• Fifth Grade
  • Hispanic Heritage Day

    All the students had a blast filling their passports and attending the assembly on Hispanic Heritage day.  I chose to dress up as iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo for the day.  The students learned that she painted self portraits because she was largely bedridden from a trolley accident.  We also talked about how she didn’t […]

  • Third Grade
  • Native American Dreamcatchers

    Because the students are learning about Native Americans in their homeroom classes, we’re taking a closer look at Native American art.  The main concept students have learned is that Native Americans do not create art for art’s sake.  Everything has a purpose; it just so happens that those practical things are beautiful works of art. […]

  • Fifth Grade
  • What Lifts Teasley

    The students started off the year in art by talking about the element of line and how lines can communicate different emotions.  Then we looked at the work of artist Kelsey Montague who is now famous for her winged murals and #whatliftsyou hashtag that has taken social media by storm.  As part of a collaborative […]