Test Tomorrow on Canada

We have a Test tomorrow on Canada

Here are some quizizz for class today to review


Game Codes:





You will also have the option to play Kahoot with the class.

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History of Canada

Today you will learn about the history of Canada. You will have 3 options to chose from

Option 1: Use → 6th grade_Canada History Instructional PowerPoint to complete → History of Canada Graphic Organizer.

Option 2: You may work with me and/or Ms. Seabrooks

Option 3:  Complete the cloze notes (Get from Mr. Ball) by using →Quebec Independence Movement

Don’t forget Environmental Issues Project is due Next Tuesday

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Environmental Issues Project is due Tuesday

Choice Board Project for E.I of Canada is due next Tuesday 2/13.

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Tiered Task on Australia will be due on Thursday

Tiered Task on Australia will be due on Thursday 2/1. Make sure you turn it in during the beginning of class.

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All Modules on Australia was due on 1/29

All Modules were due yesterday on 1/29. Make sure they have been turned in

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Take the Assesment

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Module 1-4 on Australia

Module 1: Australia Maps/location

Standards: SS6G11 Locate selected features of Australia.
a. Locate on a world and regional political-physical map: the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea,
Uluru/Ayers Rock, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Great Dividing Range, and Great Victoria

Use this →Australia Physical Features PPT to complete →Australia_physical_features graphic organizer


Online map practice (Australia)

You must score at least 70% on this assessment →  Assessment (Module 1) before moving on to the next moving on to the next module.

Module 2: Australia Climate, Location, Natural Resources & Population distribution

Standards: SS6G12 Explain the impact of location, climate, distribution of natural resources, and
population distribution on Australia.
a. Describe how Australia’s location, climate, and natural resources impact trade and affect
where people live.

Use the maps below to respond to the following questions:

1. Where is Australia Located and who may the main trade partner be?

2. Where do most of the people in Australia Live?

3. What is the climate like in Australia?

4. Where are most of the natural resources found in Australia?

Make inferences about Location, People, Climate and natural resources –

5. Why do the people live where they live in Australia?

6. How does location, climate, population, and natural resources affect trade in Australia?



Australia_location_climate_natural_resources (PPT)



Summarizer (Example)

Task Option 1: Alexanders Move to Australia Travel Brochure

Task Option 2: You will create four postcards to be sent home from your visit to Australia.
On each postcard you will include pictures of the location, a description of the location,
climate, natural resources, population, and animals found in this region. You may use
Glogster, Prezi, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Publisher to complete this activity.
Post cards will include the following locations:
1) Australia’s Great Barrier Reef,
2) The Coral Sea,
3) Ayers Rock/Australian Outback
4) The Great Victoria Desert.
Additional Web links:

You must score at least 70% on this assessment →  Module 2 Assessment before moving on to the next moving on to the next module.

Module 3 Australia History

Standards: SS6H4 Explain the impact of English colonization on current Aboriginal basic rights,
health, literacy, and language.

Module 4 Australia Government & Economics


SS6CG4 Explain forms of citizen participation in government.
a. Explain citizen participation in democratic governments [i.e. the role of citizens in
choosing the leaders of Australia (parliamentary democracy)].

SS6E10 Analyze different economic systems.
a. Compare how traditional, command, and market economies answer the economic questions
of 1-what to produce, 2-how to produce, and 3-for whom to produce.
b. Explain that countries have a mixed economic system located on a continuum between pure
market and pure command.
c. Describe the economic system used in Australia.
SS6E11 Give examples of how voluntary trade benefits buyers and sellers in Australia.
a. Explain how specialization makes trade possible between countries.
b. Compare and contrast different types of trade barriers, such as tariffs, quotas, and

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Welcome back for Quarter 3

Welcome Back Students and Parents,

Students last week should have finished and turned in a country shape project. Students were expected to research a country in Europe and create a booklet in the shape of that country.

Students were given at least three day in class to work and create the booklet. It is the first big project grade for this semester.

Students will now be moving on to Australia. We will be taking a Pretest on 1/16 and starting the Geography of Australia the next day. I will be posting various sites and resources to help study for Australia.

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Quiz Tomorrow 12/13

Study the EU and Growth Factors for the Quiz Tomorrow

Look at the

The EU

Trade Barriers-Quota, Embargo, Tariff


Human Capitol

Physical Capitol

Literacy Rates and Standard of Living



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Shark Tank Paragraph Assignment

Don’t Forget to work on the Shark Tank assignment

Here are the videos for the assignment

Also we will be having a Quiz Tomorrow 12/13

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