Boosterthon!!! As of today our class is in first place with pledges! Yay!

We will participate in the Fun Run on Thursday at 10:15-11:15, which means we will eat a little later than normal. Also, please be sure that your child wears gum shoes and comfortable clothing for running or walking laps.

Writing: In this week’s Thursday folder you will find a sheet with 10 blank spaces on it. I would like you and your child to sit down and discuss personal experiences that could turn into great stories. Return this page as soon as possible. This is a super resource for generating ideas for writing.

Reading: Every Monday we will go to the media center to check-out or renew books. Please check-in with your child about what books they are reading and if they are completing the book or abandoning it. We are working on building reading stamina to help strengthen fluency and comprehension.


Please don’t forget to check Thursday folders.

Please send a healthy snack each day.

Have a wonderful week. Mrs. Wright

On a roll….

We have made it through the first 7 days! We continue to discuss character, team building, routines, and procedures daily. The kids are doing great!

A few things we have been discussing are:

The BSI Eagle Expectations: 

Engaged in Learning

Accept Responsibility

Gratitude is our attitude

Live the Golden Rule

Eager to Achieve

We have also been learning about the 8 Keys of Excellence:

Integrity, Failure leads to Success, Speak with Good Purpose, This is it, Commitment, Ownership, Flexibility, Balance

Talk Above The Line is a tool used to reinforce taking responsibility and being accountable for our action.Choose to be truthful and honest. Things to avoid would be: Laying blame, Justifying actions, Denying, or giving up.

Eat the Frog! What? If you had to eat one frog every day to survive, would you eat it in the morning or the evening? This lesson discusses tackling tasks and getting things done. If you have two frogs to eat… eat the biggest and the ugliest one first! So, tackle those chores, homework, class assignments…just EAT the frog and get it done!

Old School Skills and Brag Tags! Hopefully everyone received my email and attachment about Brag Tags and Old School Skills mentor program. The kids are eager to get started. A paper copy will go home in Thursday folders. Thank you to those who helped by printing tags in color for our class.

Boosterthon started on Tuesday! Please login to  to sign your child up and being collecting pledges. This is an important PTA/BSI fundraiser. Thank you for your support and pledges.

Thank you for all your help and support, as we get this school year off to a super start!! Mrs. Wright

Welcome to a “Super” year!!

Can you believe summer is coming to a close? Well, it’s time to get “super-charged” for a new school year!

Meet-n-Greet/Open House is Monday, July 30th from 3-5! This is a great time to meet Ms. Ryan and myself, see your child’s classroom, as well as fill out paperwork for the school year. We have a plethora of information for you… so join us for a wonderful afternoon.

The first day of school is Wednesday, August first!


Lots going on….

Good Morning Parents~


Well, here we go! We are on the down swing to the end of the school year with only 24 days left of school. Hard to believe!


Comcast Cares Day-Saturday, April 21st– WE NEED YOUR HELP J Please come form 8am-1pm and help us spruce up the school. This is a HUGE event that requires as many volunteers as possible. If you have garden tools, wheel barrows, and strong arms, please come help us beautify our property. The fourth grade will be working in the gardens, but feel free to help wherever you can. Prizes will be raffled off to students who volunteer.


Big Shanty 2nd Annual Garden Gala Thursday, May 3rd from 6-8pm. This is an opportunity to see your child shine in many different ways. This is a very special evening. Our students will be doing a poetry reading at 7pm on the main stage. There will be music, games, trail walks, food trucks, a basket auction, an art show, and so much more. Please mark your calendar for this amazing night with your child. Please use the link for more information.


Book Fair: April 23-27. Come out and support our Big Shanty Book Fair. Our students will be previewing the books on Monday morning. If you would like to volunteer, please click the link below.





Spring is in the Air!

