• Second Grade
  • Gesture Drawing

    Second graders are learning about gesture drawing and the artist Alberto Giacometti.  They drew quick sketches, about a minute each, from the teacher’s poses at the front of the room.  After a few rounds of practice, several students were chosen to model for the class.

  • Kindergarten
  • Line Sculptures

    The kindergarten students continued learning about lines, except these lines pop off the page!  We talked about how a sculpture is different than artwork that hangs on the wall, because the viewer can walk all the way around a sculpture.

  • Fifth Grade
  • What Lifts Teasley

    The students started off the year in art by talking about the element of line and how lines can communicate different emotions.  Then we looked at the work of artist Kelsey Montague who is now famous for her winged murals and #whatliftsyou hashtag that has taken social media by storm.  As part of a collaborative […]