Grading Projects!!

Hi ladies and gentlemen!! I have begun grading Cell Tic-Tac-Toe projects. I will update/enter in project grades as I get each project graded.  Continue to check online for your updated grade.  If you have submitted your project then you have no worries 🙂  Please bare with me, as I have a lot of assignments to read through.  I have been enjoying your thus far! Good job!

Have You Completed Your Work!!

Scholars….I know that you are intelligent!  The way many of you participate in class daily, is fantastic.  Class participation is a part of your grade, but the most important piece of your grade is submitting your assignments, on time.  The following of assignments should be completed and submitted Friday, August 31: Plant Cell and Animal Cell Color Diagrams, Cell Web Quest, and for extra credit your acrostic poem using the words Eukaryote, Plant Cell, or Organelle. You have had more than enough time to complete these assignments.

Cells Alive Web Quest

Become the King or Queen of Cells by completing this web quest! Visit to help you complete this challenge! Click the link below to open up the assignment. The purpose is to review the plant and animal cells and all of the organelles you need to be familiar with. Remember there are 11 organelles whose structure and function you MUST know. Good luck!

Cells Packet modified.pdf-2ajp4uq