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Valentine’s Day and STEM Day


Just a reminder that your child should bring in their Valentine bag or box that to collect their Valentine cards tomorrow.  Thank you to our parents who are sending in treats for the kids to enjoy!

Also, if your schedule allows, we do have the STEM day presentations on Friday, at 9:30.  The kids have worked on these STEM projects with Ms. Marchelle for some time, and I can’t wait to see what they created!

Hope to see you on Friday!

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I assigned Viking and European Explorers for the kids this week.  I turned on the audio feature, but encourage them to read without it unless they are struggling.  They will have a couple of written responses to practice generating quality answers.

Enjoy your week!


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Week of February 11th

Hi Parents,

Next Friday is the STEM Expo where the kids will present their group Minecraft projects.  We will begin promptly at 9:30 to allow time for all groups to share.  There was an invitation that came home on Wednesday, but if you didn’t see it, the time is 9:30-10:15.  Just check in at the front office and get your visitor’s pass, and head down to our room.  Hope to see you next Friday!

Also, all library books are due next Friday before we leave for the February break.

You should have also seen a Valentine’s list come home last week.  The kids should be making either a Valentine bag or box to collect their Valentine cards in on Thursday.  They should bring their bag or box on Thursday.  Colin’s mom is arranging our Valentine day treats, so it should be a fun day!

So for next week…

Math: Continue comparing fractions, extend or remediate; fun Valentine’s math

ELA: Valentine opinion writing; compound sentences

Reading: Compare and contrasting two texts on same topic; Valentine’s reading passage

Social Studies: I moved the John Cabot Quiz to Tuesday (Target kids can take Wed morning when they return); we will move into Vasco Nunez de Balboa and aim for a quiz next Friday on Balboa.



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Science Lab


We will have a STEM activity on Wednesday for our science lab.  The kids will be working in groups to design American Indian homes such as teepees, wigwams, longhouses, and chickees.  They may collect natural items from your yard to use as their resources (bark, small sticks, pinestraw, leaves, etc).  They should bring them in a ziplock bag.

Here is a picture from a STEM activity we did last week where the kids role-played how habitat changes influence deer populations.  We had a data collector record the fluctuations in deer populations from year to year, and then the kids designed graphs of their data for further reflection.  It was such a fun activity!

Deer that are ready to find food, water, or shelter

These deer died when their habitat could no longer provide what they needed. Luckily, one deer found what he needed!

Our Data Recorder

Creating graphs with our data and analyzing

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February 4th


I graded the Readworks passages, and you should be able to see comments on their written responses.  If you can go over the responses with your child, that would be so beneficial.

I assigned a Valentine’s Day passage for them to read for next week.  If they need it, they can use the audio feature, but encourage them to read without it if they don’t need it.

We took a quiz today over fractions, and several struggled with partitioning circles, so we will work on that again on Monday to clear up any confusion.  They should have the assignment in their folders for you to see.

Next week…

Math: comparing fractions, review partitioning and close reading of fraction word problems

ELA: opinion writing about Groundhog Day (it’s tomorrow! Link below for the live streaming of Phil. I will so be up watching Phil tomorrow morning!).  They will write from Phil’s point of view, so have them think about reasons as to why he might be glad to see his shadow, OR why he would be disappointed to see his shadow.  We’ll find out tomorrow what the future holds for us!  We’ll also continue practicing how to properly punctuate compound sentences and incorporate them into our writing.  We’ll also practice reading fluency by reading a poem about Phil.

Reading: We’ll continue to explore theme and begin comparing and contrasting texts.

SS: Christopher Columbus quiz Wednesday; study guide will be in SS notebook; begin learning about John Cabot

Spelling: Spelling sort 8 homophones reduced-14qcndo




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Hi Parents!

Sorry for any confusion, but the exploration passage on Readworks is either called “Life of a Young Sailor” or “Sailing the Seas”.  They are both about the age of exploration, but I assigned different passages depending on your child’s reading level.  I am grading the ones that have already been submitted now, so thank you to many of you for already having your child complete it.  I think it helped give them background knowledge for our lesson today, so yay!

