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American Literature and Composition

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Weekly Agenda

Planning Your Week

M 2/12 – Synthesis essay Outline due.

Th 2/15 –Synthesis Essay final draft due.

F 3/2 – Independent reading project written portion due.



Monday, February 12

Opener: Independent Reading

Work Session:

  1. What is transcendentalism? What is its legacy?
  2. Watch Dead Poets Society and complete film analysis worksheet.

Closer: Go over expectations for the rest of this week.

HOMEWORK: None UNLESS you owe me an Outline.


Tuesday, February 13

Opener: Independent Reading

Work Session: 

  1. Finish watching Dead Poets Society. Complete film analysis and turn in.

Closer: Ticket out the door

HOMEWORK: Work on your synthesis essay, which is due Thursday.


Wednesday, February 14

Opener: Independent Reading

Work Session: 

  1. Everything You Know in 90 Seconds: Transcendetalism
  2. Answer EQs on transcendentalism. Focus on the pursuit of happiness and how it connects to Emerson and Thoreau.
  3. Jigsaw transcendentalism pieces by Thoreau and Emerson.

Closer: What you need to know in prep of tomorrow’s quiz.

HOMEWORK: Work on your synthesis essay, which is due tomorrow.


Thursday, February 15

Opener: Independent Reading (extended time for 20 mins)

Work Session:

  1. Turn in Synthesis essay
  2. Transcendentalism quiz
  3. Go backwards—Introduce Revolutionary Period (Fill in notes).

Closing: Ticket out the Door

HOMEWORK: None (unless you owe me a synthesis essay)


Friday, February 16

Opener: Independent Reading

Work Session: 

  1. EOC Practice questions
  2. Jigsaw revolutionary pieces

Closer: Discuss what to expect after the break.

Homework: Remember that your Independent Novel project is due the Friday we return from break, so make sure you have completed your novel next week. Have a wonderful vacation!






If absent, see below for previous week’s lessons:

January 15-19

January 22-26

January 29 – February 2


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