Math Homework will come home Tuesday-Thursday. You will start to see skills spiraled as we cover more concepts in class. This is important for students to review, practice, and/or master these standards. 

Social Studies – We will continue to cover the causes of the Civil War, Civil War Battles, and then move on to Reconstruction (life after the Civil War). All standards are glued in their journal to view. We will not have a huge test on this unit but rather give quick checks or quizzes  along the way. This week we will cover the major Civil War Battles.

September 5


Friday Night on the back field!!!

Fall Break week of 9/25 – 9/29



IOWA TESTING SCHEDULE 9/11 – 9/14 – No homework this week!!!

We begin testing promptly at 8 am.  Please be on time.  Dress comfortably and eat a good breakfast.  We will have the same lunch time but our specials will be from 12:25 – 1:10.

Monday, September 11: Reading and vocabulary

Tuesday, September 12: Written expression, spelling, capitalization, punctuation

Wednesday, September 13 : Math and computation

Thursday, September 14: Science and Social Studies


READING:  We will work on comparing characters this week and determining the theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text, including how characters in a story or drama respond to challenges.  We will be contrasting main idea and theme.

WRITING:  We are working on using concrete terms and descriptions in our narrative text.  Hopefully by the end of this week, we will begin doing some rough drafts of our chosen narrative ideas.

SPELLING:  We will test our spelling unit this Friday.  There will be no new unit next week due to Iowa Testing.  We will do a review the week before Fall Break of our roots so far and of nouns.

MATH:  We will begin using order of operations to solve equations.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We are starting our unit on the Civil War this week.  There will not be a test over this unit due to testing and Fall Break quickly approaching!