Period 4: Global Interactions 1450-1750

Spring Semester: Welcome Back–keep track of the calendar and due dates

Unit 4 Overview

 Day 1 [January 8-9]

  • Be sure to print the calendar for the semester APWH Syllabus Spring 2012-13
  • You will research Mesoamerican people in preparation to create a Visual. Don’t forget to look at the due dates for next class
  • You may access the article on the Aztecs from the Bill of Rights Foundation link “Aztec Blood and Tribute
  • Look at Day 2 for the Alfred Crosby Assignment–Alfred Crosby Assignment this will be due next class
  • Mesoamerican Civilizations Visuals

 Day 2 [January 10-11]

  • Crosby Assignment Due–Alfred Crosby Assignment
  • You will read “The Columbian Exchange” article in class. If you do not complete the reading then you may access the article  from the Bill of Rights Foundation link
  • Readings Due: Aztec Women page 245 and The Troubling Civilizations of the Americas p. 251
  • Quiz: Chapter 11
  • You will complete the visual for your mesoamerican society in class and turn it in with your notes
  • We will look at the Mesoamerican PowerPoint

Day 3 [January 14-15]

Day 4 [January 16-17]

  • Due: BLQ16 for completion and accuracy and Slavery Today assignment
  • LAB: on the slave trade–AfricaEnslaved–you will be assigned one of the four countries to explore slavery there. Everyone needs to read the overview for all four countries. Then you will read the documents for your country and take notes. There will be a quiz next class over your country and the four overviews.

Day 5 [January 18-22]

  • You will have a quiz over the Africa Enslaved lab
  • Reformation Essentials Complete the Essentials  sheet from Chapter 17 by answering all five questions and adding information to the chart.
    • This is due next class
  • Reformation PowerPoint
  • You will also read an article about Martin Luther “Luther Sparks the Protestant Reformation” from the Bill of Rights Foundation

Day 6 [January 23-24]

  • DUE: Reformation Essentials from Chapter 17
  • You will be working in groups to prepare for a CCOT essay to answer the following question:”Analyze the social and economic transformation that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas from 1492-1750.” 
  • You must have at least four specific pieces of evidence to fully address the question. You must address both social and economic although not necessarily evenly. You must address all regions. Remember that the transformations must be a result of contact with the Atlantic world.
  • You will write a thesis statement that fully addresses the question and then give me at least four pieces of evidence that would support your thesis [this can be bulleted]

 Day 7 [January 25-28]

Day 8 [January 29-30]

  • You will view a video on the Ottoman Empire and take notes
  • Follow this assignment sheet to complete all of the tasks Ottoman Empire Essentials
  • Ottoman Empire Chapter Outline— use this to complete the textbook outline
  • There is also a two page reading with multiple choice questions to complete. You will need to get that in class
  • Here is a brief PowerPoint to help you understand the Ottomans Ottoman Empire

Day 9 [January 31-February 1]

  • Go over the Enlightenment DBQ
  • PowerPoint Absolute Monarchs
  • You will work on concepts of rule including absolutism

Day 10 [February  4-5]

Day 11 [February 6-7]

  • Chapter 21 Quiz
  • Go over the standards for Unit 4 [1450-1750]
  • Work in small groups to research and complete chart covering all regions of the world from 1450-1750 using the PERSIA acronym

Day 12 [February 8-11]

  • Unit Test 1450-1750 with essay on the Columbian Exchange
  • Go to Period 5 for next unit