Test Study Resources

Here are resources for the test tomorrow

Quizlet 1


Quizlet 2


Quizziz- https://join.quizizz.com with the game codes: 723062, 530566

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Test on 11/8

Students will be taking the Europe History Test on 11/8.

Students will receive a study guide to help study for the Test

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Week of 10/30-11/3

Students this week have been learning about the Cold War

An extra PowerPoint will be put on Edmodo for any students who need additional support

Students have also done a Simulation on the Treaty of Versallies

They will be presenting a speech next week.


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Week of 10/23-10/27

This week, students will be working on the Rise of Nazism and the Holocaust.

We also will be retaking the Rise of Communism and Treaty of Versailles quiz.

Here are some videos to watch on Russian Revolution, Treaty of Versailles, Rise of Nazism and the Holocaust.

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Rise of Communism

Here is the information from the PPT.

Pre-Revolution Russia

Only true Autocracy in Europe

Nicolas II, Last czar of Russia

Believed he was chosen by God.

Russia’s Serfs

Very Poor (serfs)

Working long hours = small log hut, a tiny piece of land, and a few animals.

Pay Taxes

Resist and be beaten

Bloody Sunday

Lost war with Japan

Angered many serfs and workers

Marched on the Winter Palace to ask Czar Nicholas for reforms

Palace troops shot people in the crowd

        More riots began to occur after this…

The effects of WWI

1914: Russia entered World War I and did not do well

Millions were killed, wounded, or missing,

People suffered severe food shortages,

Soldiers did not have enough clothes, shoes, or weapons.

The effects of WWI

Czar ignored the signs that people were unhappy

He was seen as a weak and remote

He did not see that changes were needed in the way that his country was run

Communsim in Russia

Early 1917—there were riots in the streets

Women, factory workers, and farmers demanded a change!

Citzens outnumber the police & the military could not keep the peace

Czar Nicholas was forced to give up his throne, and a weak government took over

Czar & his family were captured


        1917: Vladimir Lenin pushed the weak government aside and Communists took       control of Russia

Czar Nicholas & his family were executed

       1922: Lenin reorganized the country and named it the Soviet Union

Joined Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, & Ukraine

Why Communism

A theory that says the government should own the farms and factories for the benefit of all the citizens

Everyone should share the work equally and receive an equal share of the rewards

Appealed greatly to many Russians (split between rich and poor)

Lenin promised that communism would bring fairness and equality to ALL Russians…

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Test on Friday 10-6

Students will be taking a test on Friday over Human and Physical Geography. This will be a similar to the test taken before the break however it will includes portion of Human Geography i.e. Religion and Languages.

In order to study for the test, Students may use the following codes on Quizizz https://quizizz.com/join/ (536737, 733626, 427260, 518888.)

Students are also working on an project in class choosing one task to complete from a choice board. If students do not finish in class it is expected to be completed for homework by Friday.

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Welcome Back from the break

Welcome back from the break. Hopefully everyone is well rested. This week we are covering Human Geography. This includes languages and religions of Europe. Students are expected to be able to identify the three religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Students will also be able to explain the differences in languages and how that effects the culture in Europe.

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Test on Thursday

Students will have a test on Geography on Thursday

There is a great resource with Quizizz. The link for the game is https://quizizz.com/join/. The game code is 672070

A second game is up as well with the code 725462. This is map only

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Constitution Day 2017

Happy Constitution Day everyone. If students did not finish the activity in class today here is a link to the PowerPoint.

Constitution Day 2017-2bu2klm

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I will be holding tutoring hours in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please be at the school by 8:15. Students should be dropped off at the bus depot.

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