What’s Going On?


This quarter in English Language Arts we are working on writing summaries for informational passages. We are reading informational pieces about the causes of the Revolutionary War, summarizing each passage, and then using those summaries to build informational essays.  After writing their 5 paragraph essays, students will turn those essays into informational books using different non-fiction text features.

Writing Craft

Students are learning to expand their writing abilities by identifying and applying the use of compound and complex sentences into their writing. They are also working to apply very precise word choice to their writing.


Applying their word choice skills, students are working on free verse poetry using figurative language such as: imagery, personification, similes, and metaphors. These poems will be complied as a class to create a book that will be published through Student Treasures.


Along with informational reading, the students are continuing to read fiction texts of their choice. Please be sure your child is logging their reading time on Eaglenasium or at the bottom of each day in their agenda.


Please give your child the opportunity to practice their typing skills as often as possible. It is very possible that they may be typing on the Milestones Test, so practice is very important. The sites below are a great resource for practice.





Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful and relaxing break with your family. It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the school year. There is a lot of learning and growing left to do over the next few months, so we will be jumping right in when we return tomorrow.


  • Thank you all for your presence and support for our holiday party. Whether you volunteered or donated items, everything you do is appreciated. Thank you all as well, for the many special gifts and tokens of the holiday. It is very thoughtful of you to think of me during this season.
  • REPORT CARDS will be sent home on Friday. Please review it with your child, set a few achievable goals, and have your child reflect on their areas of strength and areas that need improvement. Please sign the envelope and return with your child ASAP.
  • Eagle Award invitations will be sent home with report cards. This is also a great time to reflect on study habits, conduct, and organization.
  • WEATHER- the weather is very cold! Please send your child with a coat and long pants until this frigid air moves on. Burr!
  • January 16th is MLK, Jr. Day- there is no school!



  • Please be reminded that each student has the responsibility of completing 30 minutes of First in Math daily, as well as 30 minutes of reading. Students should log their reading in Eaglenasium or at the bottom of their agenda daily. Please encourage your child to challenge themselves with their reading choices.
  • TYPING- there is a good possibility that 4th grade students may be taking the Milestones Test on the computer. This means they will be typing their written responses. It is crucial that students be able to type at a steady pace and know all the functions of the keyboard. PLEASE, please, please allow your child to practice typing on the computer. Ideas for typing are: RACE it type questions and format, research essays (3-5 paragraphs), letters to family, summaries, poems, etc. Kids should be mindful of how long it takes them to complete a task, so timing them to “Beat the Clock” and still be accurate is a good practice. Later this month, I will be sending optional typing practice home with kids.
  • Below are a few typing resources to choose from:





  • 4th Grade Musical will be held February 1st.

So, here we go! I am very proud of the progress our kids have made so far this year! I know 2018 will be fantastic! Thanks for all you do! Karen Wright

Wrapping Up!

Hello Parents~

As we wrap up 2017, I’d like to thank you all for your support the first half of the school year! It has been a great pleasure working with your children and their growth has been tremendous!  The next few days will be busy, so I thought I’d give you and update on all that is going on.


Friday, December 15: Last day for the Holiday Shop and End of quarter assessment


Monday, December 18: Dress like a Who from Whoville and Limo ride for those who sold 15 items or more in the fundraiser.


Tuesday, December 19: Early release day and Performance assembly- wear your Holiday PJ’s


Wednesday, December 20: Early release day, Holiday Sing-a-long, dress in your favorite holiday clothes

Class Party is on Wednesday at 11:10-12:10. Parents are invited to attend and help.

If you signed-up to bring an item, feel free to send it in ahead of time if it is not perishable.

Parking may be crazy with all the parties, so if you’d like to come have lunch with your child, we will eat at 10:37-11:07. You are also welcome to help in the classroom for the party set-up…but that won’t take long.

Feel free to check your child out after the party since we will be very close to dismissal-this will not count against their attendance.


Holiday Break: December 21-January 3rd. Classes resume on Thursday, January 4th.


Over the break:

Encourage your child to read! I have been asking the students to try to select books beyond graphic novels and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My hope is to get them reading deeper novels with stronger storylines in increase higher level comprehension and vocabulary. I gave them a list of several great books this week.


