Addition & Subtraction



Hour of Code1

Hour of Code-BoxIsland

Hour of Code-Puppy Adventure

Hour of Code-Candy Quest

Hour of Code-Mystery Island

Hour of Code- Code Spark Academy

1.  Funbrain

2. Greater Than, Less than, Equal to 

3. Using Fingers to add to 10

4.  Ways to Make Ten

5. Soccer Addition

6.  Number Line Jumper- Addition

7.   Fruit Splat addition-  using a number line

8. Balloon Pop Subtraction

9.  Interactive – Practice Completing Patterns  

10. Addition Practice

11.  Adding Doubles or Near Doubles

12.   Subtraction Practice

13. Subtraction Practice- Pull the lever

14. Ski Jump Subtraction

15.   Bowling with beginning subtraction facts!

16.  Metamorphosis Subtraction

17. ‘Addition Math Line Game

18.  Practice Addition with a Math Magician

19. Catapult – Addition

20.  Subtraction with a Math Magician

21. Minus Mission

22. Ice Cream Subtraction

24.  Funky Mummy- Addition to 20

25.  Alien Munchtime – addition

26.  Timernator – Time yourself for extra practice

27. Find number sentence to match the answer!- Puzzle

28.  Choose a sum (like 10) and find the addends

29. More than and Less than

30. Funky Mummy- Addition to 20

31.  Great Interactive Math Activities

32.Soccer Addition & Subtraction

33.  Math Book practice for First Graders

34.  First Grade Math Practice- All areas

35. Harcourt Math Book Practice

36. Subtraction Quiz



Counting and Skip Counting

  1. Ten Frame Practice
  2. Whack a Mole- counting by ones

3.  Skip Counting – By 5’s

4. Skip counting  by 10″s from any number

5.  Order Numbers from Least to Greatest

6.  Read Number Words

7. Odd and Even Fruit Splat!


  1.  Graphing Bugs in a Room
  2.  Graphing Pets

Place Value

1.Dino Jump- Place Value

2.Building numbers with base ten blocks

3. Place Value – Tens and Ones

4. Shark Numbers – Place Value (tens and ones)

5. Lifeguards – Place Value

6. Class Rally with Car Race- Place Value

7. Pirates –  Test yourself on place value– NON decimal game

8.. Base Ten Fun

9. Blockbusters

10.Place Value Machine 

11. Expanded Form

12.  Place Value Quiz

13.  What is the value of the number?


Fact Families and Related Facts

  1.  More Fact Families
  2. Fact Family Game
  3. Fact Family Practice
  4. Related Facts Practice
  5. Commutative Property Quiz


  1.  Name each coin
  2. Name and Value of coins
  3. Counting Coins

Missing Addends

  1. Missing Addends
  2. Missing Addends in math problems
  3. Find addends that equal the target number

Word Problems

  1. Word Problems
  2. Word Problems- Level 2
  3.   Thanksgiving Word Problems
  4. Word Problems – Level 1 and 2
  5. Animal Word Problems
  6. Vehicle Word Problems

7.Level 2 Word Problems

8.Fruity Word Problems


Which fish goes in which tank?


  1. Naming Plane Shapes
  2. Identify Plane Shapes
  3. Polygon Playground
  4. Lines of Symmetry
  5. Working with Shapes
  6. Fit the Shapes into the Suitcase
  7. Shape Quiz
  8.  Solid Shape Factory
  9.  Robot Mission Game
  10. 3-D Shape Shoot

Greg Tang Games:



Ten Frame Mania

How Much, How Many