Brainpop Jr–    username is timberridge and password is read 

(Brainpop Jr. is an awesome website that Cobb County pays for our children to have access to.  If you have not seen a Brainpop Jr. educational video, check one out and you will see why the children love it so much!)

Mackinvia – Animal Research


Interactive Thermometer

Weather Whiz Kids

Weather Experiments

Weather Instruments

Weather Games

National Geographic – Weather and Storms- Video

Hurricanes for Kids- Part 1- Video

Earthquakes for Kids

 Water Cycle in Motion

Watch the Water Cycle

Water Cycle  Story



Experiment with Sound

Learning about Shadows




Science Fair Websites and Ideas

     1.First Grade Science Fair Ideas

  1. Science Project Lab
  2. Science Kids
  3. Great Science Experiments for Kids
  4. Cool Science Experiments for Kids



Kids Gardening

How Plants Grow

Plant Games


Earth Day:

 EcoKids Website

In Honor of Earth Day




  1. Kidrex
  2. San Diego Zoo for Kids
  3.  National Geographic Animals
  4.  Learning about animals is FUN!
  5.  Animal Fact Guide
  6.  Animal Groups
  7.  Endangered Animals -a fun website for children to explore animals
  8.  Wild Animals– Animal Planet
  9.  San Diego Zoo 

Owen and Mzee – Hippo and Tortoise Website

Decorah, Iowa Eagle cam

Panda Web Cam- Zoo Atlanta

 Interactive map of Zoo Atlanta


Pet Information – Animal Planet

Mutt Maker- Mix different breeds to create your own dog – funny!

Create an odd animal