About Ms. Adams

I’m so happy you’re here!  I’m Caroline Adams, the art teacher at Teasley Elementary!

I’ve felt the need to create for as long as I can remember.  I’m blessed to have parents who fostered that creativity.  I was always involved in art classes, dressed how I wanted, and decorated my bedroom meticulously.  I would sit at my grandmother’s kitchen table and happily paint all day.  My grandmother also taught me to sew when I was fifteen.  I graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.  After being a part of the working world for a few years, I quickly grew bored with sitting behind a desk all day; however, a more exciting design job would have me driving all over town and on call to homeowners at all hours.  My grandmother was a teacher and my mom still is, so I resisted the field for a while.  But I ultimately decided that the classroom offered everything I was looking for – a place to make an impact where every day is different and I get to help others create amazing things!  I graduated with a Masters of Teaching in Art Education from Kennesaw State in 2016.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy filling my free time with anything creative.  I’ve begun to document it all on my lifestyle blog!  Keep reading for a few more fun facts about me plus some photos!

  • I love my rescue dog, Finley!  She’s the cutest mutt you’ve ever seen and thirteen pounds of sass.
  • I’ve been sewing since I was a teenager, and now I enjoy making my own clothes and costumes.
  • I travel as often as possible!  So far I’ve been to New York City, Ireland, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Guatemala, and Thailand.  My travel bucket list covers pretty much everywhere else in the world!
  • I probably watch too much TV.  My favorite go-to shows are The Office and Downton Abbey.  My favorite movies would be Pride and Prejudice, Crazy Stupid Love, and Cinderella.  And if you’ve seen my classroom, you know I wouldn’t forget to mention Harry Potter!