Upcoming Dates and Things to Remember

Field Trip:

Just a reminder that we will be going on a field trip on March 27th and the forms and money are due by Feb 16. I know that the forms were sent out a long time before the field trip but we have to have enough money to pay for the tickets 30 days in advance or we will be unable to go on the field trip. We did work very hard to get the price down to $14.00 so that it would not be a burden on families.

Upcoming Dates and Things to Remember

  • Valentine Grams on Sale for $1 – Thursday, February 8th – Tuesday, February 13th
  • Early Bird Special on Yearbooks Ends – Wednesday, February 14th
  • Spring Pictures – Wednesday, February 14th – Thursday, February 15th
  • Winter Break – Monday, February 19th – Friday, February 23rd
  • Kindergarten Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year – Wednesday, March 21st


Happy Groundhog’s Day

We watched our Georgia groundhog see his shadow on Friday.  This means we will have 6 more weeks of winter. The students enjoyed learning about shadows and the folklore surrounding the groundhog and his shadow.

Progress reports will be given out this Friday. Students will need to know 50 sight words to meet the standard at the end of the nine week period that ends in March.  Please continue to work with your child to help them learn the words.  They will need to know 75 sight words by the end of the year to meet the standard. Sight words open the gateway to reading and writing.