9th Lit

Ninth Grade Literature and Composition

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Please click here for the COURSE SYLLABUS. 

Assignments you may need to access:


Weekly Agenda:

February 12 – February 16

Planning Your Week

M 2/12 – Interview Narrative due.

F 2/16 –Vocab Check #2 (words 11-20) due.

F 3/2 – Independent reading project written portion due.



Monday, February 12

Opener: Independent Reading

Work Session:

  1. Turn in Interview Narrative
  2. In-class writing assignment: SpringBoard Unit 1 Embedded Assessment #2 (45-
  3. Review “The Stolen Party”

Closer: Go over work due this week (vocab) and after the break (book report)

HOMEWORK: None UNLESS you owe me an Interview Transcript.


Tuesday, February 13

Opener: Independent Reading

Work Session: 

  1. Discuss Irony, Tone, Symbolism, and Symbolism.
  2. Discuss how authors deliberately incorporate Allusions into their stories.
  3. Read “The Gift of the Magi” (pp.107-110). Answer text-dependent questions 2,4,5. Complete the chart on p.113.

Closer: Ticket out the door

HOMEWORK: Complete SB p. 126.


Wednesday, February 14

Opener: Independent Reading

Work Session: 

  1. Go over pg. 126. Read Catacombs and Carnival on p. 127.
  2. Read “The Cask of Amontillado” on pp.131-136.

Closer: Copy any words you want to use in your vocabulary.

HOMEWORK: Be prepared for a quiz over short stories tomorrow.


Thursday, February 15

Opener: Prepare for quiz

Work Session:

  1. Short Stories quiz
  2. Read “The Sniper” and “The Story of An Hour”. Consider conflict and irony in these short stories.
  3. Independent Work time-vocabulary

Closing: Independent Reading (extended time for 20 mins)

HOMEWORK: Finish working on vocabulary, which is due tomorrow.


Friday, February 16

Opener: Hand out transcripts

Work Session: 

  1. Meet counselors in College & Career Center for 9th advisement
  2. Turn in vocabulary.
  3. Review SOAPStone on pg. 76 of text.
  4. EOC Practice questions

Closer: Return to class for independent reading.

Homework: Remember that your Independent Novel project is due the Friday we return from break, so make sure you have completed your novel next week.




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