Period 5: Industrialization and Global Integration 1750-1900


Day 13 [February 12-13]

Day 14 [February 14-19]

  • Chapter 23 Quiz–there will also be questions based on the English/American Revolutions Packet
  • I will return the essays from the test–we will go over the requirements for a CCOT essay
  • You will then research the French Revolution
  • The completed assignment will be turned in for a grade on Feb 23/24
  • Here is the French Revolution PowerPoint if you would like additional information French Revolution PowerPoint and Napoleon Bonaparte PowerPoint

In 1789, the citizens of France revolted against their king. Fueled by the ideals of the Enlightenment and the success of the American Revolution they were no longer willing to live as second class citizens. What makes people revolt against their government? Why then? Was it successful? Investigate the causes and effects of the revolution.

Day 15 [February 20-21]

  •  World Issues Part II due [you should now have 6 articles]
  • PowerPoint: Congress of Vienna Congress of Vienna
  • We will watch a video on the French Revolution- you may continue to work on your packet if not completed

Day 16 [ February 22-25]

Day 17 [ February 26-27]

  • DUE: Chapter 25 for completion/accuracy grade
  • You will write a comparison essay on the revolutions we have learned
  • You will discuss the revolutionary documents from the previous class

Day 18 [February 28-March 1]

  Day 19 [March 4-5]

  • Industrialization–The Urban Game–Read the Student Introduction to begin to draw your village. If you are absent then you should read the entire story. The PowerPoint lets you know how many items to draw for each round. As you are drawing your village and reading the story you should be noting continuities and changes throughout the process of industrialization particularly socially and economically.

Urban Game Student Introduction

The Urban Game [The entire story]

The Urban Game PowerPoint

Day 20 [March 6-7]

  • DUE: World Issues ResearchPaper
  • We will discuss the changes and continuties as a result of industrialization
  • Nationalism Unification PowerPoint
  • Unification Essentials
  • Create a chart comparing the Unification of Italy and Germany–Goals, Process, Outcomes, People and Events–you can also use information from the textbook pages 518-519

Day 21 [March 8-11]

Day 22 [March 12-13]

  • Chapter 24 Quiz
  • We will continue Imperialism with Africa Imperialism Africa PowerPoint
  • Read “King Leopold’s Heart of Darkness” from the Bill of Rights Foundation link to the right
  • There are also two other handouts that you will need to get from me
  • You will have a quiz over Unification and Imperialism next class based on the Essentials sheets and lesson

Day 23 [March 14-15]

Day 24 [March 18-19]

Day 25 [March 20-21]

  • Chapters 26-27 quiz
  • We will continue to work on DBQ requirements and skills

Day 26 [March 22-25]

Day 27 [March 26-27]

  • Unit Test 1750-1900
  • Complete the worksheet for the Islamic Empires DBQ–you received a copy on Day 24–you will need to have this completed by the next class