April 24

Field Trip Details

Today a note was sent home with details of our Stone Mountain Trip. Please sign and return the bottom of 2nd page by Friday. If you have any questions, please let us know. The same note is posted below as well. Chaperone specifics will be given out next week. Thanks.


April 24

NEWS 4/24

Dear Families,

 Our wonderful PTSA is offering school supply kits for the next school year! Check out the attached flyer for all the details! Thank you in advance for your support of our PTSA and our school! We are posting this just in case our kiddos have younger siblings attending Frey next year. We do not know what Durham, McClure, or Awtrey does for supplies. Please make sure you check with them. 



March 30

Testing begins on Tuesday, April 10th.  Please be sure to be at school early.  We will begin testing promptly at 8am.  Get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast. Dress comfortably.

We will have lunch around noon each day and our specials will be 1:10 – 1:50.  This alternate schedule will be for the entire two weeks.

There will be no homework during testing.  We are sending home a Random Acts of Kindness activity to be used a “ticket” to a “Wonder”ful treat on Friday the 20th.

We will also be sending home an information packet on Monday after Spring Break.  This packet outlines all of our planned activities until the end of the year.  Please sign and return the cover sheet.  Links will be placed on the side of the blog.



March 11

News 3/12


3/5 -16th  STEM CAMPAIGN

3/14 EARLY RELEASE Day & End of 3rd QTR

3/21 Report Cards 3rd QTR come home

3/23 Spring Picture Day & Spelling Test

4/2 – 6th – SPRING BREAK

4/10 – 4/17 GA MILESTONE TESTING (See schedule below.)



**We are in the 2nd week of our  STEM Campaign and WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. Remember that every time your child picks up an iPad, laptop, or goes to the STEM LAB that it is because of the Frey Foundation. Cobb County Schools DO NOT provide those for us. 🙂 Donations are super easy and can be done online at  by clicking on  https://freyfdtn.wordpress.com/donate-online

**If your child is going to Awtrey or McClure, they need to return the permission slip sent by Mr. Wilson so that they can ride the bus for those middle school preview days. Without the permission they cannot tour the school.
glitter maker
Math – We will dive into Dividing Unit Fractions. We focus A LOT on visual models for this standard and try our best to connect it to the algorithm of “Keep, Change, Flip”.  Watch this video to get an idea of the models we will use. These models are most definitely on the Milestone so they NEED to know these. 🙂

Social Studies – We are finishing up WWII and moving on to review our Electricity unit that was taught in STEM Lab.  Students will review static electricity, circuits, and electromagnets.

Reading – We are continuing the science fiction novel, City of Ember, as a review of our fiction language arts standards.  We will also be reviewing Social Studies standards covering the civil rights movement.  This will help review our nonfiction standards and help cover some extra curriculum!

Our homework this week is also covering some Social Studies standards for the Cold War.  I challenged students to earn next week off from homework by doing their best work this week and having all work done on time!

Language Arts – Spelling test on suffixes will be the Friday before Spring Break.  We are continuing to review the many uses of commas.



March 4

News March 4th


3/5 – EGG DROP (We will put the egg in.) This take place of specials.

3/6 – Students will go to their “Monday” specials on Tuesday since they missed it due to Egg Drop.

3/9 – Spelling Test

3/5 -16th  STEM CAMPAIGN


3/21 Report Cards 3rd QTR come home

3/23 Spring Picture Day

4/2 – 6th – SPRING BREAK


**Our STEM Campaign is underway and we are really needing your help. Donations are super easy and can be done online at  by clicking on  https://freyfdtn.wordpress.com/donate-online/

**With only 4 weeks left until Spring Break, we ask that tardies and absences be as minimal as possible.  This is the hardest time for students to miss and make up work as we are nearing testing.  Please make sure your child is doing their homework. In math, the homework is spiraling concepts to help students keep past skills as fresh as possible. We are nearing the end of our Fractions unit which is 60%  of their math milestone.   Students are doing great, but we are about to dive into problem solving. This is where it can get confusing as students are having to determine the correct fraction operation to use. You will begin to see more word problems on the math homework to help with this. USA Test Prep is a great place to have your child review the fraction standards. In Reading, our homework is serving the dual purpose of reviewing reading and writing standards and reviewing Social Studies content.

**On different note, please help us as we are having quite a bit of drama between the students that is taking away from teaching and their class time to complete work. This is typical of this time of year and their age. Students are not allowed to just go see the counselor. He may be in meetings & doing class guidance lessons and is not in his office. They must fill out a form with the issue, check off the strategies they’ve tried, and then the classroom teacher will determine if it is time to see the counselor. If they need the counselor, he will come see them during recess or another non-academic time. Thank you for your support in this. 

**If your child is going to Awtrey or McClure, they need to return the permission slip sent by Mr. Wilson so that they can ride the bus for those middle school preview days. Without the permission they cannot tour the school.
glitter maker
Math We are finishing up multiplying fractions and will dive into dividing fractions. The algorithm is not difficult, but putting them into real world problem solving can be tricky. We will spend A LOT of time in problem solving these next couple of weeks.

Social Studies – We’ve finally made it to WWII! Students will learn the events that led to WWII, the Axis Powers/Allied Powers, and major events during that war. We do talk about the Holocaust, but only show age appropriate content as it can be quite disturbing. Remember, we teach 5th… so we are very cautious about what we show when it comes to this subject matter. There will be a quick quiz at the end of the week (open notebook) on WWII.

Reading – We are using the science fiction novel, City of Ember, the review all of our fiction language arts standards.  In small groups, we are focusing on tackling paired passages and how to write a constructed response.

Language Arts – Spelling test on homophones this Friday.  We are continuing to write opinion pieces and will be reviewing the many uses of commas.

February 26

NEWS 2/26

March 1st – STEM NIGHT! Don’t miss it!

March 5th Great Egg Drop STEM KICK OFF

March 3rd – Addition/Subtraction Fraction Quiz (Practice quiz below this post.)

April 2nd – 6th –  SPRING BREAK



Math – This week we will start multiplying fractions and really dive into problem solving with this. The algorithm is very easy, but figuring out when to use this operation when presented a word problem often confuses kids. We are also continuing to work on the Project Based Learning activity “Volume City”.  I am giving a fraction quiz Friday, March 2nd. Please see the practice quiz below this post.

Social Studies – We will finish up the Great Depression and move on the The New Deal Programs  & FDR.