Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break:

Monday Nov. 27: All Infinitives verbs. This is the Link to the Power Power presentation: All infinitives-1io07lg  (Please study them and memorize their meanings).

Tuesday Nov. 28: Computer Lab – Start Power Point for Presentation “How is your school day” in the Target Language on Dec. 7 & 8 for 8th Graders / Review through educational games (Greetings/Cognates/Body Parts/Days, Months and Seasons/Verb SER (to be-1) for 7th Graders.

Wednesday Nov 29: Computer Lab – Continue and revision of the  Power Point for Presentation “How is your school day” in the Target Language on Dec. 7 & 8 for 8th Graders / Review through educational games (Colors/Shapes/Verb Gustar (to like+ inf.)/Emotions/Weather/ for 7th Graders.

Thursday Nov. 30: video “FOTONOVELA” and translate the Fotonovela episodes on Page 44 after reading them by groups, review School subjects (materias), Timetable (horario), verb “TOMAR” (to take), for 8th Graders. For 7th Graders: Review Classroom Objects.

Friday Dec. 1: For  8th Graders: The Project’s Rough Draft sheet is due today,  I  was assigned homework (Tarea) for the Thanksgiving break.For 7th Graders, we   are going to use educational games to practice lessons topics for the final test on December 12 or 15 (this dates are tentative). Confirmation will be sent that week.


Nov. 13 – 17

Next week break: HAPPY THANKSGIVING / Felíz Día de Acción de Gracias

This week we are going to study about School life, classroom objects and subjects.

MONDAY 13:  Practice more AR verbs.

TUESDAY 14: How to form Questions in Spanish.

WEDNESDAY 15: Computer Lab to practice and assessments through

THURSDAY 16: Verb Gustar / Read “La Escuela Secundaria”

FRIDAY 17 : QUIZ for 8th Graders (AR verbs conjugation)

Week Oct. 30 – Nov. 3, 2017

We are to start Lesson 2 of DESCUBRE 1 Book. You already received the Vocabulary list of this Lesson the past week.

MONDAY  10/30: Infinitive Verbs

TUESDAY 10/31:  8th Graders: no Spanish / 7th Graders: How to create an Account in (Book) and access Assessments and Activities for practice. (Computer Lab)

WEDNESDAY 11/01: 8th Graders: no Spanish / 7th Graders Computer Lab practice vocabulary with Spanish Games.

THURSDAY 11/02: Practice Lesson 1 & 2

FRIDAY 11/03: Celebration “Day of the Dead”.  A relevant and engaging cultural activity that support the student’s learning standards. A tradition of Mexico and other countries in the World.

Week October 23- 27, 2017


We have finished officially the 1st Lesson, though we have seen topics of Lesson 2 and 3. Please study and practice all material we have seen so far since we have a Quiz on Friday October 27.

MONDAY 23: Infinitive verbs that end in “AR” / Ej: hablar (to speak)

TUESDAY 24: Infinitive verbs that end in “ER” / Ej. comer (to eat)

WEDNESDAY 25: Infinitive verbs that end in “IR” / Ej. ir (to go)

THURSDAY 26: Review topics Lessons 1, 2&3 for the Quiz (Videos and Power Points)

FRIDAY 27: Quiz Lesson 1 and part of Lesson 2 & 3.

By the way, 8th Graders, check assessments and activities I assigned to PRACTICE on for this weekend, and the following two more.

Hasta mañana,

Señora Téllez.


Week Oct. 16 – 20

Conference Week

Mrs. Tellez will be attending conferences to facilitate the interpretation and translations for the parents of students who don’t speak English. Anyhow, it will be Spanish class, held by a substitute, the topics are mainly review of Lesson 1, since we will have a Quiz soon after Conferences, and here is the schedule:

MONDAY 16: Using the DESCUBRE Book – Review sheet with vocabulary Lesson 1/Practice in groups Conversations related to greetings.

TUESDAY 17: Using the DESCUBRE Book – Dialogues / Conversations / Alphabet in Spanish Pronunciation and Examples.

WEDNESDAY 18: Using the DESCUBRE Book – Read the FOTONOVELA / Useful Expressions.

THURSDAY 19: Using the DESCUBRE Book – CULTURA: Greetings and kisses in the Hispanic Countries (Saludos & Besos en los Países Hispanos.

FRIDAY 20: Using the DESCUBRE Book – Reading and Activities to complete.

WEEK OCTOBER 9 – 13, 2017

MONDAY 9: Continue “Mi Biografia” Presentations

TUESDAY 10: Continue Presentations (8th Gr.) / El tiempo review for 7th Graders. Review verb SER (To Be) and Adjectives.

WEDNESDAY 11:  El tiempo review for 7th Graders. Review verb SER (To Be) and Adjectives (8th Graders). Computer Lab finish Power Point Presentation for 7th Graders.

THURSDAY 12:  Review Questions in Spanish and Expressions in the Classroom (8th Graders). Presentations (7th Graders).

FRIDAY 13:  GAMES: Bingo (numbers) / Kahoot (Adjectives) (8Th Graders). Continue Presentations (7th Graders)


¡ Bienvenidos de regreso a la Clase de Español !

Welcome Back to the Spanish Class.

I hope you all have a restful Fall break, and you worked some of the project. 🙂


  • MONDAY  2: Review Rough draft for the “Mi Biografía” project for 8th Graders / More adjectives & Me gusta (Ver GUSTAR=To like)
  • TUESDAY 3: Continue working in the Project with the Power Point in the Computer Lab.
  • WEDNESDAY 4: Finish Power Point (Mi Biografía -Project) in the Computer Lab.
  • THURSDAY 5: Presentations for 8th Graders / Review Rough draft for the “Mi Biografía” project for 7th Graders.
  • FRIDAY 6: Continue Presentations for 8th Graders / Review Power Points for 7th Graders.


Week 9/18-9/22

Monday 18 – Telling Time “LA HORA”

Model “Mi Biografía” project. How the Power Point will be presented orally

in the Target language.

Tuesday 19 – Adjectives

Wednesday 20 – Computer Lab /Start project.

Thursday 21 – Practice  Time/ Days, Months and Seasons activities.

Friday 22 – Games and activities to review lesson 1.

VERY IMPORTANT: Next week during the Fall break you need to prepare the Rough draft for the “Mi Biografía” project oral presentation.


Week September 11 – 15, 2017

I hope you all were safe after all this weekend with the Hurricane Irma and the storm.

The Grade Book from Synergy has some changes. We had a meeting last Friday September 8, with Ms. Miano, and we needed to make several changes. We are going to send again an updated Report to each student.

This week is short so all the Lesson Plans I made for this week, last week has been changed. I hope you all took the time to create the Account to practice the activities and assessments I assigned to you all for this weekend and Monday 9/11 and Tuesday 9/12.

WEDNESDAY 13:  Telling Time

THURSDAY 14: Adjectives

FRIDAY 15: Culture: Los Hispanos en NY and Montreal.

Please don’t forget that the account in is very important for practice the Spanish language using the DESCUBRE book. You got the Instructions!!

This week you must finalize creating this account. If you need help please let me know.