Test Prep

EOC Test Prep:

  1. 9th & American EOC Assessment Guides
  2. Test Taking Tips (Reading Portion) http://www.slideshare.net/lorijanicki/eoc-test-taking-tips-presentation

PSAT Test Prep:

  1. psat-reading-sample-set-1


In addition to information on the EOC, I  know it is pertinent for sophomores and juniors to get as much test prep in as possible, with SATs, ACTs, and AP exams on the rise. Please refer back to this page of the class blog frequently for resources on how to be successful on these exams!

test prep in progress - do not disturb


***khanacademy.org—-personalized recommendations based on your PSAT score report





TERC- Great Test Prep Resource for SAT, ACT, AP and more

TERC (Testing and Education Reference Center) is conveniently located in Cobb Virtual Library and can be accessed by students from home and school.  It has over 300 practice tests and courses, including SAT, ACT, PSAT, and AP.  There is no longer any need to buy the large SAT or ACT study guides, because TERC contains dozens of ebooks with study materials and practice tests.  There are a number of AP courses included also.  All materials are continually updated and current with the latest test versions. See the instructions for how to access TERC below.

TERC Test Prep Instructions




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