First In Math: To keep their minds engaged, a little bit of FIM would be a great idea, especially practicing multiplication facts. We are looking for them to be fast and accurate. I taught them how to play multiplication war with playing cards this week for practice.


Typing: I am encouraging kids to practice their typing as much as possible. Perhaps, they could type “thank you” cards for gifts they received over the holidays.


That’s all for now! I look forward to seeing each of you at our holiday party to celebrate a successful first half of the year!

Mrs. Wright







Wrapping up 2018!

Welcome Back! I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families! I certainly did!


Congratulations to Erek Danh our class spelling bee champion, and to Matthew Harrison, who is our runner-up. Erek will represent our class at the school spelling be on December 8th.


Our class holiday party will be Wednesday, December 20th. The time has yet to be determined. Please watch for an email from our room moms to help donate items.


Please be sure your child is completing their First in Math requirements, as well as their daily reading. They should be logging it in Eaglnasium if they have computer access. The kids could also use some extra practice with typing speed and accuracy.


Just a reminder to check and sign your child’s conduct card every Thursday. Please be sure to look through their Thursday folder each week. If you have not returned their progress report, please do so as soon as possible.



Reading and ELA: We are currently working to type the student’s five paragraph opinion essays. We are also working on text structure for fiction and non-fiction texts. We will also begin working on first and second hand accounts in reading. Our grammar skill will be apostrophes used in contractions and possessives.


Math: Kids are working on factors and multiples, as well as prime and composite numbers. We are working our way up to division of multi-digit numbers.

Social Studies: We are finishing up colonization of America.

Science: We are beginning simple machines.


The next few weeks will go by in a flash! Thank you for your support.


A few things…

Dear Parents~

Here are a few things to keep in mind this week.


*The canned food drive begins this week. If you are able, please send in non-perishable items to donate to local families from our school. The class with the most items wins a pizza party.



* Eagle Awards are Friday at 8am in the cafeteria. You received a notification if your child is receiving an award.


*Fire Safety Village Field Trip- We will leave for our trip after the awards ceremony. Please have your child wear comfortable clothing and a Big Shanty shirt, if they have one. They must wear gym shoes on this trip.


If your child is buying lunch from the school, they will pick it up before we leave. If your child is bringing their lunch, please put it in a “throw away” sack: paper or plastic is fine.


*Fall Dance is Friday night from 6-8pm.


Next week is Red Ribbon Week:

Monday: Favorite team jersey- Team up against drugs

Tuesday: Crazy sock day- Sock it to drugs

Wednesday: Wear sunglasses- Your future is bright without drugs

Thursday: Backwards shirt day- Turn your back on drugs

Friday: Wear red- Say no to drugs


Once again, thank you all for your support at conference week. It was great to meet with each of you. Karen Wright

Conference Week

This week is conference week, as well as early release. You will receive your child’s report card during your conference time. Below you will find two links for reading material recommendations. Many of these books are award winners or used for the Helen Ruffin Reading Competition.

Also be aware that a form went home to order tickets for the fall dance which will be held Friday, October 27th.

Fire Safety Village Field Trip and Eagle Awards are on Friday, October 27th. Awards are at 8am in the cafeteria.

Please visit the Big Shanty Book Fair during conference week.


Past Award Winners and Nominees

Welcome to fall!

Fall has arrived…well, at least for a little while! I hope that each of you had wonderfully relaxing break with your children.

The first 9 weeks is coming to an end. Report cards will be given to parents during conference week, October 16-20th. At that time we will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. Conference forms will be coming home on Thursday. Please review the time and date assigned to you. If you need a different time or day-or both, please write down a few options that might work. I look forward to speaking with all of you.

Book fair- the book fair will be held in the media center October 16-20th. Muffins for Mom will be held in the morning on Friday, the 20th.

Writing: We are continuing our journey of writing realistic fiction and working with the arc of the story. The students are working in a way they have not done before. This is creating interesting stories and characters.

Reading: Our class continues to read The Tiger Rising. We are analyzing characters, discussing the author’s craft, and synthesizing information from the story in many different ways. Students are also reading their own independent books daily.

