February 13

Practice Quiz for Fractions

There will be a quiz on adding/subtracting unlike fractions this Thursday. The following worksheet is a practice quiz your child can complete if they want extra practice. It is OPTIONAL as I know they already have homework for math this week.  The answers are also attached at the end of the document.


February 11

News 2/12

Feb. 14th – Valentine Exchange with homeroom class only. It will be the last 30 min. of the day. We will provide bags to decorate so no need to send in boxes. Your child only needs to sign their name to Valentine. They do not need to fill out the “To…” section.

Feb. 15th – JUMP ROPE FOR HEART (during PE)


Feb. 16th – Spelling Test

Feb . 19th-23rd…. WINTER BREAK (NO SCHOOL)

March 1st – STEM NIGHT

Math – We are continuing adding/subtracting unlike fractions both in isolation and within word problems. There will be a quiz on this skill Thursday.

Here is a simple video to explain the way I am teaching it in class. I show them the vertical way of setting it up so they can relate it to equivalent fractions.

*Feel free to also look in your child’s math journal to see the many examples we’ve done in class. I am not expecting them to simplify their answers quite yet. However, I have introduced that skill. After the break we will move into multiplying fractions

Image result for mini metropolis volume               Students are also working on their new math project. The Mini-Metropolis project will help students put their volume, decimal, and artistic skills to work as students draw their buildings, determine their volume, calculate the prices per cubic unit, and make real world connections.



Social Studies – We are continuing our study of Post WWI and will be moving into the Dust Bowl & The Great Depression. Students take many cloze notes on these topics as well as analyze newspaper type articles to gain a foundation of the causes of these events.

Reading – We are finishing our novel The Fear Place this week.  We have been working on summarizing, visualizing, vocabulary, and mood and tone. We will not do a test for this novel, we will be doing an in class project on Thurs. and Friday.

Small groups are working on reviewing nonfiction text structures.

We also have a new homework format.  The test for the next few weeks will focus on new and old Social Studies content.

Spelling/Grammar – We will have a spelling test on Fri. 2/16.  We are focusing in on vocabulary in context with this unit.


February 3

News 2/5

Important Dates:

Feb. 6th – Cell/Microorganism Test (Study Guide came home 1/31)

Feb. 9th – Measurement/Geometry Test (Study Guide will be their homework this week.)

Feb. 9th – Progress Reports go home & STEM LAB (Electricity Unit)

Feb. 14th – Valentine Exchange with homeroom class only. It will be the last 30 min. of the day. We will provide bags to decorate so no need to send in boxes. Your child only needs to sign their name to Valentine. They do not need to fill out the “To…” section.


Feb. 16th – JUMP ROPE FOR HEART (during PE)

Feb . 19th-23rd…. WINTER BREAK (NO SCHOOL)

March 1st – STEM NIGHT


Math – We begin our last math unit for the year… FRACTIONS! It will last through April. Buckle up, because we are diving into adding/subtracting fractions for the next couple of weeks through manipulatives, model drawing, and problem solving. We will also review going from proper to improper and reverse as well as how to simplify a fraction. Yes… we do it the way we all learned it. The only thing different may be the model drawing. The algorithm is the same. We also take our Measurement/Geometry test on Friday. Please make sure to go over the study guide with your child as they complete it for homework. No spiral homework this week.

Social Studies – We started our WWI unit last week and will continue that. Students will learn what event led to US involvement, central powers and allied powers.

Science – Students will take their Cells/Microorganism test Tuesday. A study guide was sent home last Wednesday.

February 1

News 2/1

Important Dates:

Feb. 2nd – Math Spiral Skills Quiz (based on hmk)

Feb. 6th – Cell/Microorganism Test (Study Guide came home 1/31)

Feb. 9th – Measurement/Geometry Test (Study Guide will be their homework that week.)

Feb. 9th – STEM LAB


Feb. 16th – JUMPROPE FOR HEART (during PE)

REMINDER: Math Homework is always posted on the math page of this blog & Reading homework is always given out on Fridays and is due the next Friday. If your child is absent, please remind them to ask for their make-up work or any homework. 


Math – This week we are finishing up our Volume standards with our focus being composite volume with/without unit cubes. Next week, we are diving into our LAST UNIT OF THE YEAR…..FRACTIONS.  Yes… the next 7 weeks will be fractions. Knowing their multiplication facts is key to being successful in this unit.  Students need to be able to find Least Common Denominators, Greatest Common Multiple, &simplify/reduce EVERY answer. This is a struggle if they are weak in their facts.

Science – We just finished up our Cells/Microorganism Unit. The test is Feb. 6th.

Social Studies – We are starting our WWI unit. Our standards only dive into the events that lead to  U.S.  involvement in WWI, allied/axis powers. We do not dive deep like middle and high school. 😉

January 21

News 1/22

Well. we can’t believe we were only in school ONE day last week! We’ve lost a lot of instructional time for sure. Students need to be ready to buckle up and stay focused so we can get back on track. We wanted to thank all of the Parents who encouraged their child to get on and do the online math lessons for Mrs. Rountree.  It was  AMAZING to see and comment back to students as they completed the lessons.  


Jan 22nd – Spelling Test & Spiral Math quiz retakes

Jan 23rd – 5th Grade Social Media Workshop for students and parents 8:00 am! DON’T MISS IT.

Jan. 25th – Science Fair (but projects can be turned in now.)


