Week of 10/22

Notes/Upcoming Events

10/22-26 Red Ribbon Week

10/23 Spirit Night: Grub Burger 5pm

10/26 Talent Show (3-5)

10/30 Tiger Trot Kick Off

10/31 Halloween

10/31 Fall Craft Day 12:45-1:45

**Sight Words**

The week of 10/22

get, come, each, find, was

The week of 10/15

down, are, this, look, for

What We Are Learning

IB Topic:  How the World Works: Force and Motion

LA/Reading: Fiction vs. Nonfiction.  Story elements. main character, setting, problem, solution, and how details support the main idea. Stories will focus on spiders.

Phonics: Letters: CVC, word families.  Sight Words

Writing: Spiders

Math:  Teen numbers(place value: tens and ones), 10 plus sum.  100 Chart.  Counting objects to 20.

Science: Force and Motion: Push and Pull


Monday: Art

Tuesday: Spanish

Wednesday: Music

Thursday:  PE

Friday: Learning Lab     (Library Day)

Thank you all for great conferences.  We have

had a great qtr. 1 and are looking forward to

to the same in qtr. 2.

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