Period 1: Technological and Environmental Transformations, to 600 BCE

 You should familiarize yourself with the standards by going to AP Central or by looking at the overview. This contains the standards as well as some illustrations and annotations. Unit 1 Overview. You should look at the standards closely for each unit including the vocabulary that they use.

Day 1 [August 13-14]–Introduction to course–

  • Organize your binder
  • Read the Neolithic Revolution from the textbook and complete the cornell notes–DUE next class

Day 2 [August 15-16]

  • DUE: Cornell Notes from Neolithic Revolution reading from textbook.
  • You should read the PowerPoint information prior to coming to class.
  • Early Man Early Man–From Prehistory to Farming PowerPoint [You should save this and view it with the notes page for more information]

Day 3 [August 17-20]

  • Quiz over Chapter 1–you have five days to retake the quiz
  • We read the article from the Bil of Right Foundation–Environmental Disasters in the Cradle of Civilization–you can download a copy by going to their website [the link can be found on the right hand column of the blog]
  • We discussed the term “civilization” and read differing views from college professors
  • We began a PowerPoint on What Makes us Civlized What Makes Us Civilized [River Valleys]
  • Bring your River Valley notes from pre-AP if you have them

Day 4 [August 21-22]

  • We completed the PowerPoint from the previous class “What Makes Us Civlized”
  • Students then used the chart to research their civilization Directions for Comparison of River Valley Civilizations–you should print a copy of the chart to use in class
  • They need to complete the information by the next class so that they can teach their civilization to another student
  • If you were absent then choose one of the four river valley civlizations to complete on column of the chart

Day 5 [August 23-24]

  • We went over the comparison essay rubric emphasizing certain requirements
  • We grouped students with 2-3 from one civilization and 2-3 from another to share and complete charts
  • Once the charts were completed, students worked on the reverse side of the page completing the Venn diagram and writing their thesis
  • After checking everyone’s thesis statements students then read excerpts from Hammurabi’s Code and from the Book of the Dead discussing what each document said about the values of their societies
  • Students then looked at our new atlases
  • Today is the last day to retake the BLQ

Day 6 [August 27-28]

  • Unit Test–scantron and comparison essay–students will compare two of the four river valley civilizations–this will be a timed essay
  • BLQ 2 will be distributed

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