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Fort Day


Your children filled up their marble jar and have earned a class reward.  They chose to have part of their day be “Fort Day” which means they can set up tents/forts and complete some of their work there. They can bring a sheet and a flashlight to use.

Stay tuned.  We will see how this goes!

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Last Day of Testing


Our last day of testing is tomorrow.  We will take the science/social studies section of the IOWA.  If your child is a Target student, they will report to me first, and Mrs. McAlpine will get them after testing.  Thank you for keeping your kids well-rested! They have been working really hard!

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Homework Journal and Week Before Fall Break


Double check behind your kids to make sure they completed their homework journal. I want everyone playing at recess tomorrow! Just a reminder…2 spelling activities and 1 paragraph summary of a book or chapter they have read at home this week.  We won’t do spelling next week, and they will only have to write their one summary. 

They will take the last 2 days of the IOWA test on Monday and Tuesday.  Thank you to Kellan’s mom for sending in a healthy snack today and tomorrow for the kids, and thank you to Violet’s mom for volunteering to send in snack on Monday and Tuesday! I know the kids appreciate it.  The testing does take a lot of out of them, and they have been working hard to do their best.  And thank you to Colin and Avery’s mom for organizing the snacks for the kids!

NEXT Friday (not tomorrow) we will celebrate International Peace Day, and we will have a different lunch schedule on that day.  See info below:

Lunch: 11:58-12:28 Table 3 

International Day of Peace, 
Friday, September 21 See the information below about Peace Day on Friday.

Next Friday, September 21 is the International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”).  Peace Day is observed around the world each year on September 21. Established in 1981 by a unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.  To celebrate this wonderful day, Kincaid staff and students are participating in several activities.

  • Teachers will be delivering lessons and activities to promote kindness and acceptance.
  • Students and staff are encouraged to wear “Peace” themed clothes to school. Break out your tye-dyes, headbands, bellbottoms etc. to celebrate peace at Kincaid and in our larger world.
  • Rausch will create “Pinwheels for Peace” with all students to display outside on the front lawn.  These pinwheels will be put out on the afternoon of September 20th. You and your student are welcome to view the display on the evening of September 20th or on September 21st

Remember that the week of  9/24 is Fall Break –hooray! October conference forms will come home soon.

You should be seeing graded work come home weekly in your child’s folder.  I’ve noticed a couple of my kids put this in their desk.  I will try to make Wednesday the day that graded work comes home.  However I did send home graded papers today.

And for next week...

Math: continue multiplication, division, 2 step word problems

ELA: Finish our imaginary narratives. The kids are having fun writing these stories.  We are practicing using descriptive language and dialogue/Nouns assessment on Thursday

Reading: again, continue to analyze character traits, asking and answering questions as we read and refer to the text in our answers

Science: Soil quiz on Wednesday (study guide and soil samples are in their notebooks; they will be told to bring them home over the weekend in case you want them to study).  The kids have a Choice board in their notebooks that gives them several different options for completing an extension project if they choose.  They also have the Rocks and Minerals choice board as well glued into their notebooks if your child would like to extend their learning.

SS: We will have Constitution Day on Monday, and begin our study of the U.S. Government

Spelling: *** No spelling next week***

Enjoy the weekend, and I hope to see you at the Fall Festival tomorrow night!

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Week of September 10th


Your kids worked very hard on the CogAT this week! Thank you so much to Colin and Avery’s mom for sending in special healthy snacks for the kids.  They were certainly hungry by the time they were finished and really enjoyed it! So next week, we will take off Mon-Wed for testing, but we will begin the IOWA on Thursday and this will last 4 days.  It’s nice to have a break in between.

The kids are overall doing a better job at writing their summaries in their homework journals.  This is a hard skill, so it may take a few tries of practicing and getting feedback before they are really comfortable with it.  I do conference with them on it, so they are getting feedback as I check it.  We do still have a few kids that are not completing their homework journals, so please just double check behind them.  They are always due on Fridays.

So for next week:

Math: continued practice of multiplication and division; review of addition / subtraction within 2 step word problems

ELA: We will write fun imaginary narratives; we’ll practice incorporating figurative language into writing to make it more interesting; practice using descriptive language and dialogue.  Please look for your child’s copy of their personal narrative.  It either went home today, or it will come home Monday.  The kids did really well on their first full piece of writing.

Reading: analzye character traits, look for good examples of figurative language, ask and answer questions

Science; Continue our study of soil

Spelling: still plural nouns/test Friday. Here are the words:

plural ys or ies (003)-1dfu8g2


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4 1/2 week mark


I also wanted to mention that we are halfway through the first quarter.  If I have any concerns about the progress your child is making, I will contact you and we can discuss via email or set up a conference.  Our fall conferences will be in October at the end of the 9 weeks.

