6th Grade English Language Arts and Language

Tapp Middle School


Good morning Tapp Family. Just wanted to let you know what we will be reading as a class this nine weeks.. We are reading Because of Winn Dixie as our novel study. Students will read the book in class and can not take the book home, but please feel free to download or purchase a book if you would like a copy to have at home. Most of the work will be done in class. Students are learning about double entry journals as well as new vocabulary. Students will be defining words using our word wall as well as a daily vocabulary word to help them to build up their vocabulary. After reading the book there will be a test for reading counts points and as a summative assessment as well as questions to go along with each chapter. I am also trying to order extra copies of the book form Amazon so that the students can at some point take the book home and work on assignments. If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime. Have a great week.

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Good afternoon Tapp Family. This week students will work on annotating text and using metacognitive markers. Students will several different text to apply the skills learned and able to show that they understand it.
Homework as follows

Monday- Write Friendly letter to hurricane victim. Instruction for the letter and example have been provided to the students. Read for 30 Minutes.
Tuesday- Write final draft of friendly letter and complete reading comprehension questions.Read for 30 Minutes.
Wednesday- Students will work on annotating a text and answering questions. Read for 30 Minutes.
Thursday-Finish any reading work from the work that was not completed during class. Read for 30 Minutes.
Friday-Read for 30 Minutes.

Metacognitive Marks
? for when you have a question about what you are reading and state what your question is in the margin or on a sticky note.
! Use when you have a reaction to what you are reading.
** Use a star when you make a comment about what you are reading.
———- Underling Key Ideas
Circle any unknown words.

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Good afternoon Tapp Students and Family. Glad to see that we have made it back after this week’s rough weather. We will continue to work on pronoun usage as well as writing our own personal narrative. Students have been working on the prewriting during class and should be at the stage to write their 1st draft. Please make sure your child reads nightly for 30 minutes and completes the assigned reading log with your signature.

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August 28, 2017 to September 1, 2017

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2017, is Labor Day, no school. 
HOMEWORK  Students have been assigned an article and vocabulary assignment through Zinc (Springboard).  They need to read one of the two articles and complete the activities by September 8, 2017. The vocabulary sets are due by Friday, October 6, 2017. 
Homework- Read for thirty minutes and respond on your reading log.  All reading logs due are back next Tuesday front and back completed. Write a 5 sentence summary of what you read in class

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8/7/17 Through 8/11/17

What a great first week of school!  It has been a pleasure getting to know the sixth grade students.  I believe this is going to be an incredible year!
Please make sure to return all important information to your homeroom teacher:  Clinic card, Student information sheet, Online consent form, BYOD form with serial number, Performing Arts, and the Family Information Guide Form.
If you are interested in trying out for band, orchestra, or chorus, make sure you return those forms to your homeroom teacher ASAP.
Students need to read for 30 minutes nightly
Reading Counts quiz August 15.
Read pages 2-4 in your agenda.
Monday- Read for 30 minutes complete reading worksheet. Worksheet due 8/8/17.

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Good morning Tapp Students and Family. Welcome back. I hope everyone had a fabulous spring break and got some much needed rest. It’s crunch time; we have entered into the last nine weeks of school and have lots more learning to do. This last unit for ELA themed It’s Intriguing. In this unit we will study mysteries and riddles. We will will several short stories and articles as well as write a mystery as performance task. This week students will review mostly for the Georgia Milestone test which begins next week. After the milestone stone test we will begin our mystery story writing. We will also have our last novel study over a mystery book. Students will be given a riddle daily in class to solve. We are in the home stretch so lets finish strong.

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Good morning Tapp Students and Families. I hope you all had a wonderful restful weekend. Just want to give you some updates on what will be happening over the next month. As students are getting ready for the Georgia Milestones you see will see their homework level increase slightly in reading comprehension. The passages will be longer and you will see them come home with more writing practice. This is to get them in the practice of reading the longer passages. I want my students to feel comfortable when it comes to the test so they will so be working on a program called Studyisland from home and at school to get extra practice.Your child has be given their login information and should be able to get on it at home using the same school login. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] We will also be reading stories from our lit book and practicing the skills within those lessons. Enjoy your week.

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Good morning and welcome back Tapp Students and Family. This week we will continue pronoun work by working on identifying intensive pronouns in a sentence. Students will have a quiz over reflexive and intensive pronouns on Thursday of this week. Students will complete another novel study this nine weeks where they will read the Liberation of Gabriel King by K.L. Going. Students will also read several short text from the Literature book, Reader Journey, and other outside sources.

This unit is titled Perspectives and its essential question is “How does perspective affect a person, a culture, or a nation?”

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Good morning Tapp Students and Family. Second quarter is well underway. This nine week we will be reading a novel by Paula Danziger called The Cat Ate My Gymsuit. Students will begin reading the book starting 10/25/16 during our normal drop everything and read for 20 minutes. This book will be read along with other short text that is aligned with the unit.

Moday- Reading Skills on Making Predictions and Elements of Fiction and Nonfiction
Tuesday- Reading Skills Drop Everything and Read and Fact and Opinion
Wednesday- Literary Analysis looking at Narrator and Point of view
Thursday- Reading of Novel and questions
Friday – Reading of Novel and questions

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Good morning Tapp Students and family. Hope everyone had a great weekend. This week we will be focusing on inferencing, and theme. Students will use the McDougal Littell Literature book and read several short stories and answer questions about the story. Students will take a short summative assessment over main idea on Tuesday. Homework will consist of reading comprehension and grammar.

Monday-Tuesday students will study setting ad making inference
Wednesday- Analyzing informational Text and continued practice with inferencing.
Thursday- Autobiographical Narrative
Friday- Forshadowing and identifying sequence.

Students will have homework this week that will be mostly inferencing practice.

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