Week: February 26 – March 2, 2018

¡Hola y bienvenidos de vuelta a la Escuela!  Hello & Welcome back to School!

  • This week we have oral presentations from Tuesday and probably until Thursday. Grade 8th is about “MI FAMILIA” and Grade 7th is about “MI BIOGRAFÍA”.
  • Monday for 8th Graders review of Yo-Go Verbs (TENER -to have/ VENIR- to come) conjugations. For 7th Graders review adjectives to practice for projects.
  • Friday for 8th Graders we are going to learn about families in other countries as Spain. For 7th Graders we are learning Animals.




Week Feb. 5 – 9

¡Buenas tardes clase!

This week in Spanish I, we will review more verbs in present tense, start with the Family Tree project, and have a Quiz on Friday 2/9 with verbs ending in AR, ER and IR in Present tense conjugation.

In Introduction to Spanish: Cognates, Days of the week, Months of the Year and Seasons.

January 22-26

Welcome back !

We are going to review last week topics as family members, review the Quiz for 8th graders and countries where Spanish is spoken for 7th Graders, and learn:

1. For 8th GRADERS:  Possessive adjectives, difference between descriptive adjectives and possessive adjectives in Spanish.

2. For 7th GRADERS: Most common expressions in class, Commands, and questions words in Spanish. On Friday we have a Quiz on Greetings and Countries with their capitals.

January 15 -19

Hola !!!

I have been sick in the last few days with a stomach virus. Now I am feeling better.

We are going to review this week: For the 8th Graders/Spanish I: “La Familia”, descriptive adjectives, and we are going to start with new verbs and possessive adjectives. For the Intro to Spanish review greetings and start learning numbers 0-30 in Spanish.


Week January 8-12


MONDAY 8: No School.

TUESDAY 9:  8th Graders: We are starting Unit 3-Lesson 3 “La Familia” / 7th Graders: Alphabet in Spanish.

WEDNESDAY 10: 8th Graders: More family members in Spanish / 7th Graders: More useful greetings in Spanish.

THURSDAY 11: 8th Graders: Possessive Adjectives in Spanish / 7th Graders: Common expressions in the classroom.

FRIDAY 12: 8th Graders: Descriptive adjectives (review) and identify difference between Possessive and descriptive./ 7th Graders: Numbers 0-30.


January 4-5, 2018

Bienvenidos y Felíz Nuevo Año 2018 a la clase de ESPAÑOL

(Welcome and Happy New Year 2018)

MONDAY  1 — No School

TUESDAY 2 — No School


THURSDAY 4 — Welcome new students of 7th Grade/ 2nd Semester: We are going to get to know each other and learn how to call your name in Spanish. The 8th Graders will learn how to form more questions in Spanish.

FRIDAY 5 — 7th Graders: Will learn Greetings in Spanish

8th Graders: Will learn Numbers 30 and higher. WE HAVE A QUIZ (review greetings and Numbers 0-30) !!!!!


NOTE: Cellulars phone won’t be permitted in my class, unless we have a planned game where the Cellular is needed. 🙂 Thanks for your collaboration. I suggest students keep it in your locker.


Week December 18-22

Felíz Navidad  y Año Nuevo 2018 para la clase de Español 🙂

Monday 18 :  Review Test lessons 1 & 2 (Units 1 & 2), and how to form questions in Spanish for 8th Graders (4th Period)/ Food in different countries in Christmas (Cultural topic).

Tuesday 19: 7th Graders: Review  Final Test (5th Period)

Wednesday 20: 7th Graders: Review Final Test (6th Period)

Thursday 21: NO SCHOOL

Friday 22: NO SCHOOL