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Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!!!


Welcome back to our returning Eagles & all of our new Eagles who have joined the Big Shanty “Nest”! We are so glad to have you here! This year, Dr. Jean Hill will be the Counselor for all 3rd & 4th grade students; and Dr. Wendy Deal will be the Counselor for 5th grade. If you’d like to speak with one of the Big Shanty Intermediate School Counselors, please call the counseling office at (678) 594-8025. It’s going to be a GREAT YEAR!!!

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Welcome Back!


Journey to AWE 2

We are so excited to have all of our Eagles back in the nest! We are well on our way in the “Journey to AWE”. This school year Dr. Hill will be working with 3rd grade and Team 4B in 4th grade. Dr. Deal will be working with Team 4A in 4th grade and all of 5th grade. It’s going to be an AWE-some year!

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Career Day


Join us in welcoming some special presenters to our Career Day this Friday, April 1st. We are excited to learn about some of the jobs and careers we have to choose from as we plan for our future!Career

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Middle School clipart


Date Event Time
Thursday, May 5th Big Shanty Rising 6th grade students visit Awtrey MS* 9:30-11:30 am
Monday, May 16th Parent Orientation at Awtrey MS 6:30 pm


Date Event Time
Monday, March 7th Palmer MS visits Rising 6th graders at Big Shanty 1:00-2:00 pm
Friday, April 29th Big Shanty Rising 6th grade students visit Palmer MS* 9:45-11:00 am
Tuesday, May 10th Rising 6th Grade Spirit Night at Palmer MS

(Students & Parents)

6:30-8:30 pm

*Big Shanty visits to prospective middle schools will be arranged as a school field trip. More information to come. If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Deal (5th Grade Counselor) at (678) 594-8023 ext. 247.

2nd Annual 5k and Kids Obstacle Run



5KSaturday, March 12, 2016

To Benefit the Kennesaw Big Shanty Foundation and the Awtrey Middle School Foundation

8am                 Kids Obstacle Run (8 and Under)

8:30am             5k Awtrey Middle School

9:00am             After Party

*See attached flyer for more information:  School Foundation Race app 2016 (002)

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Core Curriculum Counseling Classroom Lessons


bullyingAs part of our ongoing efforts to prevent harassing and bullying behavior at Big Shanty Intermediate, Dr. Hill and Mrs. Deal have been teaching bullying prevention lessons during core curriculum counseling classroom lessons. The four lessons in this series are:

  1. Tattling vs. Telling
    • What’s the difference between tattling and telling?
    • What are the consequences of tattling?
    • How do I know when I need to tell?
  2. Friendly/Playful Teasing vs. Hurtful Teasing
    • What is the difference between the two?
    • What are personal boundaries?
  3. What you Need to Know About Bullying Behavior
    • What is bullying behavior?
    • What role do I play?
  4. Bystanders: They’ve Got the Power!
    • What is a helpful bystander vs. a hurtful bystander?
    • How can bystanders take power away from the bully and give power to the target?



What a great start to 2016! All our BSI Eagles have settled back into the nest and are working hard. We celebrated all of our Eagles’ accomplishments from the 2nd nine weeks during our Eagle Awards Ceremonies the 1st week we returned. We’re looking forward to celebrating all those positive choices we’re going to be making in this new year!

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Annual Holiday Music Sing-a-long


Xmas Sing-a-long 2015

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Holiday Events this Weekend!


Xmas event 2015

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