• Fifth Grade
  • Yarn and Foil Reliefs (part two)

    When the fifth graders came to art, their yarn reliefs were dry and ready for foil.  They placed aluminum foil over the yarn and folded around the edges.  We talked about the difference between warm and cool colors before the students were asked to choose one color scheme with which to fill in their organic […]

  • Fifth Grade
  • Hispanic Heritage Day

    All the students had a blast filling their passports and attending the assembly on Hispanic Heritage day.  I chose to dress up as iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo for the day.  The students learned that she painted self portraits because she was largely bedridden from a trolley accident.  We also talked about how she didn’t […]

  • Kindergarten
  • Color Theory Popsicles

    Kindergarten students are moving on from lines and talking about colors.  We talked about the three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue.  With the addition of black and white, any color imaginable can be created using just those three primary colors.  When primary colors mix, it creates secondary colors.  Students got to see the […]

  • First Grade
  • Frontalism Drawing

    Continuing with the first grade unit on Egyptian art, students learned about frontalism.  Frontalism is the name for the way Egyptians painted people – head to the side, shoulders to the front, and feet to the side.  Then they got to try their own frontalism drawings!

  • Fifth Grade
  • Yarn and Foil Reliefs

    Continuing with their unit on China, the fifth graders looked at an aerial photo of a rice field at sunset.  We talked about how they mostly saw organic shapes and how those are different than geometric shapes.  We also talked about how the shapes got smaller toward the back of the photo because they were […]

  • Second Grade
  • Giacometti Sculptures

    Continuing to look at the work of Alberto Giacometti, the students took their favorite gesture drawing and created a solid shadow version of that drawing.  Then students built human figures out of pipe cleaner and wrapped those figures in aluminum foil.  Lastly, students posed their 3D figure to match the pose of their gesture drawing […]

  • Fourth Grade
  • Australian Dreamtime Paintings

    The fourth graders have been learning about the art of Australian Aboriginals.  They have ancient dreamtime stories that have been passed down through verbal stories, dance, and paintings.  Many paintings have an animal silhouette at the center and an intricate dot pattern surrounding the animal.  As students drew the Australian animal of their choice, we […]

  • Third Grade
  • Native American Dreamcatchers

    Because the students are learning about Native Americans in their homeroom classes, we’re taking a closer look at Native American art.  The main concept students have learned is that Native Americans do not create art for art’s sake.  Everything has a purpose; it just so happens that those practical things are beautiful works of art. […]

  • Fifth Grade
  • Chinese Dragon

    As an intro to fifth grade’s unit on China, each student created a piece of a collaborative dragon.  We talked about how dragons are an extremely important symbol in China because legend says they control the weather and environment.  The weather is important because much of the country is farm land, so it matters what […]

  • First Grade
  • Hieroglyphic Printmaking

    The first grade students are in the middle of a unit on Egyptian art.  We talked about how the Egyptians recorded the very first alphabet called hieroglyphics.  Then, they got to try their hand at printmaking.  Each student chose one hieroglyphic symbol to “carve” into their styrofoam printing plate with the rounded end of a […]