Math – We will finish up 2D shapes & hierarchy… quiz on Tuesday. We are moving onto Volume this week. We start off with volume as cubic units (counting literal cubes) and then bridge the learning to base x height followed by the formula LxWxH.

Science – We will continue to explore organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

ELA – Mrs. Brandon is out due to her daughter having the flu! She will update soon. We hope Semmie feels better soon. This stuff is yucky!


January 18

SNOW DAY Math Lesson

So… with 33 out of 49 parents wanting an online lesson… THEY WIN! Yay! Now, my family will be happy since I don’t have to teach math to them today! LOL.

If your child is named Ethan or Julia… please make sure to put their last initial in the username. I have lots of those kiddos.


  1. Once logged in you will see the lesson I assigned at the top of your page.
  2. Once on the lesson, just simply go through it IN ORDER.
  3. There are instructional videos.
  4. Students are required to take notes in math journal for proof they watched the videos and did the lesson.
  5. Answer ALL questions that follow the videos and note sheets.
  6. I will literally see ALL ANSWERS COMING TO ME IN REAL TIME ON MY COMPUTER. So cool!

Any question, text me through Remind….  ~Mrs. Rountree


January 16

News 1/16

1/16  Science Quiz on Cells & Symphony Field Trip ..dress nice.(10:45-2:00)

1/19 DEADLINE to buy an add for your child in the yearbook. See last post for details.

1/19 Spelling Test & FREY SCIENCE FAIR ( Extra credit for entering Science Fair!)

1/23 – Social Media & Your Children Presentation 8AM in the cafeteria



Math – We’ve wrapped up metric/customary conversions. However, you will still see it on homework to review.  We will wrap up 2D figures this week. Students will practice the hierarchy of shapes… seems easy but can be quite difficult given the way it is asked in problem solving.

  • Please make sure your child understands their homework. I am giving spiral quizzes on what is on the homework. Many of the skills are skills we’ve worked on all year and I’m still seeing a lot of careless mistakes… Ex) decimal placement, lining up decimals when adding….

FYI… We are working on multistep word problems each day in class. Much of the Milestone is problem solving and mostly multistep. You may not always see what we do in class come home, as much of it is in journals. 😉

****Measurement standards will continue through end of January. The month of February/March will all be dedicated to Fractions with is the BIGGEST PART of the Milestone. Yes… it is the way we all learned it back in our school days. (Yay!)

Science – We are in the middle of our Life Science unit. We are wrapping up cells with a quiz, but also with students making a model in STEM LAB. We will then move on to learning about bacteria/viruses.

This song has been a favorite in class! Cell Parts Rap Song

January 4

We are back to regular homework.  Students will have homework nightly for reading and math.  Their homework should be in their binders daily to be checked/reviewed in class.

The following is the link from our PTSA website to purchase a yearbook.


Enter code 18885.  You may buy a yearbook ad for your child here as well.  Deadline in 1/19!

1/9 – Spelling Bee 8AM  Good Luck to Caroline, Gabe, Kaitlin and Anna Claire!

1/16 – Performing Arts Field Trip to Lassiter HS to see the Atlanta Symphony (no chaperones)

1/19 – Spelling Test

1/23 – Social Media & Your Children Presentation 8AM in the cafeteria

READING – We are working on how to analyze visual and multimedia elements to decide how they contribute to the meaning, tone, or beauty of a text.  The classes will learn and practice this new skill using video clips, poetry, music and text.  We will be making “mood rings” in class and viewing video clips from some movie favorites like Frozen and Mary Poppins!

We will begin reading the text Fear Place as well.  This text will help us with mood and tone.  We will also focus on visualizations created from the narrator’s point of view.  It is an exciting read!

SPELLING – Next list will be given out on Friday.  The test over this list will be on Friday, 1/19.  This is a difficult list using the roots phobia, mono, auto and tract.

GRAMMAR/WRITING – Our focus for the next two weeks will be on prepositions.


December 1

Decimal Unit Test – Friday, 12/8  Study Guide will be homework next week

Spelling Test – Friday 12/8

Ugly Sweater Day – Friday, December 15th!!  Wear or create your own ugly holiday sweater to culminate our work in math and ELA

Class Parties – Tuesday, December 19th   8:30 – 9:30

Polar Express Day – Wear PJ’s for Relay for Life

Spelling – test on Friday, 12/8.  Be sure to know the meanings of the vocabulary words.  Pay attention because they have multiple meanings

Writing – We will be writing persuasive letters to our two choice colleges.  We will mail these off over the break and hopefully receive responses when we return.

Reading – Our focus is on figurative language.  We will be creating and describing Ugly Sweaters to apply our knowledge of similes, metaphors, idioms, personification, alliteration and onomatopoeia.

Math – We are finishing up our decimal unit and taking a test on Friday 12/8. We will review from the study guide they bring home. They must bring it back to class each day to review. They will do about 5 problems a night. Their agenda should have it written each night.

             We will also start a new unit on “Measurement”… learning to calculate metric and                        customary measurements. This piggy backs well with our powers of ten standard! 


Social Studies – We are continuing our unit “America Turn of the Century” with learning about the contributions of different famous Americans… (AKA the bio projects)… as well as learning about how William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt expanded America’s role in the world; Spanish American War & Panama Canal. This unit will end with Immigration…. learning why people immigrated to the US and where they settled.