Community Helpers Fair

We had a wonderful last day before the break. The children had a great time sampling the goods and services in Mrs. Stewart’s class, Mrs. Madrid’s class and in our classroom. They had their nails done, face painted, and had a shave. They were able to have a massage, play a game and buy lots of goodies like ice pops, popcorn and juice.  This was a fun way to teach the difference between a good and a service.

Coming up after the break will be our first field trip and our zoophonics parade. Please remember that your child’s costume don’t need to be elaborate, homemade is just fine.

From the Teacher

This was a first for me as a teacher having days off for hurricane/tropical storms. We’ve had flood days, snow and ice day’s but never a day for tropical storms. We had a long recess on Wednesday to give the students lots of run around outside time. They enjoyed it immensely.

We have had a lot of fun sorting in math this week. On Friday we sorted M&Ms by color. This was a hit with the students. The other pictures are of the students playing with math tubs. Math tubs are tubs filled with hands on activities that help students learn math.

Friday, September 1, 2017


September is here and we have completed the first 5 weeks of school. Let’s hope that the weather knows it is September and that cooler days are in our future.

Thank you to all of the parents and students who participated in hat day here at Pitner. The money that we raised will be donated to the Red Cross to help the survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

We completed a experiment with gummy bears in our classroom this week. We hypothesized that the gummy that we put in salt and water would melt first. We observed the gummy bears in water, vinegar, water and salt and water and baking soda. We had some very interesting results when we checked them on Friday and found that we were wrong and the gummy in salt water was the only one that had not changed at all.

Have a Great Holiday Weekend!