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Last week of January


Enjoy the day off tomorrow! We were pretty busy today and got a lot of curriculum in.  I did assign two new reading passages in the  For their reading homework, I would like for them to read the passage about early exploration and answer the questions, and the other is optional (for a free 20 token coupon if they receive a score of 80% and up).  The optional passage is a paired opinion passage on school sports and year round school. It will require a little work from them, so the 20 token coupon sounds fair!  I figured since they were home tomorrow, you might like them to practice reading a paired passage (2 articles on the same topic) and practice answering questions about both articles.  It’s great Milestones practice!  If they want a coupon, but would rather a simpler passage, I assigned a Groundhog’s Day passage that will get them a free 10 token coupon (if 80% or up).  Groundhog Day is Saturday!

Education Galaxy is also great practice.  We are working on fractions now, so that would be excellent if you can get them to do 20 minutes of math.  We began equivalent fractions today (with visual models).

So, when the kids get back:

Math: continue with equivalent fractions and fact fluency

Reading: Finish up Peter Pan novel; continue with Theme

ELA: experiment with compound sentences; opinion writing

SS: Age of Exploration

Spelling: Adverbs

Spelling adverbs that tell where and when (1)-2fyu68v

Homework for the week: Exploration article from and 2 spelling activities

Enjoy the snow day!

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Reading Homework and upcoming dates


For reading homework this week, your students should just complete passage (Balance of Nature).  If they would like to, they can always complete one of the choice activities on the reading choice board menu in their homework journal.  And of course the 2 spelling activities. 

I am also attaching the spelling words below for you:

 Spelling Adverbs drop y add ily-qd291o 


Ms. Blake sent out this information in a parent email, but I am also posting here too for easy access:


This Week…January 22 – 25  PTA Hat & Mitten Drive
Your donations of new hats, mittens, scarves or socks will go to those in need through MUST Ministries.

Next Week…January 28 – February 1st  Kindness Week
As part of  Kincaid’s “No Place for Hate” program, we will be encouraging our students will be participating in the Kindness Challenge during Kindness Week.  The students will work together as a class to complete activities to show kindness such as, asking a new friend to play, helping someone, writing a thank you note, or performing a kind act of their own design. Teachers will have daily discussions, read stories, and watch short video clips about showing kindness, inclusion, and respect.

Additionally, we will show kindness in our community by hosting a toiletries drive to benefit The Center for Children and Young Adults AND SafePath Children’s Advocacy Center. With the help of our Student Council, we will collect items such as shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc. These items will go to children in our community.

We will also have some fun by dressing up to the following themes each day:
Monday (1/28)-Hats off to kindness (wear hats)
Tuesday (1/29)-Being kind is groovy (wear 70’s clothes)
Wednesday (1/30)-Kindness Rocks (wear rock star clothes)
Thursday (1/31)-Cougars are Kind (wear Cougar Pride or school colors)
Friday (2/1)-Cheer for Kindness (wear sports clothes)

Week of February 4 – 8 – Enrichment Teacher Supply Drive
PTA is coordinating a collection of Lysol wipes, band-aids, plastic baggies, tissues, air fresheners, hand wipes, etc. for our Enrichment teachers during this sniffling time of the year. Bins will be located throughout the school.







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Week of January 22

Don’t forget MLK Jr. Day is Monday, so NO SCHOOL.  Enjoy the holiday!

Math: Continue fractions–learn about fractions on a numberline

Reading: finish up our Peter Pan novel, focusing on character traits and motivations and using evidence from the text to demonstrate comprehension

ELA: adverbs; opinion writing

Science: Coastal Plains Quiz on Wednesday (study guide in notebook); learn about balance within an ecosystem and how habitat change can affect plants/animals homework for next week will be a passage about habitat balance. It is assigned beginning tomorrow, so they could work on it over the long weekend if you would like for them to.


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As I was grading the passage, I noticed that the due date on it expired last night, so if your child wasn’t able to submit their answers, I changed the date for them, and they can submit them tomorrow at school or complete it over the weekend.  Most kids had already submitted their work before today, but if they tried it today, it may not have worked.  Sorry about the date mix-up!

If your child had already completed the assignment, they (and you) should be able to log in to see comments on the written responses.

Thanks for your support!

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