Digital Learning – Make Screen Time Meaningful

Digital Learning is here for the moment and I’m sure you want your children to make their screen time meaningful.  All of the Digital Learning information for Mt. Bethel Elementary can be found at this address:  Please also make sure to check the teacher’s blog each morning for daily specifics.  

Along with MobyMax, Raz-Kids (K-2nd grades), Sora, Clever, and the Cobb Digital Library, there are many other education websites that can be used to supplement learning and practice typing and mouse skills.  Using touch screen devices is easier for young children, but learning to point and click with a mouse is also a useful skill that your child can practice with the websites below.  Please note that some of the websites below may require a subscription.

You can click on the links below to go directly to each site:

There are also many fun educational apps that you can download from the iTunes store to your personal Apple device to give your child’s little brain some exercise during screen time. Here are a few apps that we have found to be entertaining and educational for children:

Stack the Countries and Stack the States are both apps that are a fun way to learn state and country geography.

Tynker, codeSpark Academy, Scratch Jr., Hopscotch, and Kodable are apps that teach basic programming skills in a fun way.

My Story Book Maker, Puppet Pals HD, Book Creator, Draw and Tell, Super Hero Comic Book Maker, and Chatter Pix Kids are all fun apps for the kids that want to be creative.

Unblock Me, CryptogramLogic Puzzles by Puzzle Baron, Balance Benders, and 100 Logic Games – Time Killers are all apps that will stretch the brain with cognitive and analytical thinking.

Are you worried about your child closing the educational app to explore other non-educational apps on the device? iPhone, iTouch, and iPads will allow you to keep the device in a single app and control which features are available in that app – it will even allow you to set time limits to control screen time! To activate Guided Access, go to Settings > Accessibility > and then turn on Guided Access. Once you have turned on Guided Access, open the app of choice, triple click the Home button, and set a 4-digit passcode to start Guided Access. To end Guided Access, triple click the home button and enter the 4-digit passcode. More information about Guided Access can be found here on the Apple website.

Do you have a favorite educational app, website, YouTube channel, or Podcast that your children enjoy? Email me at to tell me about your favorites!