Week of 9.4.18

Notes/Upcoming Events

9/3 No School: Labor Day

9/7 Football Friday and Family Fun Night

9/11 Spirit Night: Wilily’s

9/21 $1 Dress Down Friday

**Thank you to everyone who are sending in recyclable materials.  Please remember to send in 23 snacks in for the month of Sept.  These snack are shared with the class community unless specified.

What We are Learning

IB Topic:  All about me and my community- Teasley, Labor Day,

goods and services, needs/wants

LA/Reading:  Introduce story elements. Main character, setting, problem, and solution.

Phonics: Letters: K, Y, V

Writing:  Labor Day and Goods and Services.

Math: The Dot Book. Counting groups to 10.  Count on…  Counting groups of objects, 1 to 1 correspondence.  Count 1-100. Vocab: before and after.  Number Talks: Subtilizing dot cards to 10

**Sight Words**

The week of 8/13

The, I, to, a, is

The week of 8/20

As, go, but, like, on

The week of 8/27

on, in, so, we, it, and

The week of 9/4

up, at, see, he, do

Enrichment Schedule

Monday:  No School

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Learning Lab

Thursday:  PE

Friday:  Art


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