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Fortnite Escape Room

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November 14


Please visit the field trip page on my blog for more information or a permission form in case you have lost yours.


Today we watched Bill Nye: Brain (Nervous System) video and took the video quiz

Bill Nye Brain Video Link

Bill nye brain-video quiz

Complete the video quiz and turn in if you were absent



We used class time today to continue working on our sequencing project for the first escape room that Ted encounters in our novel study of Click Here to Start. This project will be due a the beginning of class on Friday. Use your time wisely.



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Monday 11/12

Almost Turkey Day!!! Gobble Gobble!


Today we took the Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory Systems.

Remember that we will be having a post test after the break that will include all of the body systems that we have discussed in class even way back to the integumentary system!

We started bookwork over the nervous system and the endocrine system. Read and highlight all definitions on pages 307-318. You should not be highlighting the entire text only definitions and main ideas.

Answer questions: 5-15, 17


Today we finished up and turned in our disorganized data activity.

We started our rough drafts for the mini project on the storyboard of either the Game of Ted (pages 57-62) or The apartment search (pages 67-89).

This project will be due on Friday!! (Before break)


  • Create a Mind Map on “The Game of Ted” or the Apartment when Ted found the first set of clues to his Great-uncle’s mystery.​
  • Game of Ted starts on page 57 and the Apartment “mystery” starts on page 67.​
  • Your map needs to show the direction each sequenced event is happening (use arrows). ​
  • Be creative​
  • Remember this is showing how the events to solve the mystery were sequenced during the game or when Ted “played” the game in the apartment.​
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Study Game for Digestion Circulatory and Respiration

click here to play>>Tummy Heart and Lungs

Use code 962558

Start playing now! Keep playing until you get a perfect score!!

Test next Monday!!!

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November 5

Remember no school tomorrow!!

Get your Field Trip permission forms back signed to me asap!!! 


Today we completed the respiratory notes in the hallway and started to discuss the diagram on the bottom of that sheet. I will attach that powerpoint below if you missed any information.

Respiratory System-powerpoint notes <<<click here


Today we started our sequencing topic with our cut and paste activity about how $1 bills are made. You needed to write me a set of instructions in sequential order of how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

We will test out your instructions on Wednesday.

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Legends of Learning

Login Link for Legends of Learning

Use Teacher Code BUFFI1

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escape room

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November 1


NEWSELA LOGIN LINK>>Read article “Explainer: What’s Actually In Our Blood”
you might need to sign up to view article

Complete worksheet

Fill in the Blood graphic organizer using the info in the article Let’s Make Blood Chart

Blood Punch – learn about the composition of blood

Homework: Finish The Circulatory System – Blood WS questions

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Circulatory Gizmo

circulatory gizmo link You need to know your username and password

circulatory gizmo worksheet In case you lose the copy that I gave you today or that you were absent

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Happy Halloween Week


Today was a busy day. We started class with our 4 panel doodle notes over the small and large intestines and tapeworms. Make sure you know the path of food through the digestive system from mouth to potty!

We graded our digestive lesson bookwork in class today and that was put in for a grade.

You needed to start our new topic assignment on the Cardiovascular System:

Highlight all vocab and their definition on pages 277-290

Answer questions 5-17, 19-23

This assignment will be due on Friday.

Upcoming reminders: Wednesday we will be in the computer lab doing a circulatory gizmo!

If you missed the Digestion Poop Lab please watch the following video clip to answer the worksheet that I have posted below.

Poop Lab Worksheet


Today we will continue working in our reading circles and finish our CH2S chapters 1-7. We will be quizzing over chapters 1-5 on Wednesday.

reading circles worksheets

Tuesday we will be starting our character logs for the CH2S characters. We will be using the S.T.E.A.L. method and begin our study guide

Advance Copy of Study Guide: ch 1-5 study guide


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