APWH Calendar, Class Expectations, Reading Formats, Test Corrections Format

 AP World History is a college level course and therefore has an expectation that you will be a motivated and conscientious student. You will be given a calendar with due dates the first week of school. It is your job to keep up with assignments. Once we take a Unit Test I will not accept any of the formative assignments that led up to the test including reading analyses. You will have five days to retake a quiz to earn up to a 70% after which time your grade will remain unchanged.

I. Calendar

APWH Syllabus Fall 2012-2013

APWH Syllabus Spring 2012-13

II. Please read the following class expectations. This sheet is to be placed in  your binder.

APWH Class Expectations

III. Department Procedures. You and your parents need to read the following document. Complete the form and turn in the bottom half to me.

APWH Department Procedures

IV. Binder Requirements:

Organization of your work is critical to success in this class. You will be required to have a binder with subject dividers to organize your work. Use the format sheet below to organize your binder.

APWH Formative/Summative Assessment Portfolio

V. Reading Analysis:

You will be assigned readings throughout the year from your textbook as well as from Reilly’s “World of History” reader. After reading the selection you will turn in the appropriate  format sheet for each reading.

Use this format for selections from your textbook  Format for Readings from Textbook

Use this format for selections from Reilly readings Format for Reilly readings These readings will be assigned from a primary/secondary source reader second semester.

VI. Test Corrections Format:

You will have five days after taking the test to make test corrections.

This must be done either before or after school.  Test Corrections Directions