Candid Camera

10/3/16: During the Fall break last week, 4th period junior, Allen Smith, had the chance to visit the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald museum in Montgomery, Alabama. This comes as a culturally-rich experience, as we continue to read Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby.


9/25/16:¬†Students are often asked to collaborate as a means of sharing ideas on texts we’ve read in class. Below, the 9th graders are working in groups to annotate an informational text.

9th-grade-1 9th-grade

8/1/16: Below are pics from shenanigans that occurred during the first week of school, 2016.

1st-day-5 1st-day 1st-day-4 1st-day-3 1st-day-2

2/9/16: Well, ¬†as Georgia residents, it seems that the kiddos just couldn’t help but look out the window and daydream of playing in the snow. So, we did just that. Little did they know, tomorrow’s journal will be a sensory poem on today’s crazy antics.

pics 1 pics 2 pics 3 pics 4