RACE IT strategy: This 9 weeks we have been working on how to answer a constructed response question using the RACE it strategy. Every student should be able to explain this process and apply it to their answers when completing a constructed response question. RACE stands for:

Restate the question

Answer in your own words

Cite evidence from the text

Explain your thinking about the answer

Please be sure your child reads 20-30 minutes every night and logs their minutes on Eaglenasium. Also, every child should be completing 30 minutes of First In Math each night. This is their daily homework and counts toward their Work/Study Habits on their report card.

Thank you all for your support. I look forward to seeing you all during conference week. Mrs. Wright

Fall is in the Air1

Fall is in the Air! I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. The weather is changing and getting cooler. Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the changing temperatures. I will always try to take them outside for recess if the weather allows.

September 11th This Monday we will honor our first responders at our Patriot Day Celebration. Students are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue or other patriotic apparel.

Ice Pops- We will be selling Ice Pops on Monday for $1 after the ceremony for any child that is interested.

Cafeteria Poster Contest- The café is having a poster contest to celebrate healthy choices. The poster should include the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. Entries are due September 13th. Winners will win a pair of movie tickets.

Homework- Please be reminded that students should be reading 20-30 minutes each night and logging their minutes on Eaglenasium. The link can be found on the Big Shanty webpage. In addition, students should be on First In Math for 20-30 minutes (or more, if desired) each day.

Seesaw– Hopefully, you have signed up for our class Seesaw account to view your child’s work. This is a great online journal students can use to showcase the great things they are doing at school. If you need me to resend the link, please ask. It is an amazing way to see what your child is doing at school.

Cursive- We are continuing to work on cursive writing. Please encourage your child to practice at home. They have learned all the lower case and capital letters, so now it’s all about making progress through practice.

Fall Break– Fall break is September 25-29. There will be no school this week. 🙂

Have a great weekend! Mrs. Wright



What’s Happening?

What’s Happening in ELA?

In Writing we are currently working on two skills. The first is the RACE it strategy, which is used for answering constructed response questions. Last week we practiced restating questions and answering in our own words. This week we will begin practicing citing evidence while using direct quotes or giving examples of our answers. We are also working on a review of “watermelon” and “seed”stories. A watermelon story is a big story of an event and the seed story is the small moment that we will never forget. Finally, we are also doing  something I call “Writing On Demand.” This is when I give the students a topic or photograph and ask them to write non-stop for 5 minutes. It helps to build writing stamina and  to generate story ideas.

In Reading we are working on how to do a “close read” and the strategies that help to reinforce our comprehension. We are also working on recognizing different types of genres in reading. This will help enhance book choice when choosing independent reading books.

Cursive Writing: I am currently teaching the kids the basics of cursive writing. This can be a long process that requires practice. Please encourage your child to practice at home, even if it is just their first and last name.

Homework: The students should be using First In Math and reading 20-30 minutes every night. Our first Eaglenasium challenge began yesterday. Students can begin logging their current reading minutes. The kids can go through the Big Shanty website to get to the site until I can get a link on our blog.

  • Thank you to our co-room mom, Mrs. Goff, for sending in a snack on Solar Eclipse Day.
  • Picture Day is Monday, August 28th. Order forms went home in last week’s Thursday folder.
  • Menchies Orders are due before Friday.

Thank you for all your support! The kids are doing great!

Moving Right Along…

Hello Parents~ It has been another great week! Your kids are doing a GREAT job following the Eagle Expectations in class and all around the school.

Our class will be trained on the new reading challenge and logging system tomorrow, and they can start logging their minutes on Monday. The kids have been “rocking” the First In Math program. We have had top earners all week. Keep it up!!!


Tomorrow’s Thursday folder is PACKED! In it you will find applications for all the Big Shanty Clubs that are available to students. Please discuss these options with your child and complete the application by the due date.


Picture Day order forms are also in their folders. Picture day is Monday, August 28th.


If you have not returned the Performing Arts permission slip yet, there is a second one, on  light pink paper, in your child’s folder. Please sign it and return it as soon as possible.


BRAG TAGS! I am so excited to have already given out two Brag Tags. Keep practicing those “Old School Skills” and send or bring me evidence. I will then give your child their Brag Tag.


Thank you for all you do to support our class. We are off to a great start! Mrs. Wright