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. Tomorrow we begin Milestone testing. As I mentioned before, we will be testing online from 11-1pm. We will be eating early at 9:55am. Here are a few tips for helping your child this week:

  • Encourage them to do their best!
  • Go to bed early… even if they are not asleep… unwind early.
  • Eat a good breakfast and pack a healthy lunch.
  • Send them in layered clothing or bring a sweatshirt… so they can manage their own comfort-level.
  • Please don’t check them out early.
  • Don’t stress over the test!


I firmly believe our kids are ready and will shine brightly on the test!


Next, I will be doing a research project with the kids over the next week and half. I have most of the supplies they will need, but they may want “extra” things to make their project stand out. If you have any fabric scraps, colored index cards, fun craft paper, or other items you’d like to send in, I know the kids would appreciate it. Also, I am in need of liquid glue for this project-donations are appreciated.


Also, if you have any items for the carnival basket, please send them in as soon as possible! Thank you!


Finally, don’t forget about Comcast Cares Day on Saturday, April 21st   from 8-1pm. We need as many volunteers as possible to help beautify our school and complete our year-long STEM project for fourth grade- Thrive in the HIVE. If you can help that day, please sign-up on the school website.


The end of the year is drawing near… let’s make the next few weeks the best ever. Thank you, Mrs. Wright


Comcast Cares Day

Our school has be fortunate enough to be chosen by Comcast to participate in Comcast Cares Day. Comcast has donated volunteers, money, and supplies to improve and beautify our school. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up at the link below. We will need many hands to make light work. Thank you for supporting our school.


March on in…

What’s Happening in Room 131?

ELA- In ELA we are beginning our review and polish of constructed response answers. When a student is asked to do a constructed response question, they should use the RACE It strategy. This strategy gives the student a format for responding to the question.

Restate the question

Answer in your own words

Cite evidence from the text using a quote starter

Explain your thinking and elaborate

Reading- In reading we will begin our review and polish of reading skills taught this year. Areas we will be working on are: text structure (cause and effect, sequencing, description, problem/solution, and compare and contrast), inferencing, point of view, figurative language, context clues,  and story elements.

In Other News…dates to remember:

Early Release is Wednesday, March 14th

Poetry Book orders are due March 16th!

St. Patrick’s Day dance is March 16th

Report cards will be sent home March 21st

Spring Break is April 2-6th

Milestone Testing window April 10th-20th

Spring Carnival April 20st

Comcast Cares Day April 21st

Garden Gala May 3rd




Dear Parents~

The Georgia Milestones are right around the corner. Our school “window” for taking the test will be April 10-20th. We will not test this whole time, but it is the time allotted for our students to take it. Below is a link to the Georgia Experience, which has some practice items for kids at home. Fourth grade students will be taking the test on the computer, so continued typing and pacing practice it a great place to focus as you prepare at home.

We will also have the opportunity to practice at school, so the kids are familiar with the format of the test online. I will send more information as it becomes available.

As always, thank you for your support. Karen Wright

The link will provide students with practice on taking the online assessment.


March comes in like a lamb….

Welcome back from winter break! I hope you all had a wonderful week with your families.

This week is READ ACROSS AMERICA week for Dr. Seuss’ birthday. We will be doing a number of quick and fun activities to celebrate this week.  Wednesday, kids can share a silly book with a friend. On Thursday, kids can wear red, white, and blue- this is no tv, no tech day…READ! On Friday, wear a Seuss hat!

ELA/READING- In  ELA and reading we have been working on non-fiction informational texts, specifically with the causes of the American Revolution. The kids have written five paragraph essays about the causes and turned them into non-fiction books with pictures, table of contents, captions, a map, a timeline, and headings. They are truly amazing! I am very proud of their hard work.

We will continue working on the RACE it strategy for answering constructed response questions, as well as a review of point of view and perspective. We will begin a spiral review of all skills we have studied to prepare for Milestone testing.

POETRY BOOKS- Please watch your child’s Thursday folder for an order form for the poetry book our class has created. There are three different versions, but my suggestion is to buy the cheapest one, if you plan to order.

Have a wonderful week, and as always, thank you for your support. Karen Wright