Week May 14 – 18

Almost done for the School year !!

8th Grade: We finished Oral Final Exam. Written Final Exam is May 16, 2018. We are going to review all topics of the 4 Units mainly the conjugation of Stem-changing verbs. By the end of the week we may finalize Unit 8 with Food vocabulary creating a Recipe or two in groups.

7th Grade: Final Exam is May 15. Monday we will review all topics for the Exam. Please study all in the Study Guide provided.



Week May 7-11

8th Graders: We start with the ORAL FINAL TEST Monday 7 and until we finish with the class. Once you finish with the Oral test you have to complete tasks as practice for the Unit 8 regarding FOOD. Also you will be practicing Conjugation of the Stem Changing Verbs for the Written Test on Monday May 15.

7th Graders: We will be reviewing all topics studied during this semester as of: Greetings, Nouns and Articles, Numbers 0-30 and Telling time. Also the verb SER (to be) Conjugation. The Final Test is May 15.

Week April 23-27

¡ Hola !

Spanish I – 8th Graders: This week we start Oral presentations “La Comunidad”. And at the end of the week we are reviewing and practicing in groups for  the Final Oral questions. Also we will try to start Unit 8 of Food.

7th Graders: We are continuing reviewing verb SER (To be). Using in sentences to describe themselves with descriptive adjectives.



Week April 16-20

¡ Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español!

8th Graders: This week we are going to continue learning new verbs and reviewing Stem changing verbs, Yo-Go verbs and more irregular verbs.

7th Graders: We are going to learn higher numbers in Spanish, verb SER (to be), and Friday we have another Quiz to review more of the Unit 2.



Week March 26-30

8th GRADE:  This week we are learning Stem-changing verbs. We have a Test Friday 30 on Pastimes with verb “iR” (to go). TEST on Pastimes and Verb “ir” is Thursday March 29, 2018.

7th GRADE: This week we are learning new vocabulary on Body parts, clothing and we have a Unit Test on Friday on Greetings, Numbers 0-30, Nouns and Articles and Telling Time. We have a Test of the entire Unit 1 on March 29 (Thursday).

Week: February 26 – March 2, 2018

¡Hola y bienvenidos de vuelta a la Escuela!  Hello & Welcome back to School!

  • This week we have oral presentations from Tuesday and probably until Thursday. Grade 8th is about “MI FAMILIA” and Grade 7th is about “MI BIOGRAFÍA”.
  • Monday for 8th Graders review of Yo-Go Verbs (TENER -to have/ VENIR- to come) conjugations. For 7th Graders review adjectives to practice for projects.
  • Friday for 8th Graders we are going to learn about families in other countries as Spain. For 7th Graders we are learning Animals.




Week Feb. 5 – 9

¡Buenas tardes clase!

This week in Spanish I, we will review more verbs in present tense, start with the Family Tree project, and have a Quiz on Friday 2/9 with verbs ending in AR, ER and IR in Present tense conjugation.

In Introduction to Spanish: Cognates, Days of the week, Months of the Year and Seasons.