Newsletter 10/8

Notes/Upcoming Events

10/8 Columbus Day

10/15-10/19 Conference Week: Early Release 12:30pm

10/19 Career Day

**Sight Words**

The week of 10/8

Sight word review

Upcoming Sight Words

down, are, this, look, for

**For Monday, please have your student bring in an item to test if it sinks or floats.  The item must fit in the palm of their hand.


What We are Learning:

IB Topic:  How the World Works(What is Day and Night?)

LA/Reading:  Story elements. main character, setting, problem, solution, and how details support the main idea. Stories will focus on Columbus, bats, owls, and day and night.

Phonics: Letters: CVC, word families.  Sight Words

Writing: Day and Night

Math: 3D shapes introduction, 2D shape review.  Counting groups of ten and more.  Counting to 100.


Enrichment and Additional Information

Monday:  Music

Tuesday: Learning Lab

Wednesday: PE

Thursday:  Art

Friday:  Spanish

**Thank you for all the recyclables!  We were thrilled to see so many of you all at Publix Math Night and All

Pro Dads.  10/15 starts conference week.  Please sign

up for a time, please check your email for a link to

sign up.

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