I also wanted to share a student’s really cool math assignment! The kids were practicing making equal groups for multiplication with a cute If You Give a Cat a Cupcake math assignment.  Kellan made the coolest 3-Dimensional piece of artwork, and I was so impressed I have to attach a photo!

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Week of September 4th

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! Tomorrow is our only P.E. day this week, so sneakers for tomorrow.  We will begin our CogAT testing on Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. Please try to make sure your child is here on time.  Thank you!

Math: We will continue review of addition/subtraction, practice multiplication, and learn the concept of division.

ELA; we will begin imaginary narratives this week–fun! We will also continue to practice the use of nouns as well as practice our cursive.  The kids are doing great with cursive!

Reading: We will practice our reading fluency, as well as practice evaluating  character traits

Science: Learn about soil

Spelling: Test Friday–here are the words (they will be glued into your child’s notebook)

first Plural endings y and y to i +es-2fgm3av

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Homework Response Journal


If you could check behind your child to make sure they are working on their homework journal, that would be great! I did have several kids this morning ask me if they had to do it this week.  We went over it on Monday and I had kids repeat back their expectations, so everyone should know that every week, they are supposed to complete 2 spelling activities (from their menu) and also write 1 summary on a book they have read this week.

I also sent home the A.R. reading report on Monday, so if your child didn’t show you that, you may want to ask them.  I only received about half of the signed A.R. reports back as of today.  It’s just for you to see where your kids are at in working towards their reading goals.

Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy the rest of the day!


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August 27


We are on our way to the 2nd half of the first quarter! Next week is the 4 1/2 week mark, so we are definitely into our routine now.  Today was the first day that the Homework Journal was due.  Many students did not complete their journal correctly or at all, so we went over this again today, using a good model of their classmates.  The kids should know that they are required to complete 2 spelling activities for the week, and write 1 summary of something they have read at home.  We went over this again during recess (which was painful), so hopefully next Friday will be much better.  Please check behind them to make sure they are following the directions in their homework journal.  Thank you!

Don’t forget that we have the Early Release Day on Wed, and picture day is also on Wednesday. Send back the green envelope with your money enclosed by Wednesday if you want to order pictures.

And so for next week:

Math: continue with 2 step word problems, learning how to analyze the problem; begin the concept of multiplication; review of addition/subtraction

ELA: finish our personal narratives

Reading: begin our guided reading groups focusing on answering and asking questions; building our reading fluency and stamina

Science: Finish our study of rocks and Minerals; test on Thursday; then begin soil

Spelling: plural nouns-test on Friday Spelling pattern- irregular plurals-1gucywh


Wed: Early Release!!!/Picture Day!



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Week of August 20th

Thank you parents for coming out on Thursday night to our Open House! I enjoyed seeing you again, and hope that you gained some useful information.  I will attach the notes below in case you weren’t able to make it:

Open House General Class Info Revised Powell-168la1f

Hopefully your child showed you their reading contract for Accelerated Reader.  If not, try to get that signed and I will give them a token for your signature.  We have about 6 weeks left for them to earn their A.R. points for the popcorn party.  This week, they will begin filling in their reading logs for the books they have already read.

Homework Journals will come home tomorrow.  You should see their spelling words glued in tomorrow night. They will work on at least 2 spelling activities and 1 summary during the week.  They will turn in their journal on FRIDAY.

Here are the spelling words: Plural Endings 8-20-1ppwdqp

Next week looks like this:

Math: Continue review of rounding, addition, and subtraction with regrouping; we are moving into 2 step word problems involving addition/subtraction

ELA: Personal Narratives, continue with abstract then plural nouns, cursive

Reading: how to choose a “Just Right” book; begin Wordly Wise Lesson 1

Science: Rocks/Minerals — quiz will be next week, most likely Wednesday

P.E. days are Thursday and Friday this week

Thursday: Media Center (return books)

Friday: Wellstar presentation of “Just Eat It” (eating healthy) ; First Spelling Test

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BYOD / Digital Learning


We are beginning to use our digital resources for learning.  In class, we use Education Galaxy for math, Wordly Wise via Quizlet for vocabulary study, Storyworks Jr. for engaging reading lessons,  Studies Weekly for social studies lessons, Kahoot for interactive review, and Mackinvia for research.  I have received a few BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) forms.  If you would like for your child to bring their own tablet/phone, they must turn in the signed form that gives them permission from you.  They do not have to bring their own, but they have that option.  On days that we need more devices (other than our classroom computers), I check out a few Ipads and the kids partner up.  Kids that bring their own devices can use their own.  Just let me know if you have any questions about it.  The kids LOVE technology, so they tend to be really engaged when they can use it.

If you can, please help your child sign up for our class Quizlet.  You will need to input your email. Click on the link, and then sign up for the account.  You should get connected to my class and your child can choose their user name (make it simple) and their avatar.  I plan to introduce our vocabulary book this week and the kids can practice on Quizlet.

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