Social Studies


Mount rushmore (2)


Famous Americans:

Teddy Bear Biography of Theodore Roosevelt

Junior Web-Rangers- Teddy Roosevelt

Martin Luther King Jr. Ebook

 Lewis & Clark E Book

Lewis and Clark website

Lewis & Clark Journals

 Lewis and Clark Game

Lewis and Clark mapping the west

Lewis & Clark Game

Lewis & Clark’s Journal Log

Fun Games related to Lewis & Clark’s journey

Activities related to Lewis & Clark 

 Ben Franklin’s -How Shocking!

Play a tune on Ben Franklin’s Glass Armonica

Ben’s Guide to K-2

 Exploring Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home

 See photos of the rooms of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

 George Washington Carver

Harriet Tubman– Learn more about the Underground Railroad

Help Harriet escape – Interactive Activity

Escaping From Slavery- Help the slaves on their journey to freedom


Land forms


Learn about Folktales