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Monday 8/13


Today we went over the syllabus and continued working on our freyer model vocabulary. Please have your vocab done by this Friday.

Tuesday we will be taking the Science SGM (formerly SLO) Student Growth Measure in the computer lab. This is to assess your knowledge prior to the units so we can measure your gains as we work through the curriculum.

Remember to have signed syllabus page turned in by Friday!!



Today we went over the syllabus and continued working on our character attributes chart. We watched the following 2 clips that I will attach to this blog.

Tuesday we will be going over Interacting and Distracting voices as we read. Please start bringing your independent reading books to class everyday from now  on.

First Semester Novel: Click Here To Start by Denis Markell

Remember to have signed syllabus page turned in by Friday


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Friday 8-10


Today we took the cell pre-test and started our freyer model vocabulary for this unit. By Monday you need to have a 3 ring binder because we will be setting up our science binders. I do not require tabs but some people have asked and it is ok if you want to use them. Make sure you completed your Cell Structure Gizmo and finished the online assessment at the bottom of the screen by Monday as well.

Vocab for the unit so far:

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Gizmo Day 8/9

Gizmo Exploration: Cell Structure

Warmup: Answer the prior knowledge questions on the gizmo packet

Go to Gizmo website & login (see previous post) – make sure you have joined my class!
Launch the Cell Structure Gizmo from our class page
Complete Activity A & B CLICK HERE FOR WORKSHEET FROM CLASS>>>>Cell Structure GIZMO WORKSHEET-rrftdb
Hold on to this packet when you are done. We will be placing it in our notebooks Monday 8/13
Complete the 5 Assessment Questions (below the gizmo simulation) – will be a CLASSWORK GRADE.
When you are done with EVERYTHING, you will go practice identifying the structure/function of the cell at Legends of Learning

If you did not finish Gizmo packet AND/OR the 5 question assessment, please complete at home.
We will be setting up interactive notebooks on Monday 8/13 – you will also get the class syllabus on that day.

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Hey all my Buffington Beakers! It’s time to set up our Gizmo account to access the online labs! Many of you already have an account from last year. Please visit the following link / website and login.

  1. Gizmo Login <<<<<<<click here to open the website
  2. Click on the “Login / Enroll” button in the top right corner and put in your class code (see #3 for your class code)
  3. Depending on which class you are in please copy and paste the enrollment access code for your class:
    1. Period 2 use PXK7HPHNTF
    2. Period 3 use MQCJQ7GN7M
    3. Period 4 use TMBFFWJZVQ
  4. If you already have an account (from last year) please login and and update your password if needed.
  5. If you DO NOT ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT please follow the on screen directions to set up your account with a user name and password.
  6. We will be using this program in computer lab 3 on Thursday this week. If at all possible please try to set up your account in the next day or so before class. See me if you need help.


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Tuesday Aug 7 News


We have started looking at lab procedures and policies today. You have a poster/PSA assignment due tomorrow showing a lab rule of your choice in a serious, funny or scary way! I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

You were given the 7th grade McClure Lab Safety contract that you must sign and go over with your parents and then have them sign. This paper is required before you will be allowed to participate in any labs we do this year.


Welcome to the Reading Café! We enjoyed a book tasting today to see which types of books we might like and looked at how to choose the right book for you!

Hope you enjoyed the music and tables as we dined on some great stories!

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End of first 3 days

Wow what a fantastic first 3 days! I am so excited about this year and the great things we will accomplish.


We started into the Characteristics of Living things.

Started our graphic organizer to determine if an item was living or non-living according to the criteria.

We will continue this assignment on Monday and it will be turned in. 


We ended the week with a mystery that we needed to use our critical thinking skills and inferencing skills to discover “who did it?”

We will start our independent reading next week, so be on the look out for a book that you would like to read! 


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First Day of School

Welcome back!

I am so excited to meet you and start your 7th grade year together! We have lots of fun stuff in store for you and it is going to be a great year. The first 3 days of school we will be following an Advisment Schedule which I will attach below for you to look at and I will also attach my welcome powerpoint shown at meet and greet.

Meet and greet ppt-18-19    Supplies needed for class are listed in the ppt but as a separate list this is what I am asking for all of my classes:

• Binder (2 inch is fine) with:
• notebook paper
• Pencil Pouch
• Highlighters
• Pencils (#2)
• Pens

• Glue stick
• Earbuds
• Ruler
• Colored Pencils/Markers

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Last week of school

Renaissance Carnival
The Annual McClure Renaissance Carnival will be on the last day of school, Wednesday, May 23, 2018. We need volunteers to make this a fun and rewarding event for our kids! Teachers and staff will be at each location, but additional parent volunteers are needed. Please sign up to help .

Sign Up Genius McClure Carnival Link

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Olympic Week 5/14 – 5/18

Learning Target: I will be able to learn about frog anatomy & practice a virtual frog dissection so that I am prepared for Wednesday’s lab


DIRECTIONS FOR Frog Dissection Pre-Lab WS

  1. Click this link: Virtual Frog Dissection
    1. Watch “Introduction” and “External  Anatomy.”  After each section ends, you will need to return to the homepage and select the  next section.  The questions on the WS are in order.
    2. Answer questions #1-19
    3. if you don’t hear the answer, replay the video.  If you still can’t answer the question- BE A SCIENTIST, RESEARCH IT BY LOOKING THE ANSWER UP ON GOOGLE!!! 🙂
  2. For question #20 (Instructions for Internal Anatomy), click this link
    1. Lung & Heart are not on this website, so use google to aid you in your answer.
  3. Show Mrs. Buffington your completed FROG DISSECTION PRE-LAB


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Week of 5/7 – 5/11

2018 McClure Olympics

2018 McClure Olympics begin on Monday, May 14 with Opening Ceremonies.  Field Events are Tuesday, May 15 (7th grade), Wednesday, May 16 (6th grade) and Thursday, May 17 (8th grade).  Friday, May 18 will be the Closing Ceremonies.  Event volunteers will be asked to help monitor students, crowd control and assist the lead teacher.  You will not be responsible for running the event.   Please consider volunteering for as many slots/days as you can!  To make this week successful we need your help!

All volunteers check-in at the volunteer table inside the front doors of McClure.





SLO practice link with new code below

Go to Quizizz & Enter code: 943953

This weeks topic: Classification and Dichotomous Key



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